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Kobo has a hot (sizzling even) deal on right now, where you can get one issue of a number of magazines for only $0.99. I love this deal because sometimes you just want some summer reading on the easy, and one issue is all you need. Paying less than $1 for an issue of a magazine is very sweet.

There are a number of magazines available for this promotion, and I'd like to pick up a few of them. I'm an avid magazine reader, although I still go the print way, but really I don't know why. I can save so much money getting it on my tablet, plus save the environmental costs of printing it. Plus, I don't have that extra clutter of the magazine lying around. I can also take my tablet with me and choose what I want to read, rather than a bulky magazine that I might forget (and always do). I don't know how many times I've been at the park with my kids while they play wishing I had something to read instead of staring into nothingness.

Some of the ones I'd like to sink my teeth into include:

  • Cosmopolitan - you can't beat this magazine for all the latest in sex and beauty
  • Oprah - pretty much my favourite mag
  • Real Simple - I love the recipes and organization tips
  • Self - great fitness and health and well-being articles
  • Esquire - while I wouldn't need a subscription for this one for myself, I'd buy this issue just to hear Mark Wahlberg's take on fatherhood

Bargainmoosers, what is your favourite magazine? Give me some ideas on what issues I need to get for $0.99, just in case the ones I've chosen aren't enough!

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