Firmoo (US): 30% Off Sunglasses When You Buy Prescription Glasses + BONUS DEAL!

14 March 2013

Glasses help you see, right? Well how well are you going to see with the sun in your eyes? How well are you going to see when, while blinded by the sun, you careen off an overpass and land in a tree whose branches horribly mangle your face? Not very well. Getting sunglasses from could, no, WILL, save you from a horrible face mangling tree and they'll do it for 30% off.

Ok, maybe it won't save you from a horrible face-mangling crash but it could! But it probably won't... Regardless, this is a good deal. I'm getting a new pair of glasses soon (because I stepped on mine....) and maybe, just maybe I'll get  a pair of sunglasses too.

They definitely have some great styles too. They have everything from those giant bug eye sunglasses that all the young people are wearing these days (get off mah lawn y'dang kids!) to some more conservative frames for old men like me.


If your order is over $55, you get free shipping to Canada!

  • Coupon Code: FREESHIP
  • Discount: FREE shipping to Canada on orders of $55 of more
  • Expiry: Unknown

(30% off sunglasses expires: 17th March 2013)

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