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Trust Me, You Need a Sleep Sheep! $27

When my second daughter was about three months old, I was full force in the haze and desperation of a woman who literally had not slept more that a few hours a day for over 100 days. It was my breaking point. A friend of mine called to say hello and I broke down in a barrage of sobs before I could even get a "hello" back out to her.

Thank goodness for good friends. Mine was over later that day, and she had in her hands the Cloud B Sleep Sheep Sleep Sound Machine. I'm not being dramatic when I say it changed (and possibly saved) my life! My daughter slept with sleep sheep for well over 18 months from that day forward.

If you're expecting a baby, or know someone who is, I cannot recommend this thing enough.

This on-the-go version (eventually we had one of each, the full size and this smaller one) is on sale today at for 20%—$27.16—plus free shipping as it's over $25. Looks like it could take a few weeks to ship, so if you're desperate for relief like I was, you may need to hold on just a little longer. I find often you get things much sooner than they say from

If that seems steep for a plush toy, know that these usually sell for $4o. They are not just an (adorable, soft) stuffed animal but a full sound machine that plays four different soothing nature sounds (ocean waves is the best) and has two different timer options.

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