Hollister Canada: 20% Discount In-Store


Right now at Hollister Canada, you can get a nice little discount of 20% on any purchase, with the printable coupon below!

They are calling this a "friends with benefits" promo... doesn't that sound a little bit rude!! I usually don't associate that phrase with printable coupons.

You can shop online too, but as they ship from the US, you might get hit with extra unexpected charges or duties.  You can browse the merchandise online though, see if you like anything there, then pop in-store.

(Ends 6th June 2010)

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  • WendyD
    Crazy! They never offer discounts! I hear they're (and the parent company) are doing terribly lately, so I guess I'm not too surprised. When I popped in there a couple days ago, the usual ridiculously long lineup was missing - and the back, where Clearance was kept, was an absolute mess. There were literally huge piles of stuff on the floor. There's this very cute Clearance dress I really liked, it may be worth it to go back and get it now with the coupon =)

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