Win An iPad Or Bumbleweenursing $100 Gift Voucher (Bargainmoose 2nd Birthday)

19 August 2010


*** EXPIRED ***

Today's giveaway is from They're offering a $100 gift voucher to one lucky Bargainmooser, and you can spend it on any of the promotional items on their site. They're also offering all the Bargainmoosers a coupon code for a whopping 50% discount for any of the items in the sale category!

Click here to see the deals @

  • Coupon Code: BIRTHDAYMOOSE50
  • Discount: 50% off promotions category
  • Expires: 15th September 2010

Remember that if you enter today's contest, you will also get a bonus entry into the super iPad contest! Check back with us daily for more contests and more chances to win that iPad! I also noticed that on the Bumbleweenursing site itself, they're giving away a free nursing top every day, for 30 days.

How to enter today's contest: Click the above link to bumbleweenursing, have a look around. Then come back here and leave a quick comment below stating something that you would spend your $100 voucher on. Make sure you leave a valid email address so I can contact you if you win.

How to get bonus contest entries:


  • Ends 20th August 2010
  • Canadian entrants only
  • One entry per household
  • All winners announced at end of iPad contest



  • sunshine
    flamenco sleeveless dress!
  • Callista
    I would order the Ruffle Dress by 1 in the Oven for my sister-in-law!! Since she has my 2nd Niece in her oven!! ;)
    • Anna
      Oh you made me laugh out loud there Callista :D
  • Melissa
    I would get the "My Week Magnetic Wipe Off Calendar" to organize my days/meals/workouts, etc since I dont have a need for some of the other products right now
  • Christianne
    I'd love to get a few of the photo albums for friends that have had kids recently.
    I would totally buy the maxi dress, it's a little more than 100$ but it's SUPER hot!
  • Faeore
    Flamenco Dress Sleeveless for sure~
  • Amanda
    I would have to say that the My Week - Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar would be a super helpful thing to have! =)
  • Kim S.
    I would get some photo albums to share with friends with new babies.
  • Amanda
    I tweeted!
  • Tracy
    I would definitely go for the pretty Flamenco Dress, Sleeveless! <3
  • Brenda R.
    I would get the Nursing Cover in Mod Dots Blue
  • cher s.
    since i'm way past that stage of life... i would have fun buying gifts for friends who can actually use them.. like one of the gorgeous dresses (where were they when I was nursing!!)
  • Sue
    I love the tube dress by 1 in the oven.
  • Danielle
    My choice would have to be the my week magnetic wipe off calander
  • Lisa
    My week magnetic wipe off calender and the first photo book - blue!!
  • Deirdre
    ooooh! Athena Maxi Dress! gorgeous!
  • Abby
    Definitely the flamenco dress!
  • Hoi
    I would love to get the Majamas Populus Dress in Fuchsia!
  • Trina
    any one of the tops, they are all so pretty
  • Cory
    Thanks for the link to more nursing wear. I would love a new bra, the weekly calendar and little kids pix album.
  • Tracy
    This is a great site for me because right now I have a 4 month old that I am nursing! I like many of the nursing tops but would start with the Long Sleeve Nursing Top. I agree with many others before & would like a My Week Magnetic Wipe Off Calendar.
  • Mike G.
    I would get the magnetic wipe off calendar for starters!
  • Jori
    I would like to try the Organic Easy Bra, since I'm expecting my 3rd and could use some new nursing bras.
  • Sarah
    Perfect timing since I've got a 5 week old baby. I love the Anna-Jane Top by Mothers en Vogue.
  • JenL
    The My Week magnetic wipe off calendar is great along with the Majamas Populous fuchsia dress!
  • Krystal
    I would love the dresses (only wish I found this while I was still nursing) specifically the Majamas Rosarito Dress Plum so cute!
  • AnnieO
    I really like the Majamas Populous fuchsia dress - so cute!
  • Sarah
    I would get the Anna-Jane Top by Mothers en Vogue
  • Samantha
    The My Week magnetic wipe off board for my little ones and for gifts...great idea!
  • Daria
    I like the nursing pajamas, the Pajanaman by Majamas is nice
  • Sabrina
    Oooh, the Anna-Jane Dress is super cute! Would be great to wear even after baby is weaned! And the Magnetic Wipe Off Calender is something that all mommies need to keep life organized!
  • Michelle K.
    Since I'm done having children, I'd have to go with the My Week magnetic wipe off board. Neat idea and make good gifts as well.
  • K
    I really like the The Peach Top by Majamas.
  • Sharon
    The Kool kids calendar is so cute! :) won't mind getting that!
  • brianne s.
    The my week calendar is pretty amazing. . and would cut down on my scrap paper pile! I might just have to buy it either way...
  • Kelly
    I would most definitely choose the Athena Maxi Dress! Its so glamorous and you can wear it dressed down with sandals or dress it up with jewelery. It also shows off the beauty of being pregnant :) LOVE IT!
  • Jakesmom
    I would buy something for my niece who is expecting her first child.
  • Erin
    I would love some nursing pajamas or a new nursing bra! The wipe off calendar looks great too!
  • Johanne
    Anna -Jane dress ! So beautiful !
  • Wendy
    I would love to buy the D&A Nursing Vest Top
  • Tenille
    Congrats and well done to all you moms out there. I would have fun spending the Gift Certificate with all my "mom" friends, since I'm Auntie to all their children. Some of the stuff is gorgeous , so maybe I could fit a dress with leggings into my wardrobe. It might get people talking though!
  • Natasha
    The Anna Jane Top would be my pic, and the flamenco dress! Very pretty! I'm in need of new pretty nursing wear...
  • Roberta
    I can see why the flamenco dress is a best seller! It's hot! I'd love to get it.
  • Kate
    The Havanna maxi dress, for sure!
  • Melissa
    The Anna-Jane Dress, it is gorgeous!
  • kylie
    I would love to get the Anna-Jane Dress Mothers En Vogue. It loos cute.
  • giggles
    With my winnings I'd buy my daughter a size small Flamenco Dress Sleeveless! I'm sure she'd love it!!
  • R
    I would love to get the black flamenco dress! I can't dance, but at least I'd look good in it!
  • Mo
    I would use the gift voucher to buy a set of the photo albums; they are really cute.
  • Elizabeth B.
    the magnetic wipe off calendar and the majamas lace sleep set!
  • Tracy
    I'd have to go with the My Week - Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar to give as a gift, my kids are older and I'm certainly not planning to have any more at this point:) I'd probably spend the rest on gift certificates for friends/family who are still having babies or have small children so they could pick their own stuff, there's some great stuff on that site!
  • Huguette E.
    I like the The Lacey MJ by Majamas
  • Huguette E.
    I'm a subscriber
  • Huguette E.
  • stacey d.
    i would use it for the Majamas staceyx at telus dot net
  • stacey d.
    i tweeted staceyx at telus dot net
  • stacey d.
    i Subscribe to Bargainmoose daily email updates staceyx at telus dot net
  • Jennifer L.
    I would buy the Majamas 3/4 Sleeve MJ.
  • Jay
    I'd get one of the "My First Photo" albums.
  • Jennifer L.
    I subscribe by email.
  • Trisha
    I like the Anna-Jane Dress by Mothers En Vogue.
  • pauline
    I'd get the Anna-Jane dress.
  • nicole c.
    I would use it on the anna jane top
  • maggie
    Ruffle Dress by 1 in the Oven, I think. It looks cute in general.
  • Lilac
    I like the Majamas
  • Lilac
    Tweeted about this giveaway
  • Lilac
    Subscribe to daily updates
  • Melissa
    I would get the Nursing Cover in Carnival Bloom
  • Jen
    I would get the Flamenco Dress. So pretty.
  • Laura
    CUFF SLEEVE HENLEY - very nice
  • Ladylou5
    I would take the $100 gift certificate and give it as a gift.
  • Janice
    My first photos and the Magnetic wipe off calendar. they would make wonderful gifts for moms to be.
  • Jo-Anne
    I would buy the Anna Jane top for $60
  • Kevin
    Take your pix white would be an item I'd look at getting
  • Samantha
    I'd get the Majamas Populus Dress in Fuchsia. So cute!!
  • Sabrina
    I think I would go with one of the nursing covers, my sistr is having a baby in Setember and I'm sure she would appreciate some gifts from there.
  • Elisa
    My Week - Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar White
  • Jennifer S.
    I love the Majamas Populus dress in Fuchsia...adorable and the pj's are super cute too.
  • Lesley
    Really like the Magnetic wipe-off calendar and the breastfeeding bonnets!
  • Jean
    Since my kids are much older!, I would get a gift certicate and give as a nice gift.
  • afshi
    My best friend is expecting her first child and this would be perfect for her! The Rosehip Top by Majamas Skylight [Majamas] $58.00 Loulou Blue Nursing Cover [Small Potatoes] $40.00
  • Juliana M.
    I would have the beautiful Anna-Jane Dress Mothers En Vogue!
  • Pat
    I would get one of the My Week - Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendars for each of my kids--you can't be too organized.
  • Amy
    I would probably get the Hug Nursing Bra and the Japanese Weekend Layer Nursing Cami.
  • Trish
    I would probably get the Majamas as well as the My First Photos Album. I also like the Magnetic Wipe off Calendar!
  • Amber
    I would have to go with the nursing pajamas
  • Amy
    I really like the 3/4 sleeve Majamas! Need them for the cold nights coming!
  • gb
    the pump-ease ones look neat!
  • Amy
    I receive the Bargainmooose daily email updates!
  • Donna
    Magnetic wipe off calendar
  • Crystal
    I love the magnetic calendars - my girls would have a blast with these!
  • Rose
    Bumblewee Majamas is what I'm interested in - Looks comfortable
  • Carrie
    How I wish I'd known about this site when I first had my girls! I'd buy each girl a photo book and probably one of those cool calendars. The rest...maybe a gift certificate for a friend :)
  • Shelley
    Well if I was still nursing my daughter I would have got the Flamenco Dress because it's beautiful but since my kids are older I would get the my week calendar for my girls and a gift card to give away as a baby shower gift.
  • Kate
    Magnetic wipe off calandar and breastfeeding bonnets.
  • dawn
    Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar White
  • Ilene
    The magnetic wipe off calendar. Thanks!
  • Deirdre
    If this nursing Mama won, I am thinking I would put the money toward the Blue Milky Way Nursing Cover Hat $35, the Mod Dots Blue Nursing Cover $40 and then either the My Week Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar for $25 or the Organic easybra for $27. Thanks, Bargain Moose! I do suscribe to emails :)
  • Wendy
    I would get the sleeveless flamenco dress.
  • One E.
    The Lacey MJ by Majamas
  • Pippa
    I would get the majamas for my dear friend who is about to give birth any day now. :)
  • denise
    I have a baby so thepink photo album would come in handy, as well as the wipe-off calendar - what a handy thing to have!
  • Shannon
    Am I too late for the ipad?! I am an Apple fiend, and dream of having an ipad!
  • Karen R.
    I would spend my $100 gift certificate on Kool Kids Stuff....I desparatly need 3 of those magnetic wipe off calendars for my 4,5 & 6 year old kids who are ALL attending week! I get asked 3x a day minimum..."what day is it mommy?" "what are we doing today mommy?" "do I go to school today mommy?" This would truly simplify my life! THANKS!!!
  • Krista
    I would buy the Anna-Jane Dress Mothers En Vogue with the $100 Voucher
  • SweetPanda
    I would use the $100 voucher to buy the Anna-Jane Dress Mothers En Vogue! Love the style of it!
  • Janine
    As a new mom to a 2 month old, I need nursing tops ! We're starting to go out more and nursing in public can be challenging.
  • Erlyn
    I think I would get the Anna Jane dress too.
  • LM
    A gift card for my cousin who is about to have her first baby!
  • Alicia
    I'd get the Flamenco Dress Sleeveless
    I really like the THE PAJANAMAN BY MAJAMAS RASPBERRY -- thanks for the chance to win
  • Donna
    I love the breastfeeding bonnets, and practical, I think big floppy hats are super cute and great for sunshade. The magnetic calendar is also pretty neat.
  • Amy
    I'd get a gift card for a coworker about to have a baby.
  • Donna
    I'm also an email subscriber. Happy day after the day after the day after the day after your Birthday!!! ...or something like that.... Congrats!
  • Ada
    I liked the anna jane and the japanese weekend tops.
  • Jennifer
    Lait S'il Vous Plait nursing bonnet! I have never seen anything so cute, and so perfect for breastfeeding. It would make feeding my girl so much easier since she loves hats and hates covers.
  • Deborah S.
    This is my bonus entry for signing up for daily newsletter.
  • Deborah S.
    I would get the ruched hoody.
  • Kristen
    I'd get the Peach top by Majamas black & the organic easy bra. A nice treat while nursing my 4th and final baby :)
  • Brownie
  • Leslie
    I would choose a couple of the Henley tops, comfort and nursing go hand in hand! The Lily top (Lemonade) by one in the oven looks pretty and comfy while nursing! A couple more months for me! Yay!
  • Leslie
    I also subscribe to the emails :)
  • Ali
    I would also spend it on the wipe-off calendar, plus a cute hoody for my friend who is due on October 9!
  • Lisette
    Love the Flamenco dress!
  • Barb
    athena maxi dress, classic and black
  • Michael
    I would get my wife the Japanese Weekend Merino Hoody. It looks nice and i'm sure she would love it.
  • Donna
    Majamas Woo Hoo
  • Jessica
    1) Anna-Jane Dress Mothers En Vogue 2) Lily Top by 1 in the Oven Lemonade 3) Shirred Tube Top by 1 in the Oven Black I guess I would have to spend my own money too! I love their clothes!
  • Michelle
    I would get the Majamas 3/4 Sleeve MJ. I love having comfortable PJ's and having nursing PJ's would be awesome for all those night time feeds!
  • Mandy
    wipe off calendar & photo album
  • Kristy
    I like the Majamas Rosarito Dress. I love wearing dresses, but several of my current ones are no nursing I cannot wear them.
  • Kristina
    Well I'm not pregnant nor will I be for a while so I would have to give my best friend a treat. She said she would love the (The Pajanaman By Majamas Raspberry and one of the nursing accessories).
  • Leanne
    I would probably get some nursing camis! They look great!
  • Max23409
    I would get the Anna Jane top and Majama's.
  • chelle
    ohhhhhh! I would get a new nursing bra and pj's!!!!!
  • Melissa
    I would purchase more nursing tops. I love the majamas and already have 2 pyjamas and just ordered another one from BumbleWee. They are great!
  • bev
    I would spend my $100 gift certificate on Kool Kids Stuff - so many of my friends have little ones and it would be a great treat to spoil them with some knick-knacks and fun stuff, especially the stuff that will make both parent and child happy.
  • Carris
    I like the Japanese Weekend D&A Cross Over Top in the Scribble Print
  • Robyn D.
    I would get the Anna Jane top, what a sexy nursing top! I would probably get 2!
  • Josie
  • Mel
    I would choose the Pajanaman by Majamas Raspberry. They look so comfy! I'd also get a wipe off magnetic board. My older son has one, and my younger boy is always playing with it too. They're great!
  • Josie
    email subscriber
  • Josie
    I like the Lily Top by 1 in the Oven Lemonade
  • Lynn
    I would get the pajanaman jammies.They are so cute and could be used even when nursing is done!
  • Angela A.
    I would get the flamenco dress (actually, I may get it anyways with the coupon, as I have been wanting it for months!)
  • Mona V.
    I would get the orginal nursing top
  • Lauralee
    I love the Ruffle Dress by 1 in the Oven -- beautiful. Love that I could dress up a little while still being able to nurse by 6 month old.
  • Candace
    I would splurge on the Athena Maxi Dress - beautiful!
  • Vivian
    I'd get the Anna Jane top.
  • Rosita
    I would spend the $100 voucher on "Kool Kids Stuff". I really like the Magnetic Wipe Off Calendar, so I would get that as well as the "Take Your Pix" and "My First Photos" photo albums. So cute!!
  • Lisa B.
    My Week - Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar would come in handy to try and organize my hectic schedule
  • Lorilee
    I would get an Anna Jane top, and the Lacy MJ pajamas!
  • Holly
    Lacy MJ Majamas!
  • Scott
    I'd most likely buy the Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar and the photo books
  • Nancy
    I love the look of the D&A Nursing Vest Top, so that would be my pick..... :)
  • Andrea
    I'd love to get the Long Sleeve Nursing Tee by 1 in the Oven in Black!
  • Andrea
    I tweeted!
  • spamgirl
    I would get a gift card for my best friend who is pregnant!
  • Carrie D.
    I like the lacy MJ majamas
  • Carrie D.
    email subscriber
  • Amelia
    My Week - Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar The Pajanaman by Majamas Raspberry
  • jessica
    My Week – Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar would come in handy when im organizing!
  • jessica
    your email subscriber
  • jessica
  • suzquiz
    I like the Hug Nursing Bra
  • Chris R.
    I really like the Majamas Lace Sleep Set!!
  • Tanya
    hello flamenco dress! gorgeous!
  • Vivienne
    Majamas Rosarito Dress in Plum
  • Vivienne
    email subscriber
  • Heather
    I would get a gift certificate to give to my sister in law who's expecting the a couple of months.
  • Stephanie
    Who knew there were so many cute nursing clothes?! I have been missing out! I LOVE the JAPANESE WEEKEND D&A NURSING BUBBLE TOP, adorable!
  • Aileen
    I would get the Lacey MJ by Majamas.
  • Stephanie
    I am an email subscriber!
  • Lindsay
    The Majamas Rosarito Dress in Plum!
  • suzanne
    I would get the Lacey MJ by Majamas
  • Debbie7875
    I would spend my $100 voucher on the Lacy MJ pajamas
  • Debbie7875
    I Subscribe to Bargainmoose daily email updates
  • Debbie7875
  • Stephanie P.
    I would get the Majamas Uganda Top Midnight
  • Animal L.
    I'd buy the "Ruffle Dress by 1 in the Oven [Marine]" & the " Organic Easy Bra from Majamas" for our Daughter-in-law, who is expecting their first child. P.S.: We're so excited & praying for a healthy Mom & baby!
  • Michelle
    I would get: My Week - Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar and the Anna Jane Top
  • Tracey H.
    I would get the Lacey MJ by Majamas
  • Deanna
    Likely the Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar. Looks great.
  • Kim
    I would give the $100 to my neice who is expecting her first baby in January!!!
  • Ashley
    I agree with others that the calendar could come in handy. I know a couple people who are pregnant, so I would probably see if they could use any of the other items.
  • Anna
    Love the Anna Jane top, so pretty!
  • Karen
    I find the prices to be reasonable. Although I am not expecting one of my friends is and another friend had a baby girl one month ago. I will definitely be telling my friends about this website.
  • Linda
    I'd buy the Japanese Merino Hoody
  • Macy
    The flamenco dress is my favourite!
  • Iamarchemedes
    The Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar.
  • tennille
    i like the anna jane top and the dresses are great
  • tennille
    email subscriber
  • Kathy
    I LOVE the nursing tops!!
  • Lynnette
    I like the magnetic wipe off calendar and the Cuff Sleeve Henley nursing top in green
  • Sorcha
    I like the organic nursing bra or any of the PJs! :)
  • Wen
    Love to get the My Week - Magnetic Wipe-Off Calendar and the Lily Top by 1 in the Oven.
  • Nicole H.
    Nursing bras and some sleepwear stuff.

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