PeapodMats - Superior to Any Night Time Bed Wetting Mat, $60 @ ToysRUs

Superior PeapodMats, $60

The age old problem of night time accidents can be very difficult to manage if your child wakes up drenched, with the sheets and mattress soaked too. PeapodMats has been designed (and were first seen on the Dragon's Den!) to resolve that problem.

PeapodMats can be placed directly onto bed sheets to fully absorb your child's pee when they have an accident, leaving the sheets underneath nice and dry. The mat measures 3 X 5 feet and sells for $59.99. Truly a worthwhile product.

PeapodMats can easily be removed by your child when they wet the bed. All they have to do is place another one on if you buy two, or, sleep on the now dry sheets.

They're 100% waterproof and have a non-slip, grippy botton to stay in place exactly where you placed it. You don't have to struggle to try to fit it onto corners the way you would with a sheet or crinkly sounding mattress cover.

You can wash this for 300-500 times so it's an economical alternative to any other solution out there.

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