Zellers Canada: 50% Off 1 Item Printable Coupon

Zellers has a printable coupon from Facebook where you can get 50% off 1 item (some exclusions apply)! Just bring in stores. This coupon is combinable with their flyer deals, so you could stack the savings.


*Any products from Home Electronics complex, Tobacco, Pharmacy, Prescriptions and Codeine Products (certain Restrictions will apply), Lottery Tickets, Past Purchases or Special Orders, Hbc Git Cards, Point of Sale activation cards, Any License Departments. Further exclusions may apply. Coupons not valid at our Camrose, AB or Dorval, PQ locations

Its a shame you can't use it on electronics, but there are still plenty of awesome things you could use this coupon on. How about a new vacuum?

Coupon expires the 31st of December, 2011

Thank you to Mooser alanna88 for posting this coupon on our hot deals forums!

UPDATE: Zellers have posted retractions on their site now, saying that the coupon cannot be combined with flyer deals.


  • Danielle
    I don't think this a real coupon.
    • Anna
      Danielle, it's legit - taken from a promotion on Zellers Facebook pages.
      • Jenn S.
        It is legit, we used it yesterday on $80 fleece sheets that where on sale for $40. We got them for $20. BUT, on facebook today Zeller's is saying that they have made a correction to and will no longer be letting costumers use the coupon on sale items!!!!!
      • Mack
        This is not accurate. Zellers has printed retractions all over their stores. This coupon only works on regular priced items. Still cool, but not AS cool. Especially sionce 75% of their items are on sale right now.
    • Melissa
      I just used this coupon last night on a play yard and I made the husband use one on a mobile. No problems whatsoever using them, but the sales clerk did inform me that it has to be a regularly priced item.
  • Zellers S.
    Hi Everyone, Zellers has now issued a correction notice for this week’s Facebook coupon. The Correction Notice reads: The offer shown online is incorrect. It should have stated: only regular priced items instead of "CAN be combined with our great flyer deals!" Limit 1 coupon per customer.
  • Sherry
    Apparently, Zellers will only honor these coupons on regular priced items now...total PR nightmare on their facebook page and in stores, where customers feel like they got the old bait and switch...http://www.facebook.com/ZellersCanada/posts/337818846229337 I was going to go in tomorrow to try to use it on the leather chest that in their flyer, I doubt I will get the discount now.
  • WS
    Zellers has issued a statement about this coupon and is no longer accepting it for already reduced items. You cannot use this coupon for any item already on sale.
  • K
    I think Scrooge made a typo on that coupon and forgot the "not" part! It's still a good deal though.
  • lostjuan
    Disappointing for sure. Problem was that on boxing week it can be difficult to find something for regular price. In the end after an hour search for a larger savings. I ended up buying wool socks for $7.49 off. I think they are probably only worth about 1/2 of what I paid for them. I would have less of a problem if they would have just honoured the coupon using the non sale price. But the fact that they didn't seems like it was just a really poor way to get people into the store. Which in reality probably had the opposite effect in the long term. When you think about it's actually quite funny. If you could possibly find a place worse to pull this kind of blunder I don't really know if it exists. Probably if you were dropped in to the middle of a Spanish bull ring with not one but two bulls, wearing Red coveralls/cape attached and have 50Lb lead lined over sized rubber boots with no socks on your feet could things be worse.
  • Jenny
    My family and I have never been mistreated and humiliated in a store like we did in Zellers before. The coupon clearly states one item per a person not per a family! If the staff would politely explained the policy to us, we would have been fine. Instead, the store not only wouldn't allow us to use the coupons, the staff was extremely rude and unprofessional accusing us like criminals and their immediate response was to yell at us in front of all the people in front of the cash registrar. The apparent manager also made the comment under his breath if we were quiet, he would let us use the coupons. Since when did the coupon say that the coupon is only valid under the manager's personal decision. That was totally an act of discrimination. If Zellers' initially goal is to generate more sales then congratulations, you have lost my family and my business for life thanks to you EXTREMELY horrible customer service!
    • Sue
      I totally agree it happened to me the same way even the cashier told me you are rubbing us !!! very very rude it is unacceptable behaviour cant be tolerated.
  • feoilseantoir
    Wow...I went to Zellers and got $45 off a $90 coffee maker.....no muss, no fuss. Crazy stories here.

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