Save $150 on Digital Noise Cancelling Headphones + FREE Air Canada Maple Leaf Club Pass ($70 Value)

It's noisy out there but that doesn't mean you cant enjoy your audio! will help you block it all out.

First off, these are expensive. They aren't your $12 earbuds that you buy at walmart. They are a high quality, high end, active noise cancelling audio device and are priced accordingly. The regular price on these is $399.99 but you will get $150 off bringing the total down to $249.99.

There are two kinds of people who will buy these: people who have money to burn and people who really need them. Both are fine!

If you have the money to burn and you just want to get some amazing headphones, I highly recommend Sony. I am terribly rough on headphones so I can't buy nice ones for myself anymore. It's because I break them. I'm terrible. I used to regularly buy a set of $50 Sony headphones until I broke my fifth set or so. It isn't that the build quality is bad, I'm just really hard on my gear. Anywho, back to burning money. There is no problem with having money so if you have the means to buy these, go for it and enjoy!

The second group is people who need noise cancelling features. There are actually a staggering amount of places that these would be handy. School, work, on an airplane or even taking a bus. If you're like me and you are on the phone a lot for your job, rarely take a bus, train or plane and don't go to school, then you likely don't need these but if you find yourself wanting to throw chatty people out the train window on your daily commute, these are probably a better option.

(Ex[pires: 8th November 2012)

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