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Rudsak Canada Boxing Day 2018

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Up to 50% off Boxing Day Sale @ Rudsak

Up to 50% off Sale @ Rudsak

You know that Rudsak cross-body you have your eye on? It could finally be on clearance! The Rudsak Boxing Day Sale is on now, and select items are up to 50% off!

Rudsak's coats are still a little out of my price range (make that, WAY out of my price range), but the Boxing Day Sale means I might be able to splurge on a purse or some accessories!

Don't pass by this sale without taking a look at this PANDORA QUILTED LEATHER TOTE BAG that's been reduced to $215.99 (down from $395) or the HALO LEATHER CLUTCH for $82.49.

Or scoop up a gorgeous pair of FAIMES KNIT & LEATHER GLOVES for $82.99.

And the cherry on top? All orders ship for FREE within Canada!

Rudsak Boxing Day Sale 2017

Rudsak's Boxing Day Sale 2017 is right around the corner and we can't wait to announce all the best deals right here. Check back soon for Rudsak deals leaks to come!

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