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January 11

ZARA Canada: Sale Starting From 50% Off!

Posted by on January 11, 2016 at 6:04 PM

ZARA Canada: Sale Starting From 50% Off!I had to do a double take when I saw this headline in the Zara sale section: Starting from 50% off! I proceeded to click on the link, and immediately saw that most of the prices were in fact reduced by more than 50%. There are lots of sizes left so there is something for everyone. Additionally, shipping is free on purchases over $50.

Some of my most fashionable friends are all about shopping at Zara. Most of them have so much clothes from there and they always claim they get everything on sale. I hardly believed them, but once I saw this sale I realized how low their prices can go. This store is always turning over its merchandise for the next season and that’s why when they clear out their stock with a sale, they really clear out. Let’s check out some of the best deals in this sale, shall we?

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June 24

60% to 70% Off Handbags @ Zara Canada

Posted by on June 24, 2015 at 5:00 PM

60% to 70% Off Handbags @ Zara Canada

Maybe I already own one too many, but who can resist a great deal on a new handbag? Right now, Zara Canada is having a big sale on clothing, accessories, handbags, and more. I picked out the best handbag deals to present you with a selection of 60% to 70% off purses and totes.

Let us start with the two least expensive bags as I am rather budget minded lately. The Leather Messenger Bag is my personal favourite as it is made of white leather with metal studding. Originally $139, this bag is now on sale for $49.99. Like black leather, white leather matches with everything and it makes a very good alternative for summer.

Next, the Fringed Fabric Shopper Bag is on sale from $129 down to $49.99. If bohemian, gypsy, or hippie is part of your style then this bag might be just what you are after. The bottom appears to be reinforced with leather for increased durability.

You can ship the above bags to your local store for free. Standard delivery to your home costs $4.95 unless you reach the free shipping minimum.

We are now up to the more expensive bags but there is a bonus: as these bags costs over $50, they all qualify for free shipping. The Embossed Leather Messenger Bag (red) is a glorious bag in an ostrich leather design (made of cow leather). This bag is an absolute beauty, thus I understand the original price tag. Originally retailing for $279, this bag is now on sale for $89.99.

For more of the bohemian style, this Leather Messenger Bag With Fringes is on sale from $269 down to $89.99. This is an all-black leather bag with long sweeping fringes. This totally reminds me of chicks with cut-off shorts riding on the back of motorcycles!

This Croc-embossed Leather Bucket Bag does not have fringes but it is finished off with tassels. The leather is high-gloss for a truly sweet statement purse in cherry red. The bucket bag is one of my favourite designs as it literally carries everything! Originally $269, this bag is on sale for $89.99.

Lastly, the Buckled Leather Messenger Bag makes an excellent everyday bag that is appropriate in any season. Black never goes out of style. Originally $269, this bag is also on sale for $89.99.

With nearly 70% off most of these bags, you really are getting an excellent deal at Zara Canada.

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April 15

Zara: Summer Dresses & Skirts Only $20 (FS @ $50)

Posted by on April 15, 2015 at 5:04 PM

Zara: Summer Dresses & Skirts Only $20 (FS @ $50)

Zara has a nice selection of dresses on discount for only $19.90. While the original price is not available, similar dresses and skirts from Zara range from $40 to $79.90.

Zara has a section on their website under the label “special prices.” With this label, they just mean sale section. They can call their prices whatever they want if there is a good discount!

I was browsing through the special prices and noticed there are multiple summery dresses and skirts to choose from marked at only $19.90. For Zara, dresses and skirts start at $40, but most generally retail closer to $80. This is a great price for these lovely dresses and skirts for summer.

One of my favourite options is the Long Striped Dress that will cost you only $19.90. This breezy tank style dress is available in four colours including a navy and white stripe, a black and white stripe, black and coral. These dresses are currently available in sizes small, medium and large in every pattern. I have several similar maxi dresses that I love for the pool. Sometimes I will throw one on over my swimsuit, and catch my errands on the way home. A few dresses like this are so versatile for summertime.

Another great summer pick is the Basic Sleeveless Dress that is also $19.90. This dress has a fitted style compared with the first dress. I think this one is a little more versatile to dress with accessories up for a dinner out, or dress down poolside. Colours include mustard yellow, navy blue, black and one labeled “tan” which looks like a thin blue and navy strip in the picture. There is a little less sizing availability than the first dress, but most colours are available in small, medium and large.

I like the Flared Jacquard Mini Skirt priced at $19.90. This skirt is available in six different options including black, white and four different various prints. Sizing is similar to the dresses and is available in various options of small, medium and large. This one has a cute flirty hemline!

The Jacquard Tube Skirt for $19.90 is available in four prints and is perfect if you prefer a fitted look. This one has sizing that is a little spotty but do not overlook it. Make sure you check out the coloured floral and striped print that somehow slipped into my shopping bag.

Check out the rest of this special prices section, I am seeing some other nice deals. Free shipping is available for all orders of $50 or more. If you just want to pick up one item, standard shipping is only $4.95. Grab your favourite while they still have your size.

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February 18

77% Off Men’s Imitation Leather & Knit Jacket Was $130 | Now $30 + $4.95 Shipping @

Posted by on February 18, 2015 at 9:55 AM

77% Off Men’s Imitation Leather & Knit Jacket Was $130 | Now $30 + $4.95 Shipping @

Zara has some great items on clearance right now, including this sleek men’s imitation leather and knit jacket. This jacket was $130 but is now only $30. Zara has a flat rate shipping fee of $4.95 for all orders under $50, and offers free shipping for any orders over $50.

I love a man in a nice looking leather jacket. I do not always like paying the price that comes with a real leather jacket. No one will be the wiser that this is imitation leather with this deep khaki colour. This jacket is cut well and seems to be well constructed. It used to be $130 but now you can grab it for only $30, which is a steal. I like the deep khaki colour, which should blend with most of your wardrobe.  This jacket is available in a medium, large and extra-large size.

I think this is also the kind of jacket that can be worn in both the spring and the fall.  I would suspect that it is a light overall, and would not plan to wear it until spring. A jacket like this also does not really go out of style. A versatile, multi-season piece is always welcome in my husband’s closet.

I tried to price match around a bit, but this is a tougher item to match as styles can vary quite a bit. Looking at Hudson’s Bay, the most inexpensive men’s faux leather jacket I could find is the GUESS Faux Shearling Crinkle Jacket on sale for $75. Guess has on their website a Faux Leather Bomber Jacket that is on sale for $133.50. Sears has a Point Zero Leather Look Jacket that is on sale today only for $50, but is only in size 48. I think you are better off pickup up the jacket at Zara. Unfortunately there are no reviews on the jacket from Zara, so you will have to use your own good judgment.

There are a couple other jackets in the Zara men’s section at a great steal right now, but the sizing is somewhat spotty. This Knit Waistcoat With a Hood was $60 but is now only $20. This jacket is available in sizes large and extra-large. I see this as being perfect for the guy who loves to live in hoodies, but perhaps needs something a little sleeker for everyday.

If you like the look of the imitation leather jacket, you may want to also peek at the Embossed Jacket. This brown jacket was $90 but is now only $30. If you are a size small, medium or large you will be in luck because they have your size.

If you want a jacket with a bit more edge, this black Biker Jacket is on sale. Only size medium is left. If it is your size, you can score a biker jacket that was $150 for $30. Every hot guy should have at least one biker jacket in their wardrobe. Unfortunately, a motorcycle is not included with the jacket but we can pretend.

Shipping at Zara is reasonable. You will pay a flat rate fee of $4.95 for all orders under $50. If your order reaches a minimum of $50, your order will ship free. These jackets are on final discount. The deal will only last until the stock runs out.

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January 31

75% to 80% Off Select Dresses @ Zara Canada (Prices From $13!) & FS on $50+

Posted by on January 31, 2015 at 9:00 AM

75% to 80% Off Select Dresses @ Zara Canada (Prices From $13!) & FS on $50+

I caught a glimpse of the dresses @ Zara Canada and knew I had to post. Right now, select dresses are on sale for up to 75% to 80% off with prices ranging from $13 to $23. Shipping is free for orders bigger than $50 or a flat rate of $4.95 for all orders under $50.

Zara has a few great choices for dresses right now on deep discount. A few of them would make a beautiful splash for Valentine’s Day. Sizing is a little spotty but it is worth digging a bit for some of these beautiful dresses.

I was peeking around some of the dresses at Zara and I found this beautiful Black Draped Back Dress. This dress was $60 but is now on sale for only $16. I absolutely love the draping on the back of the dress. I would not normally pick a dress with such a low back as I can only tolerate the alternatives to wearing a bra for so long. This dress however, is simply stunning and I would make an exception. If you have any big events coming up or simply want something romantic and sexy for Valentine’s Day, this could be your dress. The sizing is a bit spotty and it is only available in a small or medium. Ladies if you have it, you should flaunt it. I would probably pick a different pair of shoes than the black low cut Doc Martin style shoes with the silver toe the model is wearing.

Check out this flirty Satin Dress. This dress was $59.90 but is now only $15.99 and comes in a beautiful bright magenta colour. This time of year, I would probably wear this dress at home for my sweetie. I do not know how I could wear this beautiful dress out of the house in Canadian Winter without freezing. Once summer hit, this dress would make its way to the front of my closet. I love the crisscrossing straps in the back. I hope my strapless bra would cover well under this one.  I could see this dress working well if you have a Spring Break vacation in the works. This dress is currently available in sizes medium and large.

Take a second look at this Yellow Jumpsuit With Straps which was $39.90 Now $12.99. While a jumpsuit usually is not my thing, I bet I could pull this one off since it looks and swings like a shorter maxi dress. The yellow is a soft pastel that is perfect for summer or that Spring Break trip to Cuba you are now have planning in your head. This dress only comes in size small. I would throw this on over a bathing suit for walking along the beach. You could also wear it for dinner out later that evening with the right accessories and shoes.

As I mentioned up top, shipping is pretty reasonable. There are other items available in the sale section for Ladies, Men and Kids sections. It may not be too hard to reach the $50 minimum to qualify for free shipping. If you just want just that perfect black draped back dress, shipping is a flat rate of $4.95 for all orders under $50. You could also choose to pick up your items in store for free.

I do not personally own any of Zara’s clothes.  Please tell me if you order that black dress, I really love it but it is not available in my size. Bargainmoosers, are you a fan of Zara?

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January 21

Take 70% off Hooded Bomber Jackets for only $30 & Free Shipping On Orders Over $50 @ Zara Canada

Posted by on January 21, 2015 at 10:34 AM

Take 70% off Hooded Bomber Jackets for only $30 & Free Shipping On Orders Over $50 @ Zara Canada

I was browsing Zara Canada’s current sale and was quite impressed. For a limited time, Zara has select items on sale for up to 70% off their original price. This applies to items for men, women and children. The first of the hot deals that really stood out to me was the Hooded Bomber Jacket for 70% off. These jackets were $100 but for now you can pay just $29.99. 

The Hooded Bomber Jacket for just $29.99 from Zara Canada is 70% off the original price. This stylish coat would be an excellent addition to your wardrobe. There are two different colours available – black and burgundy. I like both of the colours but black does match everything. All of the sizes are still available in both colours, but I am sure that won’t last long.

I already have way too many jackets, but I still want to add this one to my collection. I feel like this jacket would be great for evening walks in the early spring or late fall. The hood is not detachable but you won’t be complaining. There is a faux fur rim around the hood to ensure no draft bothers you while venturing through the Canadian seasons. You can look stylish with the hood down, or put the hood up and have the fur protect you face and neck from the elements.

I also like that there is a cover over the zipper. Call me crazy, but I find that jackets without this essential cover let a lot of wind through the zipper. The elastic edging around the cuffs and bottom of the jacket are another way to make sure no unwanted breeze gets in. The two pockets on the front of the jacket zip up to ensure you don’t lose your keys or cell phone. Nothing is worse than losing your keys while walking through deep snow. That unfortunate event probably happens to me a lot more than it should.

I personally do not own any apparel from Zara, but I have heard great things about their prices and quality. What do you think? Zara Canada also offers free shipping on all orders that exceed $50 after discounts. That means you can purchase a Hooded Bomber Jacket in each of the two colours and not have to worry about any shipping and handling fees. If you only want to order one jacket, your shipping fee will be just $4.95 for standard delivery.

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September 2

Zara Canada: Men’s Shirts $16 (Was $60)

Posted by on September 2, 2014 at 6:30 PM

Zara Canada: Mens Shirts $16 (Was $60)

Score nearly 74% off men’s shirts online at Zara Canada. Both the Structured Shirt with Paint Stain and the Printed Shirt are now $15.99 each, originally $59.90.

There is not a large selection of shirts but there are a decent number of sizes still available, which is why I am blogging about this deal.

Structured Shirt with Paint Stain

This shirt would look like any old dress shirt with rounded bottom and collar, except for the artistic ‘paint stain’ rendered on both the right shoulder and the complimentary left bottom part of the shirt. The paint stain features deep red, black (or maybe navy blue), and white paint flecks that add colour and a modern feel to the top. While the shirt is available in white or blue, white is sold out in all sizes except for large. Thankfully blue more than makes up for white’s shortage. Purchase the sky blue Structured Shirt with Paint Stain in sizes small through extra-large. All sizes are available.

Printed Shirt

The printed shirt is Zara’s take on the ever-popular Hawaiian shirt but in a more subdued colour scheme. In grey and white, you will see an oversized tropical print with ferns and blooming flowers. I am not sure what all the flowers are, but I did recognize a hibiscus in the print as we use to have a plant. I hate Hawaiian shirts but this shirt is an exception due to the use and depth of the greys to express the pattern without burning through my eyeballs. The printed shirt is in stock in sizes small and large.

Shipping is free on orders of $50, or else it costs $4.95 per order. You may wish to shop the rest of the Zara sale to meet the free shipping minimum. Over 70% off shirts is certainly a great deal and I hope some of our Mooser men will find themselves wearing a fun new shirt soon. There are some shorts in the sale for around the same discount, like the Floral Print Bermuda Shorts for $15.99 (was $59.90) available in sizes 30 and 31. These Oversized Bermuda Shorts are also the same discount as the shirts above and, as they are white, would work well for mix and matching. Originally $59.90, they are now on sale for $15.99. Sizes medium and large are still available for sale.

Hey Moosers, what do you think of Zara clothing?

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August 17

Zara Canada: Up To 72% Off Select Girls’ Dresses – Now $13

Posted by on August 17, 2014 at 11:00 PM

Zara Canada: Up To 72% Off Select Girls Dresses   Now $13

Dress your little girl in some cute new dresses for a fraction of the price! At Zara, you can choose among three different dresses, each on sale for just $12.99!

There are 3 super adorable dresses to choose from:

They are the epitome of summer fashion and since summer isn’t over quit yet, what better way than to splurge on a couple of dresses for your little one. Plus, you could always think ahead to next year and order a couple in a larger size for her to wear in summer 2015. One of the first factors I always look at when I’m shopping for clothes is the composition and with these three dresses, the only one that is made almost entirely of cotton is the one with the bow. The frilly one is 100% viscose, while the combined printed dress features a 100% viscose outer shell and a 100% cotton lining.

Since these dresses are on sale, not all sizes are available for each dress but the vast majority are up for sale. Both the frilly printed dress at back and the combined printed dress are available in sizes 3 years through 12 years (and sold out in 13-14 year old sizes), while  printed dress with bow at back seems to have been the most popular choice as a couple of sizes are already sold out. Sizes 3 through 6 and 11-12, however, are still available. The dress with the bow would definitely be my favourite pick as well as I have been particularly obsessed with bows lately, but keep in mind that on the picture, it doesn’t look like a bow per se. It looks more like a couple of twisted bands of fabric, but in either case, the dress looks fabulous nonetheless.

Shipping is free on orders over $50. Luckily, the shipping fee for orders that don’t meet that threshold isn’t that high, as it’s just $4.95. Since the purchase of all three of these dresses would only amount to $38.97 and you would still be missing a little over $10 for your order to be shipped for free, there is also the option of checking out the rest of Zara’s sale section. However, even the purchase of just one dress with the added shipping fees still amounts to a good deal and is a price that I personally wouldn’t mind paying.

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August 7

Zara Canada: Soft Bucket Bag Was $80 | Now $20

Posted by on August 7, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Zara Canada: Soft Bucket Bag Was $80 | Now $20

Zara Canada has launched their summer sale with very good deals on dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, and more. In the sale, I found the Soft Bucket Bag discounted to $19.99, originally $79.90.

The bag is made of faux leather with a 100% polyester lining. It also has texturing at the sides for visual appeal. The handle features two buttons that fit into notches. It is an unusual adjustment system, but one that is attractive. Inside the bag, you will find a side pouch for anything that is easy to lose (like keys). This soft bucket handbag measures 16 x 15 x 4.” While they say the bag is medium, I would consider it large. I could fit almost an entire weekend’s worth of clothing and cosmetics into that space (if I rolled everything really well).

Overall, I find the bag very attractive and an excellent everyday purse. Black matches with everything, yet it still has enough features to draw the eye and make it more than just a plain black handbag. At 75% off the original price, I think the Zara Soft Bucket Bag is a good investment for your money.

Shipping is free on orders of $50, or else it costs $4.95 per order. You may wish to shop the rest of the Zara summer sale to meet the free shipping minimum.

While browsing, I discovered this Flounce Dress with a zipper accent in the front. It was originally $79.90 and is on sale for $29.99. The front of the dress has a boat-line neck and the back of the dress dips lower than the front neckline. The dress comes in off-white, which looks like a summer cloud skimming your body and floating away at your hips.

I know that none of us are thinking about fall yet, but there are some amazing prices on sweaters at Zara right now. The Organza Cable Sweater was $54.90 and is now only $15.99 in either yellow, ice, or sky blue. This is a fantastic looking sweater and works as a wardrobe staple. The only thing I do not like about it is the neckline: it has a crew neck. With my shape, I have always preferred boat-neck or V-neck designs. Even turtleneck is better than a shirt that ends right at the base of the neck. I do think the colours are quite lovely though, and would bring sunshine to a cool fall day.

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May 26

Zara Canada: Dresses for $29.99

Posted by on May 26, 2014 at 8:30 PM

Zara Canada: Dresses for $29.99

Zara Canada has opened up a new section called ‘special prices’, which is their version of a sale section. Original prices are not listed, but the special prices are very nice and I found several dresses for just $29.99.

I’m not sure what most women these days budget for a new summer dress, but I think $30 is more than quite reasonable. At Zara, you can buy seven different dress for $29.99 each.

First off is the simplistic Dress with Zips in either navy blue or off-white/orange. I would describe it as a shift dress with a v-neck line that looks light and airy for summer. You can also pick up the Striped Dress with Zips, which appears to be the same silhouette, just with a different patterned fabric.

This low-cut fitted v-neck dress appears to be very popular as it is only available in a size XS now. I love the red/orange colour of this dress. Almost identical in style, the Fitted v-neck dress is available in white in a size large.

You can also pick up the free-flowing flared dress in navy or the printed dress with ruffled sleeves for something with a tiny bit more structure.

Zara dresses usually retail for $49 or more, with most dresses costing $79+ so this is a very good deal.

Get free shipping on $50 or more.

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July 20

Zara Canada: Sale & Free Shipping With $50 Purchase

Posted by on July 20, 2013 at 8:00 PM

Zara Canada: Sale & Free Shipping With $50 Purchase

Seriously, I cannot believe we never ran across Zara’s online shop before, which makes me wonder how new it is. Either way, give a warm welcome for Zara’s first mention on the Bargainmoose! Right now Zara is having a summer sale and is offering free shipping across Canada on orders of $50.

The sale prices are actually really good! I spotted this non-spotted nautical style blazer from Zara: the Double Breasted Blazer with Metallic Buttons which was $139 and is now $59.99! Sizes are limited due to the fabulous discounts (you just saved $80!) but the selection is great.

I totally died when I saw this Tricolour Dress… isn’t it just the cutest? I’m not sure about the nude panel, and I would have preferred another colour like blue or white or black, but I love the red, the back and the frills! I also love the price! Only $49.99, marked down from $99.90.

I was looking for summer clothing featuring less black than my current 80% black wardrobe when I stumbled across this skirt, and nearly fell off my chair. It is a lovely Off-White Skirt With Lace and Embroidery that was $139.99 and is now only $29.99! Excuse me while I grab my wallet.

They even have such great prices on these absolutely lovely shopper bags. This Quilted Shopper with Chain was $199 is discounted to $59.99! I am seriously going to be spending a few hours on this website checking out all the deals. I am at a loss for a size chart, though. I have noticed that sizing ranges from XS to XL depending on the item, but I can’t find a size chart to tell me how many inches or cm that corresponds to. First, I need to find a size chart, so that I know what I am buying will be absolutely perfect.

As I mentioned, shipping is free on orders of $50 or more. Shipping to your local store is always free as well! If you spend less than $50 shipping costs just $4.95. Zara does ship from Canada as this editorette blogger mentioned – the origin of her package was from Montreal.

This is the first clothing sale I have been personally this excited for in a long time!

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