12 Days 'Til Christmas: Audio Books Up To 75% Off


Downpour has begun its very own countdown until Christmas, with up to 75% off select audio books during their 12 Days 'Til Christmas sale.

Every day until Christmas, Downpour will be slashing different audio books in price. Here are a couple of examples of the kind of audiobooks you can expect to see:

Although nothing compares to the feeling of turning the pages of a real book, audio books can actually be a great way to just relax your eyes, all the while enjoying a good story. They're also particularly useful for anyone who is on the road a lot (i.e. truck drivers) or perhaps even in any field requiring repetitive tasks. In either case, do make sure to exercise caution, and to pay attention to whatever else you're doing!

Do you enjoy listening to audio books or do you know someone who does? Share with us your thoughts on them in the comments section!

(Expiry: 25th December 2013)

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