Toute La Nuit: Silk Sale + 50% Off Coupon Code

5 August 2011

Usually we try and post about canadian companies on the Moose, but every once in a while there are sales or coupons from US websites (that ship to Canada) that we just have to share. Toute La Nuit is offering 50% off a selection of their silk loungewear, and on top of that you can use a 50% off coupon to save an amazing amount!

  • Discount: extra 50% off website
  • Coupon Code: TLNsummer50
  • Expires: ?

Click 'recalculate' after applying the coupon. Make sure to check out their Spring and Summer collections as well, as the coupon will take 50% off of anything on their website!

Why I love this place: Their loungewear finds that perfect balance for those of us who don't want pjs our grandmother would wear, and who don't want to wear the 'really sexy' stuff: Toute La Nuit provides beautiful, feminine loungewear you can wear to bed, or answer the door in.

I recently placed 2 orders at Toute La Nuit: the second one being after I fell in love with my first order. My first order entailed two Misty Backless Nighties (Orig. $130 | Sale $65 | After coupon: $32.50 each) and a Long Wrap Robe (Orig. $210 | Sale $105 | After coupon $52.50). When I received my order I was amazed. These pieces are made in the USA with the softest most beautiful silk ever!! Even my husband who says 'he doesn't care what I wear' was instantly a big fan and majorly turned on :D With $15 shipping to Canada (didn't pay duty) this order was a steal!

So for my second shipment I ordered: Secret Short Sleeved Top, Misty Backless Top, Sprite Bloomer and a Hepburn Ruffled Pant. The original price of those 4 pieces added together would be: $320. I paid $80 + $15 shipping. AWESOME!! :-D

On my wish list is the Secret Short Sleeve Nightie from the spring collection. I would love it in sage to match my robe. :-)

This is all in US dollars too, so our exchange rate is to our benefit.

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  • Natatoo
    You answered the door in THAT?! WHISTLE WHISTLE LOL :)
    • Avigayil
      LOL!! WIth the robe on. :D
  • Salima
    looks like if you sign up for their newsletter you can receive a coupon for free shipping! (haven't tried it)
    • Avigayil
      Thanks for the reminder. I signed up so long ago I can't remember if that coupon is valid in the US, but you most likely can't combine it with the extra 50% off.. which is way better I think!

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