Zellers: Extra 10% Off With HBC Card This Weekend

If you do a lot of shopping at Zellers you probably have a HBC master card or credit card. Use your HBC card to get an extra 10% off the majority of items at Zellers this weekend.

The email didn't mention restrictions, neither did the flyer however, there are bound to be some. This discount is valid generally on sale, clearance and regular priced items: so a nice little bonus.

Btw, anyone know when Target is taking over the Zellers' locations?

Discount expires 11th, September 2011.


  • Amanda
    From the Zellers website: '...We want to start by reinforcing to all of our customers that the earliest point Zellers stores will be affected by this announcement is 2012. Also, not all stores will be affected, as we plan to continue to operate a number of Zellers stores for the foreseeable future....' http://www.zellers.com/Content/EN/misc/announcement/announcement.aspx
  • joy
    Target will be taking over most of the ones in my area. When you visit the stores you can already tell. They are getting rundown and look trashy. I've never been a Zellers fan so I hope when Target comes they bring the products from the US Targets and not just rename the Zellers store w/ the same old Zellers products.
  • Amanda
    Agreed joy!

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