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Cake Beauty has started their Holiday 'season' and with any purchase of $40 or more you will get 2 free holiday lip glosses: Snow Woman & Gingerbread Woman Lip Gloss. Their holiday collection has arrived and they are ready to be at your beck-and-call.

The holiday product I am most interested in is the Holiday Handful, I have been wanting to try the Desserted Island hand creme for a while and the Vanilla Snow sounds wonderful. I have the snow woman lip gloss they are giving away and it is very pleasant.

Now, as you know I try and give reviews of the companies/products we post and in that try and be fair and honest. Usually on here you find  mostly positive reviews. Well, the review you are about to read is not positive, but in no way reflects badly on the product, but on the customer service of Cake Beauty.

Basically I had a $10 off gift card code, used it on an order when they had a free shipping promotion, order went through, then they re-invoiced me adding on the shipping charges saying "Free shipping cannot be combined with any other promotion. Shipping charges have been added." I was upset that they re-billed my Mastercard without asking first if I would want to buy it if they added on the shipping charges. I couldn't find where it said that the two couldn't be combined and I had done this before on a different GC code with a free shipping promotion and it had worked. So I told them to cancel the order. Now my GC code no longer works. Not pleased with customer service.

Its sad, because I like their products. Their lemon chiffon lipgloss is the most amazing smelling lipgloss EVER!


  • Dominique
    I had the EXACT same experience with Cake - although I'd submitted two orders. I received two emails the following day stating “Free shipping cannot be combined with any other promotion. Shipping charges have been added.” and I was furious! I emailed them back right away telling them I wasn't impressed with their methods (considering it wasn't my mistake that both were applied but theirs) and that they'd better not charge my credit card without my consent - isn't that illegal? I also added that unless something was done, I woulnd't be a cake customer anymore. They replied (very politely this time as opposed to just sending me a new invoice) stating they could combine the orders and that I could keep my $10 promo codes which had been applied to both orders. They agreed only only charge me shipping once for the entire shipment ... and although I'm somewhat happy with the outcome, I still feel that this was an error on their part and that they should have honoured the free shipping. The ONLY reason I went through with the order after all was that these were going to be Christmas gifts. Although I agree that the Lemon Chiffon lipgloss is amazingly wonderful (I adore it), I won't be shopping with Cake again either.
  • Katherine
    I, unfortunately, had the same EXACT experience. Why I emailed them they didn't respond so 1 week later I called. They said that they had canceled my order as requested, but I didn't request it to be canceled. She first said that they are very busy. Then she said, no, its not canceled. We are honouring the free shipping and the $10 coupon code on both my orders. I told her that I was quite upset with the customer service I received and I thanked her for honouring the promotions... A few days later I checked my credit card and, to my surprise, I was charged the correct amount for 1 order but the other was for a totally different amount and I have no idea what for! (The order should have been $9, if they charged shipping it would have been apex $15 but the amt charged was $16.). They still have not responded to my emails. I love Cake Beauty products, but this has really turned me off.
    • Katherine
      btw: I placed my orders on October 29th and they still have not been shipped.

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