Bargainmoose Contest: Win 1 of 2 copies of Turbotax Online Software worth up to $45 each! (48 Hour Contest)

*** Contest now closed, winners were Heidi and Brock! ***

The dreaded time for tax returns is creeping closer and closer, and many of you savvy Bargainmoosers will already be on the hunt for the software you're going to use to help you with your filing. Well, we're hoping to help out some of you, because Turbotax Canada are giving two of the Bargainmoosers a code for the use of Turbotax 2012 online returns, in this little 48 hour contest!

Whoever wins this contest will be rewarded with a Turbotax coupon code. This code will work for all versions from Standard (worth $17.99) to Home and Business (worth $44.99). They are also good for spousal returns provided the returns are being paid for at the same time - double bonus!

How to enter this Canadian contest:

From previous years, I hear that some people actually enjoy doing their taxes! In light of that revelation, answer one of the following questions and leave your comment below:

  • What do you LOVE more than doing your taxes?
  • or
  • What do you HATE more than doing your taxes?


Ends 18th February 2013, Canadian entrants only, one entrant per household

P.S. Don't forget that we have a permanent Bargainmoose exclusive discount link for 12% discount on Turbotax online editions. If you need to pay for the use of the Turbotax tools, make sure and check the Turbotax coupon page for a discount!


  • Edson
    Instead of doing taxes I would love to use that time to ride my bicycle outdoor in the sunshine and fresh air.
  • Brock
    I LOVE shovelling snow more than doing my taxes.
  • Karry K.
    I hate doing dishes more than I hate doing my taxes
  • Julie
    I love doing household chores (even cleaning dirt and grime out of the windowsills) more than doing taxes!
  • ZinkFollowers
    I think having a choice of doing your taxes by yourself is better than no choice at all.
  • Leanne
    I would rather be in Hawaii than do taxes!!!
  • Kim
    I LOVE cleaning the bathroom, rather than doing my taxes!
  • Marisa
    I Love gardening more than doing taxes.
  • Lauren
    I don't mind doing my taxes... I don't enjoy it, and I don't hate it... but I do hate it when I end up having to do it by hand. There was one year when my computer was broken and I couldn't afford to go to H&R block.
  • Daniel G.
    I LOOOVE doing my taxes. This is a fabulous time in couple to calculate all statements received (even the most useless; every cent counts!!!), trying not to forget anything, complete all these forms (as I'm in Quebec, we have a lot of extra stup** forms to copy for both govern.) and expect to receive a large tax refund. Good time, on the loveseat, with a good bottle of wine! It is still better than doing the cat litter, shovel or vacuum, no? ... :-) PS I would try this online version!!! Thanks ;-)
  • Chris M.
    I do the taxes in the family and I dread it because I am not as organized as I should be.
  • Patty
    I love doing laundry more than doing taxes!
  • JOHN L.
    I love cleaning my bathroom more than doing my taxes.
  • Tabi
    I hate cleaning my room more than doing taxes!
  • Brandy
    I love weeding the yard more then doing my taxes.
  • Andy
    I LOVE doing taxes much more electronically than doing them by pen & paper the old fashioned way!
  • Michelle K.
    I love driving in traffic more than doing my taxes.
  • Sonya
    I love driving in these Toronto storms more than doing my taxes!
  • Darci P.
    I LOVE hanging with my kids and dogs way more than doing taxes. I HATE driving in rush hour when I am running late for work way more than I hate taxes.
  • Maegan M.
    I love having my mother in law do my taxes for me but I hate waiting for my return to come in!
  • Meg
    I hate cleaning out the Kitty litter more.
  • Lisa
    I hate doing the work an paying someone else to do my taxes ! this will be my first year using a tax program so getting it free would help !
  • jewel
    I hate studying more than doing my taxes.
  • Swapandeep
    What I luv more than doing my taxes... Everything
  • Michaela
    I love getting the tax refund cheque in the mail more than I love doing my taxes :-)
  • Kristen
    I love doing my dishes (family of 6, no dishwasher) more than doing my taxes.
  • katama381
    I love cleaning toilets than doing taxes!
  • DaveO
    I love going to the dentist more than doing my taxes.
  • Jen
    I love cleaning the entire house and all the laundry more than doing taxes
  • Mei L.
    I hate cleaning the oven more than taxes
  • Jill M.
    I would rather have my under arms waxed then do my taxes.
  • Paulette C.
    I love washing the kitchen floor more than doing my taxes.
  • claudia
    I actually dont mind doing the taxes so much, since you can do them on the computer and my taxes are not that complicated. I did hate it more than cleaning toilets when I had to do it by hand... that was painful! Thanks for the giveaway!
  • Michelle
    I HATE cleaning my 10 year old son's bathroom more then doing taxes......yuck!
  • Heidi C.
    I hate listening to nails on a chalkboard more than doing my taxes!
  • Kim
    I love love love doing my taxes!!!
  • Amie
    I don't mind doing mine either. LOVE doing them online! I hate Taking out the garbage more than doing my taxes.
  • Tara
    I hate emptying the dishwasher more than doing my taxes!
  • Alexandra
    What do I love more than doing my taxes? Let me see: spring cleaning, shovelling after 50 cm of snow has fallen, cleaning the deepfryer. I really hate doing my taxes. I will be hiring someone to do mine this year (because they are too complicated for me). However, both my mom and my brother will doing their taxes themselves, so it would be a really nice gift.
  • Angela
    I'd rather clean the bathroom, especially since the bathroom doesn't usually flush as much of our money!! ;)
  • Kathryn
    I hate cleaning the basement more than doing my taxes!!
  • Lynn
    I love doing taxes on line much more than paper based
  • Julia
    I love finding out how much money I get back when completing my taxes - it's like gambling!
    • Julia
      I love spending the money I get back from doing my taxes more than completing my taxes. of course.
  • Mike G.
    I hate doing taxes more than changing dirty diapers!
  • Alexis H.
    What I hate more than doing my taxes, is paying my taxes!!
  • Tim
    Taxes are pain so In up for anything that can help.

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