eHarlequin: $1.99 Books with Coupon Code


eHarlequin is having a yard sale, and has a bunch of books you can peruse, and with the following coupon, can buy for only $1.99 (USD).

Click here to shop eHarlequin's Yard Sale

  • Discount: $1.99 books
  • Coupon Code: YARD08N
  • Expires: August 31, 2010 @ 11:59 EDT

There are 2 days left on this offer, so find yourself some good reads! I don't know much Harlequins, except my Grandma was always reading them when I was young (probably still is).

They have a Canadian Dollar checkout, so you don't have to worry about exchange rates via. your credit card.

Also, they offer free shipping to Canada on purchases of $25, so you can get a whole load of books and save on shipping!

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