Over 500 books discounted in the Semi-Annual Sale!

The most wonderful time of the year? Christmas? No. Hanukkah? Nope. Kwanzaa? Sorry, no. Ramadan? Wrong! It's semi-annual sale time at Audible!

Well maybe I was wrong in that intro but it is a close second to all those, to be sure! This is the part where I tell you how to get a FREE Audiobook and a 30 day trial. Why do you want this magical gift, you ask? Well, mainly because it's FREE and awesome. Secondarily, you need to get an Audible account to get in on these sale prices. Lucky for you! All you have to do is click on the link above and you can get a membership and a FREE book that it yours to keep even if you cancel! This gets you a credit which will buy most books but some of the really long ones are two credits. Don’t worry about being locked in or anything, you can cancel at anytime or get the $10/year Audible Light account so you can get in on all the sales they have throughout the year!

I love semi-annual sale time. It's just a great way to pick up some cheap books. There ate over 500+ to choose from across all genres from Sci-Fi to Romance. I'm sure you can even find a Sci-Fi/Romance crossover book. There are too many books for me to list a range of prices and discounts but some of them are approaching 50% off. there might even be some that are over 50% off. I noticed quite a few series in there as well. I, personally, love a good series. I have very few standalone books in my Audible library. It's almost all series.

So what kind of books are you into? Do you like the long ones or are you always seeking out a quick read? What about genre? So you read anything or are you hyper-focused on one specific genre? We here at Bargainmoose think you're pretty awesome and we'd like to get to know you better. It doesn't hurt that you're cute, too. Let us know in the comments below!

(Expires: 31 October 2012. 11:59PM ET)


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