Zinio Canada: Magazine Subscriptions $10 Or Less

25 April 2011

10-dollar-email 10-dollar-email10-dollar-email

At Zinio, you can get 1 year digital magazine subscriptions for $10 or less! The magazines can be read on your iPod, iPad, Mac and PC.

Some of the magazine deals include:

  • Esquire 11 issues $8
  • Car and Driver 12 issues $5.82
  • Elle 12 issues $5.82
  • Weight Watchers 6 issues $9.68
  • Harper's Bazaar 11 issues $10
  • Women's Day 15 issues $7.76
  • Redbook 12 issues $7.76
  • Parenting Early Years 11 issues $9.66

I love Zinio. With these cheap prices, I can't help but feed my magazine addiction! I noticed that they have changed some of the Canadian prices recently and they are now lower than posted on the USA site.

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