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I have no clue how much longer this offer is going to last, so hop like Monty Python demented rabbits and go get yourself a deal! Receive 20% off one item, 30% off two items, or 40% off three items (or more) at Mexx Canada when you use the following ghoulish discount below.

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  • Coupon Code: HALLOWEEN123
  • Discount: Up to 40% off
  • Expiry: unknown

This is a Halloween themed coupon so I cannot see it lasting that much longer. However, it is still up on their website and as of this post, it is still active. Regular priced and sale items are eligible for the extra discount so shop your little heart out.

I am freezing here. This is my second fall/winter is a humid climate ever in my life and my body is still trying to figure out what this new found torture is that permeates my bones. What I need are a few good cardigans right away. This grey Cardigan matches my mood and is available in my size. Originally $66, it is only a few dollars off at $59.99 right now. If I just bought it, I could get an extra 20% off bringing the cardigan down to $47.99. However, for this sale I plan to buy at least three things.

The Overpiece is like a longer flowing cardigan without the problem of buttons. Just wrap up and enjoy the warmth. Originally $69.95, it is on sale for $49.99. Again, if I purchased just the Overpiece it would come down to $39.99 but you can get better discounts by buying more than one item.

For my third item, I would invade the sweater section and dawn this delicious Oversized High Neck Sweater for $79.99 (was $90). This sweater comes in both a willow green, which would match my eyes, or a plum sorbet - the loveliest purple. Now, when I still all three of the above tops into my cart and apply the coupon, something sweet happens.

  • $59.99 + $49.99 + $79.99 = $189.97
  • $189.97 x 0.6 = $113.98

Instead of paying $190 for three tops (even on sale), I pay $114 instead with the 40% discount. I save $75.99 between the two cardigans and the sweater on top of the sale price savings already. That is pretty sweet! I would be satisfied paying that amount for warm tops from Mexx as I know they make higher quality tops that will last.

Shipping is free at Mexx when you spend $75 or more. Check out this and other Mexx coupon codes coupons in the forum.

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