StyleExchange: Retail Year End Sale


Style Exchange follows the retail year and thsu their year end is January 31, 2011. They are currently offering 60% off select items and 30% off denim. They also offer free shipping across Canada on orders of $75+.

StyleExchange is pretty new on my radar so I know very little about them. They seem to be a clothing boutique of sorts, sporting familiar brands like Muss Sixty, Diesel and Lucky Seven. They also have brands I haven't heard of before like Lady Dutch, Fluo, and Karv.

Some pretty good deals on the whole if you are looking for brand name clothing. Check out this Bench invest sweater, originally $95 now $38.

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  • Avigayil
    Like wow. So I placed an order. I am pissed off at Bench right now because I ordered 4 things in their mega sale and then got an email like 2 weeks later saying they were out of stock of 3 of the items and would just ship the one... rather unhappy. Esp. because the one they shipped was my little dinky item to let me qualify for free shipping. So I went to Style Exchange, they had a fab deal on some Bench jackets/hoodies so I got 3 that were less than $40 each, plus they have an awesome deal on Happy Socks, orig. $12 now $4.80... so I bought one of every colour I don't have that was in my size.. so like 6 pairs. totally sweet.

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