Freshpair (US) Coupon Code: Extra 50% off Clearance


Freshpair (US) has just released one of their best coupon codes of the year even though the year has just started. Receive an extra 50% off clearance lingerie for men and women.

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  • Coupon Code: EXTRA 50
  • Discount: extra 50% off clearance
  • Expiry: Unknown

I like this deal because you are combining clearance prices with an additional 50% off. It is hard to get prices lower than this for underwear, bras, and more. Prices are in USD but they also quote the approximate Canadian equivalent in brackets. That price changes depending on the currency exchange rate on a given date so I usually quote US prices for Freshpair.

Marie Jo is a high-end bra brand that I used to buy at a local boutique for $135 each. Freshpair has the Marie Jo Tom Convertible Bra, in scarlet, on sale from $106 down to $84.80. Even at that price, I am sorely tempted to buy the bra. After coupon code, the Marie Jo Tom comes down to just $42.40. If I were not on a January spending 'diet' this bra and the next one would be on their way to my home presto.

I have been considering the Freya Marvel bra for about a month now. I hear it gives amazing shape and works really well for women of many different shapes. Freya has discontinued the bra, so now is the time to pick it up before it becomes hard to find. Originally $60, the bra is on clearance for $48. After coupon code, pay just $24. This is a good price as I was looking at one on eBay for around $38. Both black and nude are in stock right now.

This Elle Macpherson Intimates E72-261Dentelle Contour Bra is luxury and beauty all in one. I adore the beautiful lace and the delicate straps. Most certainly this bra was designed for smaller busts and is totally adorable. Originally $60, the bra is on clearance for $48. After coupon code, pay just $24 for this delicious little number.

Freshpair offers free shipping to Canada on orders of $50 US or more. That will be $50 after your coupon is applied. While they ship in from the US so duty may apply, I have ordered from them a couple times and never had a problem. I hope that trend continues.

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  • Alexandra
    I had to pay duty once. Ever since I kept my order close to 100$ and never had to pay duties again. It's just my personal experience, but if it can help.

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