Bargainmoose & Contest: 10 Days of Deals & Giveaways! (Day 4 - CLOSED)



*** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Astryr!!! ***

Happy Monday! To celebrate this most merry day of the week, we’ll have another daily deal and giveaway from Newegg Canada. Over the course of ten days, we’re giving away a $50 Newegg gift voucher every day, as well as highlighting a new exclusive deal from them too. This is the fourth day of giveaways and deals!

On to the promotion:

Daily deal: Lenovo Yoga 11 (59342980) NVIDIA Tegra 3 up to 1.4 GHz single core/1.3GHz quad core 2GB DDR3 Memory 64GB SSD 11.6" Notebook Windows 8 RT

  • Newegg promo code: BM1028
  • Discount: $250 off (was $799 now $549.99)
  • Shipping: $9.99
  • Coupon Expiry: 29th October 2013

I’ve done a quick price comparison for the Lenovo Yoga 11, and this is the best price I can find for it in Canada! It’s a fantastic model, they call it four devices in one (can be styled like a notebook, tablet, tent or stand). We’re big fans of Lenovo laptops here in our Bargainmoose office, it’s the main brand of laptops that the developers use. :)

And on to today’s contest!

To be in with the chance of winning a $50 Newegg gift card today, tell me, are you getting dressed up in a costume for Halloween this week? If so, what are you going to be? If not, why not!? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Rules: Canadian entrants only, this part of the contest ends on the 29th October 2013, one entry per household, winners chosen at random & contacted at end of 10 days of deals.

 *** Contest now closed, winner was Mooser Raz!!! ***


  • tabitha
    Nope, I stopped dressing up on Halloween when I decided some free candy isn't worth the trouble of going around trick-or-treating in the cold...
  • kurin
    Too lazy to dress up
  • kashish
    nah! not interested much!
  • wes
    taxi driver
  • james
    Yes! Something, I don't even know. I always dress up to hand out treats to the kids.
  • Jasen H.
    I will not be getting dressed up. Easier to just be lazy!
  • Deborah
    No, I will not be wearing a costume this Halloween. I have to work late and our office does not "dress up".
  • Mike G.
    Not me, but I will be escorting two skunks door to door.
  • CeeCee
    Yes, as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz!
  • Brendon
    My wife and I are planning on carving a pumpkin, turning off the lights and dodging halloween altogether.
  • Brendon
    My wife and I are planning on carving a pumpkin, but not dressing up.
  • skeetersden
    No not this year, I have a dog that is recovering from a back injury so not even giving out treats this year as we have to keep him as quiet and as still as possible.
  • ginette4
    I used to get dressed up for Halloween but now that my girls are grown up it's not fun anymore, just feels weird I guess.
  • Amber
    Nope not this year, focussed on gettting the kiddies super cute costumes!
  • Lisa A.
    Yep. Hubs dresses and gets a little scare in with the teens when they step up on our deck. And I will too - as a witch. :)
  • UncleStuart
    I'm dressing up as an Xbox. A box, with an 'x' on it.
  • Cecilia
    I might. I am focusing on my daughters so I didnt have time to think one for myself. Maybe I will go as a "mom" LOL
  • Abby
    Yes, as Carlos from WTNV. :)
  • Katy
    Nope, no time this week, but I might partake in some candy =)
  • Lucie
    I'm usually a witch giving treats to the kids.
  • Catherine (.
    On Thursday I will not be dressing up, but I did for a party this past Saturday. It was a recycled costume from an 80s-theme party I attended in Feb 2012 - so I was dressed as someone who put very little effort in deciding on a costume.
  • Nancy
    No, I'm not a tricker treater.
  • john l.
    Nope, I am going in for trick or treating for me
  • Krystal
    I'm dressing up as a cop this year.
  • sandra
    Not this year...decorated the house for the kids.
  • Dave
    Not dressing up this year. Just don't have the drive. But will be carving up a pumpkin and handing out candy
  • Donnas
    I'm living in a condo where trick or treaters aren't allowed to canvas door to door, so no I wont' be dressing up this year.
  • darci
    Yes, for work I will be dressing up as a ghoul and then will wear that into the evening to greet the little candy monkeys!
  • Cosimo
    It's supposed to rain this Halloween but I think I'll go as a cowboy...
  • valerie d.
    I will probably be in a medieval dress (I love the medieval periode) daughter 1 will be in Merida, daugher 2 in Belle and baby 3 in tiger :) Hubby wont wear a costume I think :) or I will have a surprise lol
  • SY C.
    No... But will be carving giant pumpkins and decorating my house...
  • Scott
    I will be answering my front door dressed as a Vampire
  • Allison
    Not dressing up can't think of anything :(
  • Michelle
    No - it is enough to find costumes for 3 kids!
  • pam r.
    I'm not dressing up because we don't celebrate Halloween, but I would love to win the gift card to celebrate Christmas!
  • lary
  • Ken
    Unfortunately not as I will be working :( Against company policy :'(
  • Pip444
    No I don't dress up anymore. It's no fun without the kids home but I enjoy the variety of costumes that come to my door.
  • SS_Summer
    Dressing up as a cowgirl this year!
  • Karla S.
    no,I am not dressing up,but will be giving out treats to the trick or treaters :)
  • Astryr
    Not dressing up this year, no, as we will be visiting/staying with family through Halloween.
  • Anon
    I only dress up if there is a party or something, otherwise I don't bother.
  • Kell
    Yes, my daughter and I are going as Zombie Witches!!! Can't wait!
  • Anita
    I might dressed up to go to a haunted house. I will probably be going as a pirate.
  • CalgaryCaper
    Not this year- no parties and I live in a condo so I don't get trick-or-treaters.
  • LDC
    No dressing up for me this year. Just not really inspired to make a costume and no $$ to buy one.
  • Crafty501
    No, I'm not dressing up. Last year we had 1 Trick or Treater visit our house. Definitely hoping for more this year, but I'm happy to enjoy all the kids in their costumes coming to the door.
  • Wendy
    Nope, I never get dressed up as it's just not my thing, but my kids love to.
  • Fay. H.
    This year I'm not celebrating Halloween, and neither are most of my friends. I did go pumpkin carving at a friend's house though! We're all having a nice relaxing Halloween and maybe hang out candies.
  • Lynne H.
    Yes; we dress up every year at work. This year I am going as one member of a Mariachi band; moustache and all!!
  • Donna L.
    I don't enjoy dressing up for Halloween because I never grew up doing so. I like seeing little kids in their costumes.
  • Anita
    I'm taking my kids trick or treating so when my 4 year old son asked what I'm going as, I said "a mommy" and he said "the kind that is all wrapped up in toilet paper?" and I said "not a mummy, a mommy!"
  • yingy_c
    My religion doesn't encourage dressing up for halloween, so i'm not doing that!
  • AgentJ
    I will be dressing up as General Zod from the new Man of Steel movie :)
    • Avigayil M.
      wicked awesome.
  • Raz
    Not much for dressing up anymore. But love seeing the costumes. Seems like Halloween is not as big as it use to be.
  • stacey
    Yes! going in a bumble bee suit and carrying a large knife....gonna be a killer bee lol!
  • janicour
    I will be dressing up as a Mario Cart character to greet the kids coming to the door. Makes it more special for the little ones.
  • ZinkFollowers
    No, my family never practiced dressing up for Halloween.
  • Jeri
    One of the best times of the year, I can be a kid again!
  • Linda P.
    Yep I am the witch that answers the door and doles out the treats.
  • Diane
    I have my ninja costume all ready to go!
  • Gary
    I'm not but I'm going to take my sons out - who will be Spiderman and Venom
  • sheila
    Won't be dressing up as I never got around to planning for it this year
  • Linda
    I'm dressing up as a zombie.
  • Elisha
    I'm not big on dressing up, but I do have some Halloween-ish jewelry I'll be wearing.
  • s33y00
    I'm not because I hate dressing up, as simple as that :P
  • Deanna
    Of course, I am dressing up to take my children out on Halloween night. I LOVE dressing up. Probably will be a clown. I have lots of costumes and what I choose usually depends upon the temperature.
  • lilpeej
    I will not be getting dressed up this week/year because I have not planned for a costume and just don't have the energy to do so.
  • Johanna
    I'm making my R2-D2 costume right now!
  • zahra p.
    I am going to dress up at work on Thursday. The girls decided we would all be pirates so thats what I am going to be.
  • Linda Q.
    I'm not but I'm going to take my nephew and his friends out on Halloween night.
  • Scott
    I'm going as a court jester.

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