A Hammock For Your Feet! An All New Comfort, $19 Shipped @ Amazon Marketplace Seller LashaBell

Foot Hammock $19 Shipped

Sitting at your chair, where do you put your feet? Mine often end up underneath me, crossed, and they often lose circulation and fall asleep. But obviously feet are not meant to just sit on the floor while we type away! Put your feet up, comfortably, with this FUUT Foot Hammock which is only $18.99 shipped at Amazon.ca - but sold by a marketplace seller. This has to be the best invention since rubber duckies!

This hammock comes in a fun, orange colour. I am constantly trying to get my feet comfortable while sitting here typing to you guys, so I added this to my cart. I figure this will stop myself from sitting on my feet (horrible for your legs and circulation), and have a more comfortable time while typing out the best deals.

For some reason, I am just not comfortable with my feet being on the floor. Maybe because I am terrified of spiders, but I also move around a lot. The FUUT Hammock will allow my feet to be up comfortable without wreaking havoc on my joints. Plus, when we're not using it ourselves, maybe our cats will get a kick out of it.

This item is shipped and sold by the Amazon Marketplace Seller LashaBell, so you have your shipping and handling charges included.


  • Jean-Francois G.

    ça en prend et vite :relaxed:

  • Natalie R.

    I need this for my office

  • Kerra M.

    Uhm me?:blush:

  • Denise M.


  • Deborah B.

    !!! Look what it is :joy:

    • Christine E.

      Holy crap I need one!

  • Lesley M.

    Ya baby!!!

  • Alice L.

    LOVE! I would totally use this!!

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