H&M: Mid Season Sale


Got an email from H&M letting readers know of their mid season sale in stores.

Stock up on items at $7, $10, $15 and $20 in our ladies, men's, teens and kids departments.

I don't particularly like H&M, I know the store was amazingly popular when it came to West Edmonton Mall and the line ups went on forever. But the styles are generally rather off the wall, and not in a pretty way (I think) and the material is a little cheap.. it doesn't feel like it would last long. They have the odd individual item which is nice but generally I don't shop there. anyone care to defend H&M?


  • Justine
    I love H&M..to each their own though.
  • Amy
    I love(d) H&M, until I gained post-baby weight and am no longer able to shop there for myself. Really cute kid's stuff though, and often reasonably priced - even better when on sale at end-of-season!
  • tanyaewa
    I shop whenever I can for boys clothes. They have very stylish jeans and amazing sweaters at really great prices for boys. It is super tough to find stylish jeans and cool cardigans, v necks and the like for boys - H & M has very stylish stuff at amazing prices. I bet they have some drool worthy sweaters begging to be in my official Christmas photos right now!! - for less than $15
  • tanyaewa
    I have found many cute cocktail dresses there too! And the sweaters & jewellery .... don't get me started
  • Anna
    I think they're great if you need a well-priced outfit for an emergency night out :)
  • Melissa
    I love H&M. I find I have to pick through a lot of stuff though to find the few nice pieces (and avoid the weird) and the line ups for change rooms are insane but the prices are good and I've never had an issue with the quality (if it feels too cheap, I don't buy it).
  • Heidi
    I really like H&M for the kids :) but for us you really need to hunt! I love how you can find something for less then $20 and be instyle with someone else who spend $100 on the same look at an other store. I wish they came out with more coupons!
  • shadia
    Well let me tell you we drive from Ottawa to Montreal about twice a year so my 2 teenage kids can shop there. My 17 year old son only wears there jeans, and they are cheaper than the Gaps jeans. Over all the quality is good never had anything shrink or fall apart so it is good value for your dollar. My kids have made me aware that now you can shop online, haven't really checked it out I just hope they open a store in Ottawa so we can enjoy there great sales.
  • Dana
    H&M has fantastic kids clothes. lots of individual items (such as little doc martin type boots or faux leather jackets, rock n roll outfits, spongebob or spiderman bikini underwear, etc) They have really cute baby clothes too and the quality is very good; all of my 5 year old son's clothes from there have been handed down to either my daughter or nephews and they are all in circulation still. They also have great jewellery finds for women, especially their rings at a good price for fashion jewellery.

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