Old Navy Canada: $3 Men's Polos

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At Old Navy Canada, get men's classic pique polos for $3 each when you buy 2!

These polos will go quickly at this price! You can find them in 7 colours and a variety of sizes from S to XXL.

Remember, until 27 April, if you spend $75 or more, you can save 20%!

(Expiry Unknown)


  • Carolyn
    You don't get them for $3.00 each, you save $3.00 on each one if you buy 2 or more.
  • Sarah
    Hi there, I just went to buy the polos and it's not actually for 3$ when you buy 2 or more, it's 3$ off when you buy two or more. So it comes to $12 instead of $15, I decided not to get them :( Just though I would let you know... :)
  • StephanieJ
    I found the same thing, too bad it would have been a great deal!
  • Lesley
    This is false advertising, they are going to lose business this way. It's sad cause it was an amazing deal!!
  • Jodie
    Looks like they've changed the deal since I wrote it up! I called Old Navy and she said that it was now a typo, but she would honour the deal until the typo was changed on the website. So if you want to order, try before the typo is fixed!

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