Nirix Coupon Code: 100GB of Cloud Storage in Canada for $3/month - 90% off!

12 December 2013


Keep your data in the cloud and in the country with Nirix!

Click here to get 100GB of Canadian cloud storage @

  • Coupon Code: ALMOSTFREE2013
  • Discount: 90% off OneBackup SMB Starter Plan
  • Expiry: 31st December 2013

I've recently gotten a lot more in to Enterprise Technology and one thing that you find out really quickly in the Enterprise IT game is that there are some serious laws governing your data. One such law is that certain information can never leave the country. That means that buying some space on Aamazon S3 isn't going to cut it. They store stuff all over the world. For Joe Schlub it doesn't really matter all that much. You can put your data wherever but it's always nice to keep it in Canada, right?

But leaving that part out of it, this is an awesome deal. $2.99/month for 100GB is a great price whether you are the Small Business they are aiming for or the aforementioned Joe Schlub. This is for the "Starter Plan" which is normally $29.99/month. That's 90% off.

We have a Nirix coupon code page here which we will be filling up with all the latest Nirix coupons.

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