Bargainmoose Contest: Win 1 of 10 Copies of TurboTax! (Closed)


It is officially tax season and if you are anything like me, you've been feverishly collecting all your receipts and other tax forms and trying to figure out if you owe or if you'll get that coveted refund. I actually just filed my taxes and to my great surprise, I am getting a refund. Honestly, I don't believe I would have gotten as great of a refund if it weren't for TurboTax. Their software makes it so simple to know what I need to enter and gives me ideas of deductions I may not have thought of. I loved watching that refund meter, although at first it had us getting an amazing refund, took it away, but in the end when I was done, I got the right amount back. I also like that you can change the numbers as you need (say if you get a form you forgot about it or if you wanted to see if what refund you'd get if you upped your RRSP contribution for the year).

My husband was intent on getting an accountant this year, but I feel like the hard part of doing your tax return is getting all your paperwork together! Entering the information is so easy with TurboTax and I even own my own small business.

So, to celebrate this fun time of year, TurboTax is giving away 10 copies of their software to our readers. Did you know you can enter all of your information before you have to pay? That way you'll actually know what your refund is (or what you owe) before you pay. When you decide to file, then you can enter in your payment information or hopefully for ten of you, your code for a free copy!

If you are anxious to file, you can use this exclusive link to get yourself 17% off your copy of TurboTax.

How to win this prize?

What is your favourite feature on TurboTax?

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  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • Ends 24th February 2015
  • Rules subject to change at admin's discretion
  • Winners will be chosen by random drawing on February 25th and will be notified by the email account associated with their Bargainmoose account


  • gazelle36
    I love the feature where they compare if you include the spouse or not for the best return
  • missprairiegirl
    My favorite feature is where they tell you what impact your medical expenses will have on your refund. This allows you to decide if you should use them this year or save them for next year.
  • Louise
    I love the feature to be able to search on a form so that I can enter the amounts!
  • Louise
    I love the feature to be able to search for a form so that I can enter the amounts!
  • Paul
    I like that you can import forms electronically and it fills out all the information for you (like your T4s).
  • Lisa
    I love the carryforward feature & the prior year comparison.
  • North
    Love the carry fwd feature!!
  • Ricardo
    I love the step-by-step easy to use interface. so simple to use
  • Rick
    It's great that you can import forms electronically and it fills it all in for you and you can use info from last year as well.
  • Lee B.
    The carryforward feature is great and saves me so much time year on year. It`s the reason I don`t feel tempted to switch to a different online tax system!
  • hky77
    I love the ability to be able to import my previous tax information into their software and the extensive Q&As that other tax filers have entered in their software.
  • Mei
    I like how they import information from a previous year.
  • Jennifer L.
    I like that I can change the numbers as many times as I want.
  • darci p.
    I love that you can carry forward
  • darci p.
    I subscribe to Bargain Moose Daily :)
  • Lisette
    just an fyi, you can download approved software, links are found on the CRA website. i've been using free software for years with no issues.
  • JWarnock
    I love that TurboTax is really easy to use and walks you through step by step.
  • Robyn
    I like the pre populating of last years data! Saves loads of time.
  • Chester
    The feature that I really like is Turbo tax is accurate and is user friendly.
  • Terry
    I love using Turbo Tax every year because it can import last year information to this year taxes and the easy step by step information.
  • Sandra Q.
    The carry forward feature saves a lot of time.
  • Tracey H.
    I love that you can go back and change and/or add figures and it will keep re-calculating,'s almost fun (I said almost)!!!!
    I love the carryforward information feature, along with prepopulating information.
  • Deanna
    Love the carry over feature.
  • Amanda
    Love that its easy to use and I can do it at home
  • Cammy B.
    I love the easy step function and that they have a cloud version now.
  • kirby L.
    i love it coz its fast and user friendly = netfile :)
  • Sabrina
    i like that you don't even have to leave your home to file your taxes with this program. You can download the program and file, all online. I also like that you can submit for more than one province with the software; so that if you're looking to make use of it for multiple people, it doesn't matter who is in what province, it will file for everyone!
  • Kylie
    I love watching my total refund go up as things get deducted! More money!
  • Elizabeth
    My favourite feature is that it double checks errors for you prior to sending it off.
  • Shane
    The double-check at the end has saved my hide more than once.
  • Ada
    I love how you can play with different scenarios: education deductions, child care, rrsp. The lookup feature. The check feature. It's pretty fool proof and sometimes I'm a fool when it comes to tax time.
  • Jen
    I have never used it, but sounds like it will be very user friendly for a newbie like me :)
  • Vanessa V.
    I love that it walks me through every step and I can do it at home!
  • Angelene A.
    Any help would be awesome! Plus I also help the a few elders out, by doing their taxes.
  • mallaissebastien
    I love this product and I wish to get one copy of this :) I like all contest from bargainmoose !
  • mona
    I love how it prompts you with questions. Very user friendly.Thanks for the chance to win.
  • sandra
    I like that it gives me deductions I would have never thought of. I like it is preloaded with my last year info.
  • Jayne C.
    I Love the RRSP Calculator to know what to contribute.

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