Mifold - The Booster Seat You Can Fit In Your Backpack

15 February 2017
MiFold Booster Seat

Imagine a booster seat that weighs practically nothing, fits in a backpack, costs less than $100 and can easily fit three across in the backseat. Well, imagine no more. The mifold booster seat was recently approved for use in Canada.

How does the mifold booster seat work? A regular booster seat lifts the child to be up the position of an adult, but the mifold booster does the exact opposite. Instead of lifting the child up, it holds the seatbelt down. In a collision, the child is protected in the same way.

The seat is designed for ages four to 12, and for kids who weigh between 40 to 100 pounds. The mifold is super compact and it weighs less than a kilogram. Kids can carry it back and forth in their backpacks. And three mifold seats can easily fit across the backseat of a car. No need for carseat tetris! It is also well priced at just $79.99 each.

Best of all there is no place for all those crumbs and wrappers to hide. Step 1 of 23555643 to a clean car.

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  • Tina M.

    , , - check out this booster seat!! Also - I think you will appreciate the design in this!

  • Samantha B.

    John wanted to get this when it was being crowdfunded and I said no! Gah!

  • Shae G.

    Not safe. It baffles me why people would even consider using an after market item like this. It hasn't been crash tested- and certainly not to the same standards as the car seat manufacturer companies. When it comes to a child's life, why would you risk it for the convenience of a smaller seat?

    • mummy7

      Shae, what makes you think it has not been tested? it is definitely NOT an after market product and HAS been tested in Canada and passed! As every car seat tested in Canada, this seat does indeed have the CMVSS seal.


      • mifold

        Thank you for posting that. You are correct. The mifold is completely safe and has met and exceeded all necessary approvals in order to have the RSSR mark. 

  • Benji

    No side impact protection. Having researched this, it's not intended to replace a car seat. I would not stick my 4-year-old in this. Per their site, it's intended for "journeys" where a child may not have a booster, like carpools.

  • Noahsmum

    I saw this last year when it wasn't approved  yet in Canada but taking orders. I didn't want to take the chance in case it didn't pass any tests and my 5.5 year old still isn't even close to 40 pounds.  I'm still on the fence but I think it would be great for travelling!  

  • Carrissa K.

    I think if it's been studied, tested and approved to be just as safe then it's definitely a viable option. Perhaps not one I would use as our everyday booster, but a fantastic just in case option for travel/friends/grandparents etc.

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