Downpour: Exclusive Coupon Code For 10% Off ANY Audiobook

29 April 2013

It's raining audiobooks! Hallelujah! It's raining audiobooks! Amen! Get 10% off the rain at Downpour.

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You're a sucker. That's right. You. The person sitting there reading a book with their eyes. Yeah. You're a sucker. Don't worry though. Bargainmoose is here to give you 10% off the very thing that will make you not a sucker. Audiobooks! That's the ticket out of suckerdom.

Ok, let me explain why I'm calling you, the reader, the person who essentially pays my salary here at Bargainmoose, a sucker. It's because of that paperback sitting next to you. It's the old way of doing things. You are a slave to the book. If you want to read a paper book, you need to stop what you are doing and focus entirely on the book. You are wasting cycles. Audiobooks are the way to do it. You can listen to audiobooks while you drive, while you work out, while you cook, while you do chores. Most people, I suspect, don't like cleaning. I love cleaning because it gives me a chance to read. I can be elbow deep in a toilet but as long as I'm listening to my book, I'm happy.

Go ahead, stick your arm in the toilet and listen to some great books from Downpour. Want more deals? Check out our Downpour Coupon Codes!

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