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Zipcar Canada Coupon Code: $25 Free Credit

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Zipcar Canada Coupon Code: $25 Free Credit

This is a post aimed at those Moosers living in the metropolitan areas of Toronto and Vancouver, so it won’t be relevant to all of you. Zipcar is the world’s largest car sharing service, and they’ve released a new coupon code for their Canadian site, offering new customers a free $25 driving credit.

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  • Coupon Code: GOZIP25CA
  • Discount: $25 free credit
  • Expires: 8th November 2012

How does it work, I hear you ask. You apply online, and when approved you receive a Zipcard. You can then reserve a car, by the hour or by the day and prices include gas and insurance. You go to the location, put the Zipcard to the windshield and it unlocks the car, and you use it for the course of your reservation, replacing it at the end. Sounds pretty simple!

Here’s a bit about the costs. Firstly, there’s a one-time application fee of $30. Once you are approved as a member, hourly rates start at $9, and daily rates from $78, for weekdays (weekends are more expensive). There is an annual fee of $65 for use of the service, which seems pretty reasonable to tell the truth. Plus, you’d be getting the free $25 driving credit from the above coupon code.

Now, I will admit that I have never used Zipcar myself, so I am only writing this post based on the information on their site, and a bit of googling. Upon looking for Zipcar reviews, I found a few comments:

Zipcar is really good. No, really good – seriously! (

Zipcar is outstanding. My wife gave it four stars but I’ll give it 5.

Terrible customer service.

Overall, Zipcar has got the right idea with its affordable prices, convenient locations and easy accessibility. (Ubc)

Reviews seem overwhelmingly positive, with a few negatives thrown in there, but I think you can expect that from any such service. And if you’re planning on signing up to Zipcar, make sure and check out our Zipcar coupon codes pages.

Have you used Zipcar? What do you think?

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