Hallmark: Recordable Storybook $5 Off Printable Coupon

8 December 2010


I saw an ad for this on TV: where the kids open a story book and it's their Grandma's voice who is reading it to them. I thought it was so sweet! I looked it up online and found a coupon for it. You can get $5 off one of Hallmark's Holiday Recordable Storybooks (reg. $29.95).

I thought this would be a wonderful gift from someone who couldn't be their for the Holidays, like a parent or grandparent. Their voice could be recorded reading the book and the book given to the child as a present. So in a way they are there, but not there. Anyway, it sounded sweet in my head.

(Ends 24th december 2010)


  • Melissa
    Nice coupon but you can also get these recordable books at Walmart for $19.99 and Costco (not sure of the price point but I'm sure it's close to the $20 mark.
    • Avigayil
      Wonder if they would accept a competitor's coupon... :-) Thanks for the info!

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