Chapters Indigo: 50% Off Gelaskin For Kobo

Indigo - Kobo Gelaskin

Since fellow Mooser, Avigayil, turned me on to Gelaskins, my ipod and laptop are both gorgeously outfitted with them. I don’t (yet) have a Kobo, but if I did, you betcha I’d be putting one of their skins on it, and Indigo is making it easy to do so. At Indigo the above snazzy skins are only $9.98, regularly $19.95.

Red and grey are the colours available. I like the advice printed on this skin: “Keep calm and carry on.”

Unknown expiry!

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  • Mark
    These silicone skins are a great addition to your Kobo. I picked up a brand name Kobo one from chapters today. They are $4.88 online, but if you can find any left in the retail store, they are only $2.00.

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