Updated: Oct 23, 2016

MemoryExpress: 3 Day Black Friday Deals!

MemoryExpress.com, the Canadian company, is celebrating the weekend after American Thanksgiving with some great sales. I, for one, salute our American Turkey Eating Consumerist Friends for the deal-invoking weekend they have bestowed upon us. Gobble gobble.

Some of the deals:

Anything under 100 Lbs. is $4.99 for ground shipping anywhere in Canada other than the northern territories.

Memory Express is the master of the bundle deals. Not only do I love bundle deals for the savings (you really do save a lot) but for also for the simplicity it lends to building a computer. I've said this before but it should be said again; I have not built a PC in years, but when I did I always hated realizing you have the wrong motherboard for you processor. Of course, inevitably, the only motherboard in your price range that is compatible with your processor is too big for your case.

Beyond their bundles they have great deals in consumer electronics and IT gear so make sure you use the tabs at the top of the post in order to get all the deals available.

(Expires: 25th November 2012)

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