Lululemon Canada: Surf To Sand Triangle Top Was $54 |Now $29 + Free Shipping


Lululemon clothing is always popular - but what about their swimwear? Right now Lululemon Canada has their Surf To Sand Triangle Top on final sale for just $29 as opposed to the regular price which was $54. Lululemon Canada has free shipping with no minimum purchase too.

If you often find yourself at the beach, then you are probably always looking for new beachwear. I know you Moosers are frugal like I am, and you want the best styles for the lowest prices. While supplies last, you can get the Lululemon Surf To Sand Triangle Top for $29. This top is best suited for A-cup and B-cup women. I, however, am a C-cup and wouldn't be afraid to snag this offer. Actually, one of the Lululemon Canada customers left a review after making her purchase even though she is a C-cup:

I'm absolutely in love with this top! I'm a C cup but decided to go ahead and order a size 8 even though the details said that it covered for A and B mostly. It fits perfectly and covers everything that it needs to! I love that the straps can cross because it offers more support for when you're playing beach sports like volleyball, or just for a little bit more comfort. 

So, when you're greeted with some hot weather, throw this Surf To Sand Triangle Top on and hit the water. Whether you are just taking a long walk on the beach or surfing, this swim top is designed for it all. You can even customize the fit and style with the adjustable, crossable straps. Personally, straps like this tend to aggravate me. Especially when they get tangled on everything in the washing machine. Watch out though! Someone may lose an eye if you wear this top during cooler weather. There is absolutely no padding, so when you're cold it is going to show. I even considered purchasing this top as a sports bra to wear while I jog or horseback ride, since reviews state that this swim top can be so supportive. There are three different colour choices available, so pick your favourite:

  • naval blue/naked
  • plum peach/plum/butter
  • lemon lime/naked

Lululemon Canada also offers free shipping on all purchases. So even if you just snag this top alone, you won't have to worry about paying any shipping & handling fees, which is pretty awesome.

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