Updated: Sep 21, 2016

Lavish & Lime Coupon Code: Save 15% on Waste-Free Lunch Gear

Lavish & Lime has a great coupon code out that will save you money will you are helping the environment.  Save 15% on all waste-free lunch gear.

Here are the details for this coupon:

  • Coupon Code: LITTERLESS
  • Discount: Save 15% on all waste-free lunch gear
  • Expiry: 9th September 2012

I love to buy items like these waste-free lunch products because in the long run they save you a lot of money.  Instead of using items like plastic or paper bags, plastic wrap and tin foil, you use items that can be washed over and over.  It not only cuts down on waste and helps the environment, but it saves you money.

I love their selection of travel cutlery.  There are many different items to choose from depending on the age of the person.  I also like their reusable snack food pouches.  You might think $5.50 is expensive for a bag but the fact that you can wash them over and over again will save you in the long run.  You wont have to buy countless boxes of plastic baggies that are bad for the environment and cost about $3 a box.

This is a great coupon code to take advantage of so that your kids start the school year off the right way.

For all of the latest Lavish & Lime coupon codes, make sure to check the Bargainmoose coupon forum on a regular basis.

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