July 2 $25 Free Credit & Free Canadian Shipping!!!

Posted by on July 2, 2015 at 7:00 PM $25 Free Credit & Free Canadian Shipping!!!

I’ve discovered a US based site called YogaSmoga, which specialises in performance clothing for both men and women, ideally suited to active pursuits such as yoga, running, cycling and more. What brought Yoga Smoga to my attention was the fact that they offer free Canadian shipping on ANY order, with no minimum spend required. And upon further investigations, I also found out that new accounts get $25 free credit to spend on site – sweet deal!

All you have to do is signup on site – you don’t need a special coupon code. The $25 free credit will be in your account and you can use it on your next order. This is what you should see: $25 Free Credit & Free Canadian Shipping!!!


In terms of pricing of the YogaSmoga activewear, it’s something along the lines of what you would see with Lululemon or Lole here in Canada. So I definitely wouldn’t call it cheap to start with – but having the $25 free credit makes a good dent in your order, if you’re only ordering one item to see what they are like. Here are a few examples of items you could buy, along with the reduced prices from the $25 free credit:

One 2 Many Sale Items

Yoga Smoga has a “One 2 Many” sale section, which sounds remarkably similar to the Lululemon’s “We Made Too Much” sale. In that section, there are a lot of heavily discounted items, but sadly the $25 free credit doesn’t apply to those sale items (or to accessories either). The free $25 credit will only apply to the other items on site.

But it could still be worth a look to see if there’s anything else you want to buy. Some examples of the sale items:

For all the above, the sizing and colour choice differs… some colours may be in stock in your size, some not.

Shipping, Duties, Customs?

As many Moosers know, the NAFTA agreement covers items that are made in the US and shipped to Canada – there should not be any extra duties on these items. And it clearly states on the YogaSmoga site that their products are made in the US, so this should apply. However, on their help pages here, it states that anyone outside the US is responsible for applicable taxes and duties in their home jurisdictions. So taxes don’t seem to be included at checkout – it’s possible you may have to pay these later.

If you are making orders for a few items, I’d probably recommend placing separate orders for each one – it’s free shipping anyway, and it reduces the risk of customs delaying your parcel.

Personal Thoughts

I’ve done yoga many times over the years, but I’ve not always had a really dedicated regimen. But I feel that the clothing I wear to yoga can really affect my workout. For example, I have a problem when wearing a t-shirt that’s too short. I feel that when I am in certain poses, the t-shirt will ride up over my butt and I feel self-conscious and need to constantly adjust my clothing. Or, in wearing certain leggings, I found that some were slipping down too much and I wasn’t leaving much to the imagination in terms of ass cleavage. A good set of workout clothing can really complement your workout, and leave one less thing to worry about.

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May 21

My Yoga Works: 14 Day Free Trial!

Posted by on May 21, 2015 at 6:00 PM

My Yoga Works: 14 Day Free Trial!

I recently discovered a pretty cool site called My Yoga Works. This is an online service which contains premium yoga classes, which you can access any time. You just view the classes from the comfort of your own home and give them a try. And it starts you off with a nice freebie – a free 14 day trial of their services!

Just signup on the link above and you will get 14 days for free. When you sign up, you will need to enter a credit card as you do so. The regular services are $15 per month – but you don’t have to let it move you on to the paying subscription. You can cancel your service any time within the first 14 days, and you won’t be charged. When I sign up for things like this, I always set a reminder alarm on my phone to alert me on day 12 or 13, to make sure I remember to cancel!

I think the 14 day trial will give you a good chance to get to grips with their website and see if you like it enough to take out a paying subscription.

There’s a great range of yoga videos on the site, and they’re organised by level so you can pick the level that suits you. The journey series is also a very interesting feature – it’s a series of videos which you can follow for focussing on select types of exercise. One of the video titles made me laugh – 5 minute yoga butt!

I am not a yoga beginner, I’ve practised various styles over the years; from pregnancy yoga to pilates. I’ve had a look at a few of the videos and they’re great quality and very good tutorials. In fact, I’ve just signed up and I will be trying out the service over the next few weeks. I am sure I will be blogging about it again, with more deals and coupon codes too.

Now, I am sure some of the more frugal people out there are thinking, why would you pay for a service like this when there are a million yoga tutorials out there on the web? Well, sometimes when it comes to tutorials like this, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. I’ve searched for yoga tutorials on Youtube in the past, and sometimes there are issues with this. You don’t know what level the videos are aimed at, be it to a beginner or a yogi adept. There may be issues with the quality of the actual video, or even the quality of the teaching itself. With signing up at the likes of the My Yoga Works service, you know you’re getting great tutorials with which to dedicate your precious moments of exercise. My Yoga Works: 14 Day Free Trial!

Do you practise yoga? Let me know what you think of My Yoga Works too.

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March 2

Eclipse Canada: Yoga Pants Were $25 | Now $16 (FS @ $30)

Posted by on March 2, 2015 at 3:17 PM

Eclipse Canada: Yoga Pants Were $25 | Now $16 (FS @ $30)

Yoga pants – probably the best invention of this century. While I am not one to wear my yoga pants to a party or every single day, there is a time and a place for yoga pants. You don’t just have to wear them to yoga, but no matter what you paid for your yoga pants, do us all a favour and wear jeans sometimes too. Anyway, Eclipse has a really great deal on right now on yoga pants. Regularly $24.99, get them for only $15.99.

I’m going to say that $16 is a pretty sweet price to pay for these contrast waistband yoga pants. You could spend more – a lot more – on brand name pants, but sometimes it is nice to pay less than $20 for something you know is probably close to the same quality.

These are made with a cotton/spandex material so you know they are both soft and stretchy. These materials also allow you to throw them in the washing machine, which is a great perk, as with the other brands of yoga pants, you really can’t do that or you risk them getting severely balled up (trust me, I know!).

There are five colour choices and it looks like every size is still in stock. You can choose from black with black (so no contrast), black with a blue and charcoal waistband, black with a viola and charcoal waistband, black with a white and charcoal waistband or black with a white and neon fuschia waistband.

While Eclipse normally has free shipping on orders over $50 or you’ll pay $9 in shipping, we’ve got an exclusive coupon code that will get you free shipping at $30. This means if you buy two pairs of the yoga pants, you’ll also score free shipping. Use MOOSEECLIPSE30 to get your shipping free at $30.

I think I’m going to go a little wild and get the neon and then go mild and get the black with white and charcoal. What are you going to get?

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January 7

Groupon Canada Promo Code: Take an Extra 15% Off Local Deals Today (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 7, 2015 at 12:46 PM

Groupon Canada Promo Code: Take an Extra 15% Off Local Deals Today (EXPIRED)

My resolution for the New Year was to take more “me” time. Groupon Canada has a coupon code valid today only, and this code will help you get further discounts on spa days, gym memberships and more. Perfect “me” time! Groupon already has pretty great discounts on their offers, but using this coupon code you will take an extra 15% off local deals.

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon code: NEW15
  • Discount: 15% off Local Deals
  • Expiry: 7th January 2014 at midnight

If you have New Years resolutions to be fabulous, quit smoking, be fit,or be adventurous then you’re in luck. There are local Groupon offers available in all of these categories and more. I live close to Toronto, so my local deals may be different than yours, but I will tell you some of the offers available to me anyway.

The first local Groupon Canada offer that stuck out to me was the Laser Hair Removal option from Silk Med Spa. You will take up to 98% off laser-hair-removal for one whole year, and then an additional 15% off with this code. Laser hair removal for the year would have normally cost you $1280, but thanks to Groupon this offer is lowered to $89. Once you apply their promo code, you will pay just $76.65. 

A very common New Years resolution is to quit smoking. Maybe a little online smoking-cessation from RedVector would give you a head start. This offer would cost you $90 outside of Groupon. Since Groupon is offering this deal for just $19, you will pay $16.15 after using the new coupon code.

Have you ever tried Hot Yoga? Hot Yoga is an excellent way to stay fit and relaxed. What better way to lose weight than to work out in a room heated to the temperature of Jamaica. Through Groupon you can save 70% off 10 Hot Yoga Classes at Apollo Studio - which leaves the price at just $49. Apply your 15% discount and you will pay just $41.65. That is only just over $4 per yoga class.

This coupon code can be used on one voucher per customer, unlike their previous codes where you could get up to 5 deals discounted even further. This promo is also not valid on select deals like Cinetopia, Drunken Fish, Toronto Zoo, Jamba Juice, Esso, Cirque du Soleil and third party transactions. Your discount will be capped at $50, so you can spend up to $250 to receive the full discount.

You can view all of the Groupon Canada coupon codes in the Bargainmoose forum.

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August 13

Chapters Indigo Canada: 20% Off Gaiam Yoga Accessories

Posted by on August 13, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Chapters Indigo Canada: 20% Off Gaiam Yoga Accessories

Looking to get fit? Chapters Indigo has a great discount on Gaiam accessories: for a limited time, you can save 20% on Gaiam merchandise like exercise balls, gym bags, water bottles, yoga mats and more!

It’s not optional anymore; I need to get fit, but having just had a baby recently, it’s rather difficult to schedule time to hit the gym, especially since the one right next to my place doesn’t have any kind of daycare in place. As such, I have been looking into home fitness and Chapters’ sale on yoga accessories is definitely tempting, especially since prices are lower for these Gaiam products than anywhere else.

With Chapters’ sale, there is definitely plenty to choose from but it’s the Gaiam 3mm yoga mat that caught my eye.It’s a reversible mat in 2 colours: teal and green (there is also a grey/ navy combination available for the same price), and it’s perfect for those of you looking for a simple mat, perhaps even for doing light exercises. Even better is that it contain zero latex, and according to the description, is also “free of the six most harmful phtalates”. No word on which ones they are referring to but it’s still somewhat reassuring nonetheless. It’s on sale for $15.99 (reg. $19.99), which is surprising because even the regular price is cheaper than anywhere else. I found similar yoga mat, but in different colours, at Walmart with most retailing for about $30 and a couple of out of stock ones for $21.86. Same goes for Staples, where they are all $30 as well.

I also really like the Gaiam chai metro gym bag on sale for $27.99 (reg. $34.99). It has large snap button and can be zipped all the way closed to ensure that nothing falls out. Plus, it can even be machine washed! As this reviewer noted, you can also use it as a diaper bag:

This is a wonderful bag. I am currently using it for a baby bag and its the perfect size. I would recommend this bag to any one!

The cheapest I have found it anywhere else is at Future Shop for $29.99, which makes it even cheaper at Chapters, but I have actually also found it for $39.99 at! There are plenty more Gaiam products to choose from as well.

At Chapters Indigo, shipping is always free on orders over $25.

(Image Credit: Jbhalper)

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January 27

Gaiam Canada Promo Code: 15% Off All Orders

Posted by on January 27, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Gaiam Canada Promo Code: 15% Off All Orders

Get 15% off your entire order at Gaiam Canada and keep that resolution to get fit!

Click here to shop @ now

  • Coupon Code: Jan15GETFIT
  • Discount: 15% off
  • Expiry: 28th January 2014

This coupon expires tomorrow night so you have today and tomorrow to get shopping. Gaiam hails themselves as where fitness meets fashion, so if you want to look as good as you can sweating your butt off, check out Gaiam. This coupon works on both regular priced items and sale items, so you can really snag a good deal.

One item that really interested me is this balance ball chair, as I have chronic back pain, which probably stems from improper posture while sitting and working and weak core muscles. This chair can help that with its unique design. It comes in a few different colours as well, in case you worry about it going with the decor in your office. Originally $139.99, on sale for $99.99, you’ll add the coupon and get it for $84.99. This chair is available only online.

Looking at the top sellers, this cloud grey yoga mat bag is very pretty and fits your mat so it stays in great shape. Was $29.99, then $21.99, with coupon it comes to $18.69.

Get free shipping when you spend over $75.

For more Gaiam coupon codes, check out the Bargainmoose forum.

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January 9 15% off Gaiam

Posted by on January 9, 2014 at 6:15 PM 15% off Gaiam

Like everyone else, I’m resolving to be healthier this year. I think I’m already on the right track, but what I’d love to do is more yoga. has a great sale on right now with 15% off Gaiam health and wellness products.

Gaiam is a well-known name in yoga products, with high-quality items that look good and do what they are supposed to do. When you think of yoga, you probably think of yoga mats, which Gaiam does have, but there are a number of other products you might need too. If you do need a mat, Gaiam has some gorgeous ones like this vintage yoga mat. Since a majority of the time you’ll be doing yoga you might be looking at your mat, why not make it pretty? This one was $29.99, now $25.49.

All of their water bottles are on sale too and they are also very pretty. I love this Tree of Life aluminum water bottle, which was $12.99, now $11.04.

If you do hot yoga, you know that sweating = slippery. Not anymore with this grippy yoga towel. Was $39.99, now $33.99.

As always, you’ll get free shipping on orders over $25 and if you are a new customer, I’ll remind you about exclusive $10 off $40 coupon located in the coupon forum.

Photo Credit: AmandaD_TX

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October 22

Lululemon Canada: The Towel Mat Only $29 (Was $58)

Posted by on October 22, 2013 at 3:00 PM

Lululemon Canada: The Towel Mat Only $29 (Was $58)

Get the Lululemon Towel Mat for only $29 right now, was $58. *This post was previously posted and removed because the item could not be found, but it is back on the Lululemon site. So if you wanted this item, get it quick!*

Why do you need a towel mat? Lets say you are doing downward dog – do you want your slippery feet or hands to slip out from under you and faceplant you to the ground? That wouldn’t be very zen. Perfect for hot yoga, this mat has an absorbent microfibre top and grippy rubber bottom, so it is durable, stable and moisture-wicking.

Even better, you can use either side for your practice, as it is fully reversible. Unlike other mats, it is cushiony and soft too. Printed script motivates you as you practice. Antimicrobial additives in the mat prevent mold and mildew from growing, and you can even wash it in the washing machine and put it in the dryer!

Shipping is always free from Lululemon.

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May 22

Chapters Canada: 25% Off Gaiam

Posted by on May 22, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Chapters Canada: 25% Off Gaiam

Gaiam has all the best in yoga products and right now at Chapters, you’ll get 25% off everything Gaiam. Namaste!

As I’ve mentioned before, I love yoga. If you are looking to start doing yoga, Chapters has the essentials you will need to get the most out of your practice.

A must-have is a yoga mat and this Icy Blossom mat is gorgeous. Now only $22.49, regularly $29.99.

Not truly a must-have, but a great to have, these yoga socks are grippy and will keep in your pose longer while they reduce feet slippage. Now only $11.24, regularly $14.99.

If you are looking to work out at home, this isn’t yoga, but Kettlenetics Slim and tone kit is a great way to start. A dance-inspired program that uses a kettlebell, this workout sounds fantastic and fun! Now only $34.99, regularly $49.99.

Get free shipping from Chapters on orders over $25.

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April 18

Ethical Deal Canada: 83% Off Non-Slip Yoga Gloves & Towel

Posted by on April 18, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Ethical Deal Canada: 83% Off Non Slip Yoga Gloves & Towel

If you love yoga, ethicalDeal Canada has a really great deal for you. For only $24 you’ll get a non-slip yoga towel and two pairs of gloves, worth $99.

Although I don’t get to do it enough, I absolutely adore yoga. Hot yoga is the most wonderful thing in the world and afterwards I feel so invigorated, alive and detoxed. The only problem with hot yoga is that you sweat, and although that is not really the problem, that is a good thing, the problem is that sweat is very slippery. So, using a regular mat in hot yoga is difficult because your hands get all slimy, slippery and damp feeling.

This yoga towel and yoga gloves will definitely solve the problem of slippage, both in hot yoga and regular yoga. With wavy ridges and absorbent material, the yoga wave towel helps you keep a firm grip while doing even the most difficult of poses. The towels is also machine washable and quick drying so you know it will not start smelling. Plus it is very durable so it will last you for many downward dogs. The gloves are also great, helping you to avoid slipping while using a regular mat or the yoga wave towel. Both items are only available in black with this deal and the gloves are one size fits most.

Simply purchase the voucher you’d like, then redeem it between April 24th and May 24th, 2013.

Choose from:

  • Four pairs of non-slip yoga gloves for $10 ($60 value)
  • One non-slip yoga towel for $20 ($69 value)
  • One non-slip yoga towel and two pairs of gloves for $24 ($99 value)

Tax and shipping is included.

(Expiry: 22nd April 2013)

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April 4

Lululemon Canada: Spring Fling Pack Only $79 + Free Shipping

Posted by on April 4, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Lululemon Canada: Spring Fling Pack Only $79 + Free Shipping

Lululemon Canada has the Spring Fling Backpack in their “We Made Too Much” section for only $79, regularly $118.

In two-tone bleached coral and pop orange, this backpack is a great way to carry your cargo. With room for everything, Lululemon says this is the perfect bag for taking to yoga. With an extra-large zipper, you can open the bag up wide to find all of your stuff inside. There is a “mat garage” that holds your mat in place and a padded tablet pocket for your phone. If you do hot yoga, there is a removable wet pouch for your sweaty clothes to stay separate. Plus, interior mesh pockets hold all of your small items, like your keys, which are always a pain to find at the end of a good workout. The padded straps make sure it is comfortable on your shoulders, even when holding the 50lb limit.

This bag has amazing reviews, raving about how it is a great all-in-one bag, so you don’t have to carry numerous bags for all your daily needs. It is durable and even great for traveling.

Shipping is free!!

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February 19

Gaiam Canada Coupon: 20% Off Your Order

Posted by on February 19, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Gaiam Canada Coupon: 20% Off Your Order

Gaiam Canada has a coupon code for 20% off your next purchase of sale and regular-priced yoga and fitness equipment and supplies.

Click here to shop @ Gaiam Canada

  • Coupon Code: NEWS2013MAR
  • Discount: 20% off
  • Expiry: 1st March 2013

Gaiam is a well-known name in yoga and fitness products. They specialize in providing products that make a positive change toward healthy and sustainable lifestyles. I love everything they make.

If you haven’t switched from plastic to reusable aluminum water bottles, you definitely should. I switched a number of years ago, when the price for bottles seemed quite a bit higher. It wasn’t as low as the $5.19, you’ll pay for this Tres Medallions 750mL bottle. Leakproof, washable and 100% recyclable, this bottle is stylish and great for the environment. They have other styles also on sale, regularly $12.99.

I am in love with this BalanceBall Chair. I sit at a desk for a number of hours a day and my back hurts, even with a supposed ergonomic chair. This chair would be awesome for my back and spinal alignment. It also alleviates pain in the legs and arms and promotes better posture and overall well-being. It is on easy-glide casters too, so it moves around your office just as easy as your other chairs. Only $79.99, regularly $139.99. I’m seriously considering this chair.

This Grippy Yoga Mat Towel is great for doing hot yoga, which is probably one of my most favourite things to do in the world. If you haven’t tried it, you absolutely should for its psychological benefits more than anything else. I love the feeling of walking out of a hot yoga class on a cold winter day and feeling so fresh and alive. That may sound cheesy and made up but it is the honest truth! Because you sweat a lot in hot yoga, this mat towel is perfect for keeping you dry and in the right pose. Now only $31.99, regularly $39.99.

Shipping is free on orders over $75.

Check out the Bargainmoose coupon forum for more great Gaiam Canada coupon codes.

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January 14

Amazon Canada: Up To 50% Off Yoga Gear

Posted by on January 14, 2013 at 1:30 PM

Amazon Canada: Up To 50% Off Yoga Gear

Get up to 50% off yoga gear at Amazon Canada.

This one-of-a-kind patented yoga towel is proven to improve your yoga practice by gripping your toes and hands so that you don’t slip mid-stretch. The skidless towel in a lovely Sage Green is also hygienic and environmentally friendly. It washes up easily in the washing machine and can be put in the dryer. Only $44.94, regularly $64.

This high-density foam roller is great for using during yoga and pilates. Use it for balancing, massage or to help you stabilize your core during workouts. Now only $29.99, regularly $39.99.

These mini massage balls are great for massage or improving dexterity. In a set of three with three different sizes, get them for only $11.19, regularly $20.64.

These items qualify for free super saver shipping.

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September 24

Chapters Canada: 50% off Yoga Mats – Now $11 (Were $22)

Posted by on September 24, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Chapters Canada: 50% off Yoga Mats   Now $11 (Were $22)

Chapters Canada is offering 50% off a good selection of yoga mats. Originally $22, they are on sale for $11.

You have plenty of colours and styles to choose from. You can choose from Chevron, Trellis, Lotus or Flower patterns. The mats come in blue, green, or pink.

There are a few reviews on the matt, most citing that it is a bit thin:

This yoga mat is a great deal. The mat is thin but a great deal for this sale price.


The mat is a little thin and it would be helpful if the item description provided an indication of thickness. Overall good value for the price.

I think it is good value for the price. You could also layer two if you needed extra padding for some moves.

If buying 3 or more be sure to use the Chapters coupon SEPT2012 to save $5 on purchases of $30 or more.  Chapters offers free shipping on all orders over $25.

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