Planet Forward Coupon Code: 50% Discount!

29 May 2010


Planet Forward is a small eco-friendly boutique out of Ontario, Canada. This is a great time to buy, as Ontario will be switching to HST on July 1, 2010.

Click this bright bold line to go to Planet Forward Canada

  • Coupon Code: SAVE50
  • Discount: 50% off
  • Expires: No idea

I tried this out on a bottle cap, and it worked! Half price! I find it really funny that they are advertising the 40% off coupon on their website, when a 50% off coupon will also work.

While in the neighborhood I checked out some of my favorite things:

  • Basket On-The-Go now $12.49
  • 1L Stainless Steel ‘In the Navy’ Bottle with ‘Sippy ’ adaptors (woohoo!) now $12.99
  • Urban Epicurean now $7.99

Free shipping on a $50 spend!

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  • Karen
    I used this code a few weeks back and yes it works!!! I bought their carrying basket, t-shirt, water bottle, grocery bag, water bottle holder, a coffee mug. I love it all!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avigayil
    Awesomes :D

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