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26 October 2010


Surfacecollective has kindly re-activated this exclusive Bargainmoose coupon code for a 50% discount on their site!

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  • Coupon Code: BMOOSE50
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  • Expires: 2nd November 2010

We previously posted a Surfacecollective coupon code here, that's when I got the wall tattoo for my baby's nursery. That's her nursery  in the picture at the top of this page. I choose the pocket full of posies in violet, lilac and pink.

I really love the final design of my Surfacecollective wall tattoo! It's quite girly, but not too pink for my liking.

I did choose quite a complicated design though, and it took me quite a while to put it up on the wall (perhaps about 3 hours). The Surface Collective wall tattoo came on 3 pages, one for each colour in the pattern. I had to cut roughly around each individual leaf, then stick them all to the wall individually in the pattern of my choice. I was quite impatient at first, but then I realised I just needed to take a bit of time and care in sticking the tattoos to the wall. I found it difficult initially, to get the tattoos off the backing and neatly on the wall, but I soon got used to it and was speeding up with every sticker.

There are other Surfacecollective wall tattoos that are a lot less complicated, ones that only have one piece to adhere to the wall. But they wouldn't be as much fun, would they?!

We live in a rental, so we're not really allowed to decorate rooms without permission, which is why these wall tattoos come in really handy. You can add some personalisation to your rooms, without causing any permanent issues - the stickers can be peeled off when we leave.

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  • Avigayil
    So pretty! This one is by far my favourite:|-revisited/103/1/ For some reason it wont directly link to that, so just copy and paste the addy It is beautiful. Followed by these ones:
  • misskitty_79
    Hey, I just bought a $29 StealTheDeal voucher valid on $49 worth of wall tattoos. I wonder if I can combine the two... Thanks for sharing! :)
    • Anna
      Worth a try! I doubt it though, as if you have to enter the voucher code in the voucher slot, you can usually only enter 1 single code.
      • misskitty_79
        They were pretty clear that you could add multiple vouchers, one after the other. So I'm hoping the same will apply to the discount code. Unfortunately, I can't try it until after 6pm EST, since my voucher isn't valid until then... ::fingers crossed::
        • Anna
          Did it work? Because I see the offer is still on at stealthedeal
          • misskitty_79
            It did not. :(
  • Anna
    Similar deal on groupon ottawa today too
  • Anna W.
    We moved house last year, and I carefully peeled these off the walls and saved them. I've just managed to re-apply them on my daughter's walls. They're not quite as good as when I first put them up, they have a few bumps and bubbles, but still look pretty great!

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