Le Chateau: Extra 30% Off Last Price


Take an extra 30% off select items at Le Chateau. When you add them to your cart the discount will be automatically applied. They have a massive selection of items in the offer.

Check out some of these savings:

There, you have an entire outfit (minus shoes) for $55.97. Sexy too.


  • Becci
    Great sale, but they are having website issues. I filled my cart, but when I tried to check out (repeatedly!), it gave "pricing error" messages. Called cust service and was told that as the website is still new, they are still working through few glitches. She said to try again in a couple hours, as most glitches are fixed pretty quickly. So I shall! :D Hopefully all my pretty lacey, shimmery tops will still be there!!
  • Becci
    Hey it worked now! Turns out I had a cardigan in my cart which was no longer avail in my size when I went to complete the order, and rather than automatically remove it, it screwed the whole order up! If you get the same problem, just save everything to your wish list and re-add them to your cart one by one. Hopefully the guilty culprit will emerge like it did for me!

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