Banana Republic Canada: Get a 50% Discount with Coupon Hack PLUS Stacks with 25% Signup Code! Wow! HOT!


* Tested and working NOW as of Wednesday morning (19th Aug) - please make sure to read and follow the instructions in step 1 below! ***

Who here likes shopping at Banana Republic Canada? I am sure there are quite a few of you… and I am sure some of you are on their mailing list too. Today, they’ve sent out an email containing a coupon code for 50% discount on any 5 regular priced items – that’s a pretty high discount! However, they only sent this coupon code to a select few people on their mailing list. But we’ve found out a way for ANYONE to get a free 50% coupon. And what’s even better – this coupon code will stack with their 25% coupons for signing up to email newsletters!

Here’s what you need to do, Moosers:

First Step: Get your 50% code

Copy and paste this link into your browser and change the 1234567 into any other random 7 digit code:

You’ll see a page like this:


As you can see, you will only be able to redeem the 50% coupon code from tomorrow – Wednesday the 19th August 2015.

Second Step: Get your 25% code

Go to 10minutemail and grab a disposable email address. Pop it in to the email signup here @ Banana Republic online and wait for an instant email to come through with a 25% coupon. Copy and paste the coupon code and save it somewhere safe until tomorrow. Or, just use your regular email address if you’ve never signed up there before (but I think most people already have). If you DO NOT get the 25% code instantly, then try another email address.

Third Step: Shop online on the 19th August!

I will probably bump this post tomorrow as a reminder – but I wanted to get the information out as fast as possible in case Banana Republic pull the mechanism for getting a free 50% coupon code. Claim all your free coupon codes TODAY and get ready to shop shop shop tomorrow!

As for shipping, Banana Republic offer free shipping on a $50 spend - but that's PRE-discounts. So technically, you only have to spend $18.75 or more on full-priced post-coupon items for free shipping!

For those of you lucky enough to have received the 50% coupon code today, then shop shop shop now. :)

(Ends: 23rd August 2015)


  • suzy
    The friends and family is no longer working. It says it has reached it's limit.
  • M A.
    No more available as of 2:15 pm
    • Anna W.
      I've just tried it again and it is fine. Please be sure to follow the instructions above :) q
  • Sheila
    All gone, you can't get the promo anymore as of 13:40 Mountain time :(
  • pauline
    worked for me - great deal - thank you
  • Zee
    Its available. Make sure you follow this part. Copy and paste this link into your browser and change the 1234567 into any other random 7 digit code:
  • Sheila
    Duh, it works. You had to change the numbers at the end of the link you gave when you copy & paste!!
    • Anna W.
      Yep, please follow the instructions above!
  • Anna W.
    So, I can confirm this all works! I just tried it on a $55 top and it came down to $20.62 with free shipping!!
  • kristina
    Reached its limit of codes being given.
  • thaismomma
    I can also confirm this works, fall wardrobe now complete, thanks!
  • Kyoko
    As someone who used to work at BR for 10 years, this isn't a hack, you are just stealing someone else's 1 time use code. The numbers are often one digit/ letter off from each other. If you take someone else's code, the person who actually received that email cannot use it. If you really want this code, go into a store and ask for a card. They often have boxes extras employees didn't hand out and will just give you one if they have it.
  • Dan
    Good deal if you like stealing another person's discount
    • Melissa
      Blah blah blah
  • alicia
    My coworker at BR just notified everyone at work about this. You're going to cause us a lot of trouble this weekend with this post! This deal takes other people's codes!
  • Sarah
    Hubby now has some new pants and shirts for work--awesome! Code is great!
  • SStar
    To sweeten the deal, pick up a Banana Republic gift card from London Drugs at 20% off (Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gap $25 & $50 gift cards are 20% off until Aug 27)

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