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31 July 2010


On Facebook, Chapters Indigo is celebrating the fact that they have over 100,000 friends by offering us all a free 10% coupon code for our online purchases!

Click here to use the Chapters Indigo coupon code online

[blogcoupon name="Chapters" code="100KFriends" url="" discount="10% off" expiry="6th August 2010"]

The coupon code works well, I tested it out on a book right to the end of the checkout. I saw the percentage discount come off the book total.

Another book that I read recently was The End of Mr Y by Scarlett Thomas. This novel was pretty good - though a little intellectual for my liking. It was about a special homeopathic remedy that could let you leave your body and even travel into other people's minds. If only...!

What's the best book you have read recently?

(Thanks dotbenjamin)

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