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28 August 2010


We were sent this cool site by Mooser Susan, thanks so much for telling us about it! BigMama is a textbook rental website for Canadians. You search for the textbooks you need, decide how long you need them for (one semester, period, 60 days...) and instead of paying full price for a textbook, you pay marginal the price.

Returning the book is free, and shipping is fairly cheap (around $5 a textbook). With the following coupon you can get 5% off:

  • Discount: 5% Off
  • Coupon Code: FALL2010
  • Expires: ?

Now this sounds like a heaven sent for students, and indeed in some ways it is but as per usual I did some further research for you guys.

  • Out of the five textbooks I need for this semester they had one.
  • The textbook they did have though I could do a price check on. At my university the textbook new was $110. According to BigMama they say it is new $136.70 and rents the textbook for $41.92 a semester + shipping. Which is not bad, but I bought the textbook with the student guide used off another student for $50. Which I will then resell for probably around the same amount.

Pretty much you have a few factors to consider:

A. If you buy used you can resell your textbooks and recover quite a chunk of the money if you buy responsibly, pretty close to all of it. But if they change editions on you or the universities around stop using that book, you are screwed and stuck with a great big paperweight - that is made of paper. Also If you buy used it can be quite stressful to find the best prices and values so that when you resell you can recover your money.

B. If you rent your textbooks you can shop around less, and know you wont be stuck with the textbooks at the end of the semester. You will not pay anywhere near new price for your textbooks. But you will also never have a chance to recover any of the money you spend on renting your textbooks. The downside also is BigMama may not have all your textbooks.

Both have negatives and positives. I currently am stuck with a bunch of English textbooks I can't get rid of. However, I just sold my Microeconomics textbook for what I bought it for last semester.

Couple last notes:

  • BigMama buys textbooks.
  • With every rental BigMama plants a tree.

Happy back to school in under two weeks! [More textbook rental coupon codes]


  • Anna
    Interesting concept though, I had never heard of text book rental sites before.
  • sunshine
    ditto to the above comment...hmmm...she took the words right out of my mouth..very interesting concept indeed..too bad they didn't have either of the books I was looking for..but i do appreciate the analysis the poster gave to the pros and cons of this..

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