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9 February 2011


*** Expired - The winner is Rosita! ***

It's time for a new contest on Bargainmoose. We're giving one lucky mooser a free $100 gift voucher to use online at, the Canadian site which specializes in personalized clothing and accessories.

In addition to the contest, we've got an exclusive coupon code for a bit of a discount if you decide to do some shopping there.

Click here to shop online @

  • Coupon Code: BMOOSEFEB11
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expires: 16th February 2010

Kathy and Kim Originals has a new product range for 2011. It includes an array of new mugs,  funky new eco tumblers, super sized thermos, new look personalized insulated lunch bags, backpacks and tees. If you win this $100 contest on Bargainmoose, you'll be free to choose what you want.


How to enter

To be in with the chance of winning the $100 gift voucher:

  • Leave a comment in the thread below saying what you would like to buy (1 entry)
  • Subscribe to Bargainmoose email updates (1 entry)
  • Tweet a link to this contest on Twitter (1 entry)


  • Ends 16th February 2011, midnight CST
  • Canadian entrants only
  • Admin’s decision is final in all cases


TOPICS:   Clothing


  • Laila
    I would like to get some insulated lunch bags for the fam!!
  • mikey
    I would get an insulated lunch tote!
  • Angela G.
    I'd buy a backpack!
  • Elisa
    They have very cute stuff in there! With 100$ I would buy the insulated lunch [email protected] 28$ for my little princess. Thinking ahead for father's day with the Stailess steel "best Dad "travel [email protected] 28$ And a Thermal bottle @ 38$ for the family =) =) =)
  • Zara
    I would buy the family tote, little drinking bottles for the babies and two insulated lunch totes. I really hope I win!
  • Ajantha
    With four kids around the house, it gets very confusing trying to figure out who has what bottle or bag. With the gift card, I'd love to get my girls personalized bottles and bags. My twitter name is: @busymom_4
  • Cathy
    Water bottles for the family...
  • Elizabeth
    Wow, such great stuff for my little guy! I am sure he would love a personalized backpack and lunch bag. So cute!
  • joy
    I think one of everything. Thanks for the great contests!
  • Bran
    I would really like to get a Eco Tumbler and wow its me bottle.
  • Bran
    I subscribe to email updates.
  • J.
    I could use an insulated lunch bag.
  • mama_k
    i love the mugs and the water bottles - two mugs and one water bottle for the wee one if i won!
  • mama_k
    i meant, i would get two mugs (for us big kids) and a water bottle for the little one. :)
  • mama_k
    also, i do subscribe to emails...
  • Amanda
    I would get the Eco Tumbler! Another person at my office has the same coffee mug so it would be great to have mine 'marked' as mine!
  • Amanda
    I subscribe to Bargainmoose email updates!
  • Jori
    I would buy a backpack and lunch tote for my little man who starts Kindergarten in the Fall.
  • anna
    ohhhh...some stuff for my little girl who starts preschool next year. Poor girl has been dealing with her brother's hand-me-downs for ages!
  • Marie
    The "Wow it's Me Thermal Bottle" is so cute.
  • Melissa
    I think I would buy my son the personalized backpack, lunch kit and water bottle.
  • Katie
    Cute stuff. I'd pick the backpacks for my kids
  • Stephanie
    Cool contest - would love to buy 2 stainless water bottles for my twin 4 year old boys!!! Their little faces would look so cute on the bottles! My one son pointed out that he'd like to wear a red hat in the personalized picture. And I'd also get a couple travel mugs.
  • Cee
    Would love a thermal bottle to keep my coffee hot:)
  • Lily
    I would buy a backpack, a lunch bag, and a stainless steel bottle for my daughter who's starting kindergarten in September! :D
  • Lesley
    I'd be the bestest aunt on the ENTIRE PLANET and buy the lunch bags for my nieces!!
  • erica
    I would love the linch bags for the kids!!!
  • Karla S.
    I would like to get some personalized lunch bags for my nieces & nephews [email protected]
  • Karla S.
    Im subscribed to email updates [email protected]
  • Lisa
    lunch bags, water bottles for my boys and I'd love to get to get the stainless steel "Best Dad" mug for my husband.
  • Erin
    I would buy an insulated lunch bag for my daughter as she will soon be off to daycare...and one for my husband so that no one steals his lunch!
  • Jennifer R.
    I would love to get some personalized water bottles and lunch bags. Thanks for the discount code too :)
  • Deirdre
    loving the thermal bottles and ECO tumblers! great giveaway!
  • Deirdre
    i'm a BargainMoose email subscriber... and it's great!
  • Deirdre
    tweeted this giveaway! @freshphotoarts
  • Steve
    Being a single parent with 3 kids, at time money can be tough, i would get lunch bags for the kids, they would love them..
  • aussie m.
    i LOVE Bargain Moose! i would buy the lunch bags and cups!
  • Lainey
    Backpack or lunchbag for sure--so cute!
  • Heather
    I would love one of the thermoses. It's so hard to find actual vacuum thermoses!
  • Kim D.
    I would love to get Wow It's Me water bottles for my girls and a travel mug for my hubby!!
  • Kim D.
    tweeted this giveaway! @mamakim2003
  • Kim D.
    i’m a BargainMoose email subscriber!!!! :)
  • Martin
    I like the lunch bags !
  • Dee S.
    I love the eco tumblers, and also would love one of the stainless steel bottles!
  • Dee S.
    Already subscirbed to your emails :)
  • Lauri
    I would love the mugs.
  • AMac
    I'd get a stainless steel bottle for the gym, an eco tumbler for work, and a stainless steel mug for my parents. Thank you for the contest!
  • Lauri
    Already subscribed to your emails. Thanks for the contest.
  • Melissa
    I am already a bargain moose email subscriber!
  • AMac
  • John
    I would buy personalized water bottles for each of my family members.
  • Sarah
    Decisions decisions! I think i would get a lovely travel mug, cause i am a coffee drinking Mom! and maybe a lunchbag for my 5 year old. thanks for the chance!
  • Caitlyn
    I think i would get a lunch bag for my lil dude, and a couple waters bottles subscribe to alerts/updates too :)
  • Carrie
    I would love new travel mugs for my morning coffee!
  • Kim S.
    I would love a travel mug....can't live without my coffee! Also, the stainless steel bottles are a great idea...and a lunch bag for my daugter!
  • Shirley S.
    I would get some water bottles and lunch bags for our family! :D Fingers crossed!!!!
  • sunshine
    i would like a coffee mug for myself!!
  • Melissa
    I would get lunch totes and stainless steel water bottles for both me and my son :)
  • Sheila
    I would like the travel mug :)
  • iboulet
    I would love the water bottles.
  • Tiffany
  • Lynne
    I'd buy the 'True Love' bottle
  • Jessica
    I love the thermal bottles and lunch bags...hard decision to make...
  • Jessica
    My little guy just started pre-school and is off to school in the fall. I am thinking the lunch bag with a backpack :) Love the lunch bags!
  • Mirjana
    I love everything!!! First, I'd buy the kids a V day gift, a personalized SS water bottle with straw and a travel mug for the hubby," Best Dad"
  • natalie
    I love the thermal mugs and travel mugs!
  • Anna
    The lunch totes and steel water bottles look good to me.
  • Pat
    Definitely a travel mug and lunch bags for the little ones. Thanks so much!!!!
  • afshi
    i would love: 1. wow! it's me Family Bag : $34 2. stainless steel intial mug: $28! it's me thermal bottle: $38 $100 in good to go! i hope i win! thanks!
  • S
    We'd love insulated lunch bags, the bottles and the well everything for the fam!
    • S
      also signed up for the email subscription (another entry :-)
  • Josie
    I like the thermal bottles
  • Josie
    I'm a subscriber
  • Josie
  • Dayna
    My daughter would love anything with her name on it lol.
  • dawn
    I would buy the insulated lunch bags for both my boys, and maybe the hubby.
  • Mrs. S.
    I would get the thermal bottles for the guys in the family.
  • Mrs. S.
    I have subscribed to your emails quite some time ago so thanks.
  • Robin
    The personalized lunch bags would be cute for my kids and my hubby-seeing as he is always misplacing his!
  • Maya
    I'd get a lunch bag and water bottle for my fiancee (he's going back to college in the fall), and a thermal travel mug for me!
  • Megan
    I'd love to buy the eco tumbler!
  • Linda
    I would like the stainless steel bottle for myself. Thanks!
  • Nm
    Stainless steel bottle and thermal bottle are what I could use...A lot of cute designs to choose from! :)
  • mar
    I like the "Wow! It's ME! on an insulated lunch". Thanks for the contest
  • Nadia B.
    I love the new lunch bags. Too cute!
  • sheila
    i would like the thermal bottle! really cute stuff on the site :)
  • Debi
    I'm not sure - there are so many cute things. I think I'd have my kids help me pick out a few things. Bottles, tees, much to choose from!
  • Chris
    I'll get a personalized stainless steel water bottle for each of my 3 girls for their birthdays. Imagine their smiles...
  • Jocelyn
    I love the personalized backpacks. How cute and very unique. My daughter would love a pink one with matching lunchbag.
  • Marcie
    I LOVE the long sleeve t-shirts (custom clothing). My daughter would love her own hot chocolate mug (wow! it's me mug). The Family Bag is amazing too!
  • Lisa
    I'd love a thermal bottle. I love that it holds 3 cups!
  • Rebecca
    The water bottles looks so great!
  • Rebecca
    I subscribe by email
  • Scott
    Backpacks and custom clothing for my family
  • judy w.
    persnol water bottles
  • Sarah
    I would get the ECO Tumbler
  • Jenny
    A new coffee mug for my new job!
  • Nicole
    I would love to get the kids teachers mugs for the end of the year! Thanks for the great giveaway!
  • Matt
    I would totally get a couple of mugs and that thermos.
  • Rosita
    I would like to buy the Eco Tumbler. It's nice and eco-friendly - score!
  • Joanna
    I'd love a stainless steel bottle for my daughter!!
  • jessica
    Just wondering who won this contest?
  • Rosita
    Thank you so much for choosing me as the winner! So excited to buy some stuff from Kathy and Kim Originals. I love Bargain Moose!! xo

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