Zellers Canada: 10% Off Printable Coupon

11 November 2010


You really don't see a flat out coupon on almost anything from Zellers all to often, what a sweet thing it is to see. We are seeing it thanks to Moosers Laurel, Cherilyn, Daniel and Jeanette who forwarded this offer to us! This coupon will get you an extra 10% off almost anything (see coupon for exclusions).

It does have a large list of exclusions, so I urge you to take a few seconds to read them before trying to make a purchase, just to avoid 'at the till embarrassments.' I have had a few of those, tried to use a coupon on something it wasn't valid for... not fun!

This coupon is good for November 13 and 14, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday).

Thank you so much to all the Moosers who sent this to us: It is great to know we have extra eyes looking out for great deals like this one!

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  • ERIN
    lol 'at the till embarrassments' - they're horrible!!!
  • Hans
    Very fanny. The coupon is for Nov.13 and 4. We are in Dec. now. Had a Cafe today at Zellers in Pointe Claire QC. $ 1.87 for a cup. plus taxes $2.13. A cup of Cafe and a muffin $ 1.39 plus taxes at McDonalds and a $ 1.19 at Tim Hortons plus taxes. What do you guys at Zellers think ?? PS.the Cafe at Zellers is no good. Hans

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