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12 November 2012

I count myself among the poorly sighted in Canada and is an absolute God-send. Of course they are an American company but we're still allowed to like them, right?

Let me tell you why I like and then I'll tell you about the deals. This is the portion of the show where I act like your Dad did when you asked him for money. A 15 minute speech about how money doesn't grow on trees before he hands of the $20 you need to go to the movies. So have a seat and listen to me talk about how glasses don't grown on trees. Wait.. What?

If you don't care, skip the next two paragraphs.

Nevermind. Ok so I have two reasons to love The first is that in the past few months I've broken two pairs of glasses. I was at my Dads and was sleeping on the couch. I took my glasses off and put them on the floor next to the couch. When I woke up the next morning they were in two pieces a few feet from the couch. I have no idea how what happened to them but they were broken so I moved on. Recently I got a free pair of glasses from (that's foreshadowing) but, alas, less then a week after I got them, they broke. I was wresting on the bed with my toddler and had taken my glasses of and put them off to the side. Perhaps inevitably, he reached for them and, succumbing to a tickle attack from me, fell on them, breaking the lens. Mind you the frame didn't break, but rather the lens. So, needless to say, I break a lot of glasses and cheap glasses from is super awesome.

The second reason I love is a bit more serious. My mom struggled a lot with money growing up. She always put a roof over my head and gave me awesome stuff but it was a struggle. Part of that struggle was that I needed glasses. Now at that age I didn't need them, there was a crooked optometrist who was sending everyone away with glasses but that is neither here nor there. At that time the only way to get glasses was to pay the hundreds of dollars that the stores charge. It was a terrible burden on my mom and I really resent it when companies take advantage of people due to a perceived level of expertise. If can make glasses in a factory in china and sell them to me for $8 and still make a profit then there is no reason we should pay the insane prices at the stores. I understand having to charge a little bit more for designer brands or different materials, lenses, coatings, etc... but sometimes they are just trying to rip us off. I thank for not making me pay out hundreds of dollars the I could put to better use elsewhere.

Enough of that! On to the deals! Deal the first is a coupon code to get 20% off + FREE shipping for any order of a return customer.

  • Code: XMAS2012
  • Discount: 20% off + FREE Shipping
  • Expiry: 24th December 2012

Offer the second is one that my boss already featured but is still valid. It's a free pair of glasses for new customers. You just pay shipping and for any extras like special lenses or coatings. The beauty about this is that once you get your free pair, you are officially a returning customer and can get your 20% off. With the 20% off + FREE shipping, depending on teh pair you get, you could end up paying less that your free pair cost!

Just an added note: I emailed Firmoo to see if there was a warranty or something (there was not) but they were really good and gave me a discout on my next pair!

(20% off + FREE Shipping Expires: 24th December 2012)

(Free Pair Expires: Unknown)

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