Frugal Ways To Upcycle Orphan Socks (Part 1)


We all have the same problem. Every time we do laundry, the washer or the dryer eats one sock. How many odd socks do you have in your underwear drawer just waiting for their mate to come back? It is time to up cycle those orphan socks and make cool stuff that is usable, and won't just sit in your drawer. This stuff would otherwise cost money, so not only are you recycling but you are also thinking with a frugal mind. There are so many things you can do with odd socks, so I am sure there will be a few parts to this money saving post. Nonetheless, here are some superb ways to upcycle old orphan socks. After all, it "socks" to be lonely. ;)


Sock Arm Band

If you jog, walk your dogs, or do a lot of house cleaning then you probably find yourself wishing you had that perfect place to store your iPod or iPhone while you listen to music. Problem solved! Cut off the main sleeve part of an odd sock, and wear it as an arm band! Fold up half so you have a pocket style arm band, and voila. You have a safe and secure spot for your music playing device while you clean the house. If you are handy with a needle and thread, you can sew it to fit your phone to a T.


Socks On Pots

This one calls for a bit of creativity. If you have small pants around the house, you can spruce up the pots a bit by dressing them in your orphan socks. Just get some fabric or magic glue and glue it down to the pot, or just fit the sleeve of the sock over the pot if they are small enough. I organized all of my odd socks yesterday so that I could use them for crafts like this, and I happened to find some Halloween and Christmas themed socks - perfect for adding some more Holiday house decor if you ask me.


Catnip Sock Toy For Cats

Cats. Love. Catnip. End of story! This is a simple way to please your feline friend without spending a fortune. You can either grow catnip yourself or buy it from the pet store. Place it in a mesh bag or even just inside the sock, and sew the end of the sock closed. You can make it look like a fish (like above) and sew on some eyes, or just leave it as is. They will love it either way, I mean come on.. it has cat nip inside!


Sock Puppets

Every kid loves sock puppets. On the next rainy day, set up your kitchen table as a Sock Puppet factory! You can buy google eyes, felt, wool and so much more to sew mouths, wings, eyes, hair, arms and more onto your one in a million sock puppet with the kids. Let their imagination go wild! Who knows what they will make - a giraffe maybe? What comes to your mind?


Neck Heat Pad

We all have achy muscles, right? Heating pads can be so expensive and they don't usually fit right into the crevice of our neck. Now you can use your odd socks to make your very own neck heating pad for incredible cheap. Just take your lonely socks and fill them with 1/2 cup - 1 cup of rice. Then you can either tie off the end, or if you are creative and handy with a thread and needle then you can turn in the end and sew it closed for a more appealing look. Then you can microwave your new heating pad for 2-3 minutes and enjoy.


Fingerless Gloves

Are your hands ready for the upcoming cold weather? Why not use your odd socks to make some fingerless gloves! Just follow the little diagram above to see where to cut. Then sew along the green dotted line when your sock is inside out. Turn it back to right side out and voila! You have yourself a fingerless glove. You may want to buy a pair of matching socks for this one, unless you don't mind walking around with two different gloves. This is a great way to sip hot chocolate by the fire outside during the cold nights, or even so that your hands are readily available to answer a text message without taking your gloves off.

Moosers, what is your favourite way to upcycle your odd socks?

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  • Mei L.
    I used lonely socks and sewed them together & stutfed them to make door draft stoppers. Saves $ on your heating bills too!

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