Chapters Indigo Coupon: 25% Discount!


While this coupon is obviously not as good as the $5 coupon with no minimum spend which Chapters released last week (now dead), it's still a great discount if you are shopping in-store @ Chapters Indigo.

If you become a fan of Chapters on Facebook, they will reward you with a free coupon for 25% discount in-store!

Click the "become a fan" button at the top of the facebook page, then print out your coupon from the next page. If offers you the choice to publish the coupon on your wall too, but I just skipped that step. You don't even have to keep being a fan, just" Unfafn" them as soon as you have your coupon. However, I find it handy to keep being fans of big companies on Facebook, as they can often tell you about good offers you may not otherwise have heard about.

I've saved a copy of my coupon here, not sure if they are unique bar codes or not. Is yours the same as mine?

The free coupon is valid between the 26th November and the 24th December 2009.


  • Ro
    I am loving Chapters right now with their coupons! Btw, all the coupons have the same bar codes, like last time. I have the same one, too.
  • Natalie
    Has anyone else tried to use this coupon? It says in the disclaimer "photocopies of coupon will not be accepted". How do they know if I photocopied it or printed it???
    • Anna
      I haven't used it, but I always find it very silly when they write that on online printable coupons!
  • neera
    i printed off about 5-6 of them and used them on several occasions. I even bought one book w/coupon and came back later and bought another w/coupon on the same day. I just found out that they take the 25% off only one item though.

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