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*** Contest now closed ***

We’ve got a little giveaway for the Bargainmoosers, from Lovablelabels.ca! We will give away some of their new holiday packs - two Holly Jolly Gift packs and two Santa Sampler Gift packs. Plus, we have an exclusive discount code if you want to buy anything there.

Click here to visit Lovablelabels.ca

  • Coupon Code: BargainHolidayLove
  • Discount: 10% off
  • Expires: 31st December 2010

How To Enter The Contest

  1. Leave a comment below
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  • Ends 10th November 2010
  • Canadian entrants only
  • One type of entry per household

Good luck Moosers!
UPDATE: The Winners are: Mrs. Shopper, Carrie, Elisa and sara!


  • brianne s.
    This would awesome my new little Kinder-Kid!
  • Cheryl
    I subscribe to the Bargainmoose daily emails. I have Tweeted this contest http://twitter.com/loucheryl. I would love to win this prize. They have some wonderful labels.
  • Lisa
    I love bargainmoose and I subscribe to daily emails! Ho!Ho!Ho!
  • Denise
    Love these labels!
  • Andy F.
    Ho! Ho! Labels!
  • Leslie
    Oh I love labels. I recently got some for my son through a Mabel's labels fundraiser. Christmas ones would be great!!
  • Ten
    Very cool!
  • Cathleen
    I love Lovable Labels! I need to place another order for my daughter, so this coupon code came just in time.
  • Callista
    These are so cute!! Great idea!! :)
  • Jinny
    Colorful labels.Happy holidays Moosers!
  • Bonnie
    I have bought Lovable Labels before for my toddler. I just discovered Bargain Moose today because of it.
  • robin
    very cool
  • Lindsay
    love the zip it tags! Also great products for labelling all the kids school supplies.
  • Scott
    Who doesn't need labels when you've got kids? Free would just be a bonus =)
  • kylie
    I'd really love to win this one for my kiddos. :D
  • kylie
    I tweet it. :) http://twitter.com/#!/kyliecv/status/29647202980
  • Lauralee
    It would be great to win this prize as my little boy will be starting in daycare just after the holidays!
  • Maya
    Cool! It would be nice to win some free labels!
  • aussie m.
    i would love these labels!
  • Pat
    These would be great. I hope Christmas comes early!!!
  • Janice
    Great prize, and tweeted!!
  • Jennifer R.
    I soooooo need these labels (my daughter just started daycare a few weeks ago). Even if I don't win at least there's a discount code :)
  • Alan
    Hooray for labeling...well, not in the stereotype sense. In the organizational sense, of course.
  • Debbie S.
    I love labels..have always used them!
    • Debbie S.
      HappyGardener46 Lovable Labels Giveaway - http://bargainmoose.ca/CeB
  • Jennifer T.
    Would love to win some labels. Subscribe to bargain moose emails!
  • Amy
    These kind of labels are great when you have kids! Would love to win some :)
  • DianeH
    Thanks for a chance to win some of these wonderful labels!
  • Andrea H.
    Would love some of these labels for the holidays.
  • DianeH
    I happily subscribe to your daily emails - first thing I read in the morning. Thanks again.
  • Judy
    Wow, I would love to win these labels. They would make my day.
  • Pam
    I love your Christmas labels. What a great idea!
  • floralie
    I just discovered lovablelabels.ca today on bargainmoose site and I'm very happy about it!
  • Sandra
    I subscribe to the daily emails and look forward to the daily deals. Would love to win this prize!!!
  • Larissa G.
    I have Tweeted the contest, I already subscribe to RSS feed, does that count as email sign up? Love these labels! Wonderful holiday gift ideas!!! Would love to win this prize :)
    • Larissa
      http://twitter.com/#!/LarissaGocentas/status/29668566872 -that's the tweet link! Sorry I forgot it above.
  • M
    Have always wanted to try these labels, but didn't want to gamble the cost in case they peeled off. Would be a great opportunity to make me a customer!
  • Jean
    I LOVE Lovablelabels !!
  • Karen
    Would love to get some of those Christmas Labels!!! :)
  • Mamma
    Fairly new to Bargain Moose, enjoiying it!!!
  • Roanna
    \i use these labels on all of my kids things. Love them and love this newsletter
  • Courtney
    I love Lovable lables!
  • Erlyn
    Thanks! These labels are so cute.
  • KarenC
    These look like they would actually work (stick)! So many labels only last for a short while. :) Would love to try them!
  • NADE
    I love their lables!
  • Gayle
    These look like great labels!
  • jessica
    this seems like a great contest!
  • jessica
    your email subscriber
  • Gabrielle
    I love these!
  • jessica
    tweet http://twitter.com/#!/hongdoufantuan/status/29673836705
  • Anna M.
    Woo hoo!
  • Jen
    I <3 labels!!!
  • Leanne
    I'd love to win these! :)
  • judy w.
    great give- away
  • michelle
    This would be great for us to win!
  • Roz
    Sounds like something i would like to win:)
  • Liliane
    I'm already a subscriber to your daily emails and look forward to the amazing deals. Would really love to win this prize!
  • emarie
    http://twitter.com/#!/2turtle2 email subscriber
  • Carris
    I would love some Labels! Thx
  • Darlene
    I receive daily deals from Bargainmoose. This would be perfect as my daughter just started Playschool and I have to label everything!
  • Kristen M.
    Love love love! My bargainmoose email makes everyday a happy day!
  • Selmada
    These labels look wonderful!
  • Selmada
    I subscribe via email (and RSS - just in case)
  • Selmada
    tweeted! http://twitter.com/#!/ChrisRFretwell/statuses/29686025303
  • MichelleN
    Totally love these labels!
  • Sherri D.
    I subscribe to your daily emails and would love to win some Lovablelabels!
  • Mary W.
    I am already subscribed to receive your daily e-mails. These labels will come in very handy for Christmas. Love your website and appreciate all you do.
  • Sherrill
    Sounds like a great product!
  • Jessica
    These prizes sound fabulous!!
  • Melissa
    Thanks for hosting such great contests!
  • Anna
    Very cute labels.
  • Bonnie M.
    I love stickers and labels. Thanks for the chance to win!
  • Deep
    Hi Anna, Thank you for posting the holiday giveaway! We can't wait to see who wins.
  • Mrs. S.
    Labels is something I sure could use right now! Great giveaway, Anna!
  • Mrs. S.
    just subscribed to your great emails. thanks
  • Mrs. S.
    Just posted a message on my Twitter re label giveaway. thanks
  • anna
    Great giveaway - I'd love to win, thanks!
  • Deirdre
    Please enter me, too! Thank you :)
  • carolyn
    I could really use these!!!
  • Alicia
    With two little ones these are essential! I love labels!!!
  • Caitlyn
    These are so cute! Would be great on my Christmas Cards :D
  • Katalin
    I NEED to win these labels. My son starts daycare in January and they would be sooooo handy.
  • Ajantha
    Already subscribed to your emails! Love this website :)
  • Tania
    Already subscribed to emails (love them). I'm a teacher and would love to win these!
  • Stephanie
    Wow these are an amazing deal! I'm in need of some for my son who just started preschool!
  • Sharon
    Awh, that awesome! Totally love it!
  • Sheryl W.
    Forget giving them to my kids!!! I want them for ME!!! Such a nice giveaway.
  • sarah m.
    a great product! My kids have some mittens that are screaming to be labelled. thanks for the opportunity!
  • Lisa
    I already subscribe to the daily e-mails and love getting a deal - would love to win this even more!!!! thanks BargainMoose!!!!
  • Nina
    This would be so handy! Thanks!
  • Carrie
    I could use some labels :) Great contest!
  • Carrie
    I subscribe by email
  • Carrie
    tweeted it http://twitter.com/0NatureGirl0/status/546851178684417
  • Vero
    I love Labels!
  • Samantha
    I heart BargainMoose!
  • Jori
    These labels are super cute! Count me in!! :)
  • Carmen
    Definitely need some more labels for my daughter's school clothes and shoes!
  • Carmen
    Email subscriber
  • nicole c.
    These would be wonderful to have with one daughter in school she has a seemingly never ending supply of things that have to be labeled.
  • Nick
    Yeah, want some labels !
  • Tara
    Love to win these... Very Fun!
  • Melissa
    I looooooove labels, so good on pretty much everything
    • Melissa
      and i am already subscribed via google reader
  • Ada
    I love labels!
  • Michelle
    Lovable Labels are great! They are very durable and last for years!
  • Wen W.
    I use labels on all of my daugthers items for daycare. We haven't lost anything yet!
  • Wen W.
    email subscriber
  • Wen W.
    tweet! http://twitter.com/thewenstar/status/748360696860672
  • Kandus
    Pick me please need some lovable labels!!! I am an email subscriber and I tweeted the offer http://twitter.com/#!/KandusW
  • Darlene
    I love labels and my preschooler needs them!!!
  • Michelle
    I would love to try these!!!
  • penotter
    I would love to try these!
  • Kim D.
    I want to win labels!!
  • Alice
    I'd love to try these!
  • Paula
    I would love these Holiday labels! I already love Lovable Labels' products!
  • Paula
    I subscribe to you via email!
  • Paula
  • Leisau
    I would love to try these labels!
  • Elisa
    I would love to try this labels !
  • Michelle
    Labels!!! A classroom's best friend!
  • Chantal M.
    I am the label queen! My husband laughs that I put labels on everything! I'm a teacher and I am always shocked to see the thousands of dollars worth of "stuff" in the lost and found each term at school! 95% of the stuff gets donated to charity because it is not labeled! Long live labels! :)
  • melanie
    what a great idea!
  • Amy
    We are running out of labels for daycare so these would be very handy and I would love to try a new brand!
  • Melissa
    email subscriber and mom to a kindergartener who hasn't lost anything.....yet! Those labels would be lovely to try!
  • Janis
    Labels are multi-purpose and great when you rkids start daycare/school. Its amazing how many things go missing! LOL
  • kim
    Great contest! Would love to win some labels!
  • Tanya
    Looking forward to new labels! :)
  • natalie d.
    would love to win this! thanks for being there bargain moose!
  • Kelly
    These are a great little item ! I'd love to win some labels :o)
  • Amy J.
    I love labels!! So organized!
  • Lisa
    I subscribe to daily emails-Love bargainmoose!
  • Kirsten
    Could definitely use some labels!
  • Shannon
    I've always wanted to order some but never have. Would love to win and try them out!
  • Shannon
    I subscribe to your emails!Love it!
  • Deep
    Hi Anna, Thank you for posting the Lovable Labels giveaway, we really appreciate it. Also, it's great to see everyone's comments those that have tried our labels and love them and those that want to try them. Yay Happy Giveaway!
  • Sherrill
    Love the labels!
  • Carrie
    I could use these - maybe it would cut down on lost mitts? perhaps that's wishful thinking...
  • sara
    i love it !!
  • shannon k.
    i love labels - with two kiddos in daycare, i need to label everything!
  • Teresa c.
    Love those labels
  • Karen
    Love the labels. I do hand made gifts and they are great.

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