January 3

53% Off Lifeline Red Vacuum Insulated Wine Growler Just $12 @

Posted by on January 3, 2016 at 9:12 PM

53% Off Lifeline Red Vacuum Insulated Wine Growler Just $12 @

Wine. One of the many words that can make me instantly happy! If you are a fellow wine drinker, then let me introduce you to this Lifeline Valentine’s Day Red Vacuum Insulated Double-Wall Fifty Fifty Wine Growler. It has a 750ml capacity and you can snag it for 53% off right now at I can’t find anywhere else with wine growlers for just $11.82! Spend $25 to get free shipping.

If you find yourself asking what a wine growler is, then let me give you a brief description. A growler type container is more of a beer-drinker item, but it has been introduced to wine-drinkers as well. A growler container is designed to be securely covered and is intended to store your wine so you can consume it wherever you desire. Picnic or a weekend at the cabin perhaps? Read the rest of this entry »

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December 23

41% Off Wine2Go Foldable Wine Flask now $17 @!

Posted by on December 23, 2015 at 9:30 AM

41% Off Wine2Go Foldable Wine Flask now $17 @!

*BUMP! This awesome item is back in stock at a low price again* 41% Off Wine2Go Foldable Wine Flask now $17 @!

AHA! I wanted to write about this awesome little trinket weeks ago but it sold out before I could get it out to you guys. Now it is even cheaper, happy dance! So snag this Wine2Go The Foldable Wine Flask before it is too late, because right now the price is just $16.99 but normally it would cost you $28.78.

So not only is this a cool item, but it is also a great price. I just love when you can combine those two things! The Wine2Go The Foldable Wine Flask can hold an entire bottle of wine, which is pretty nifty. Right? I still can’t believe the price. For just $16.99 (41% off) I may just snag two of these foldable wine flasks. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 1

The Best Guide For Pairing Leftover Halloween Candy With Wine!

Posted by on November 1, 2015 at 11:00 AM

The Best Guide For Pairing Leftover Halloween Candy With Wine!

Admit it. You sneak in some of those Halloween treats while your kids are sleeping. I am guilty of it, and I know we all are. We eat the candies or chips they don’t like, and sometimes we will even barter with them so they will hand over the good stuff. But have you ever thought to combine those delicious treats with a glass of wine?! This Ultimate Guide to Pairing Wine With Halloween Candy has got me on the verge of heading out to pick up Halloween candy on clearance sale now that Halloween is over. Especially now that I know every wine has a perfect candy partner. There happens to be this magical chart to tell you which wine goes best with what candy. I am totally printing this and laminating it! Read the rest of this entry »

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October 6

DIY: Personal Wine Labels (Great Gifts!)

Posted by on October 6, 2015 at 8:00 PM

DIY: Personal Wine Labels (Great Gifts!)

We all want to find that perfect, one of a kind gift. Right? Or maybe you want to properly display your self-medication like I do. Well these do it yourself wine labels might be the perfect solution for gifts, parties, and more. I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a bottle of wine labelled with a funny saying? There are so many free printable wine bottle labels out there, you shouldn’t have to pay to print something that you’re going to stick onto a bottle yourself. You can grab your favourite wine, or slap a label on your home made wine. You will need a printer for this activity of course, among other things. But the results will be worth it! Everyone will be laughing at your “Murder On My Mind” wine bottle. Read the rest of this entry »

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September 30

Best Buy Canada: Vacu Vin 7-Piece Wine Set Was $34 | Now $24

Posted by on September 30, 2015 at 9:30 AM

Best Buy Canada: Vacu Vin 7 Piece Wine Set Was $34 | Now $24

Fancy some wine? Of course you do! I had a birthday party on the weekend and the gift of the day was wine. My friends definitely know what I like! If you need a gift to bring to a party, instead of bringing the wine, consider this 7-piece wine set at Best Buy. Regularly $33.99, it is on sale for $23.99.

This set includes all the things you need to enjoy wine, besides the glass and the wine itself. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 19

6 Ways to Repurpose Wine Bottles

Posted by on July 19, 2015 at 8:00 PM

6 Ways to Repurpose Wine Bottles

Most women have a few wine bottles hanging around (either to be recycled or to be diligently returned to the liquor store for a deposit refund).  I love the way wine bottles look- so elegant, the glass is so smooth, and it just looks classy.  If you’re on a DIY kick, here are some ways that you can have that elegant wine-bottle look without it just being localized to your wine rack.  If you’re looking to also repurpose the wine corks alongside the wine bottles, check out this great Bargainmoose post on 9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks.

Here are six ways to repurpose wine bottles: Read the rest of this entry »

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May 28

4 Tips to Save Money on Alcohol

Posted by on May 28, 2015 at 8:00 PM

4 Tips to Save Money on Alcohol

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not talking about saving money on alcohol when one is drinking on a regular basis, or at-risk drinking, or problem drinking where addiction might be a concern.  I’m talking about saving money on alcohol when you are spending time chatting over drinks with friends, or saving money when you are out for dinner with your friends, saving money when you are headed out for a night on the town at the local hip bar, or even saving money on the bottle of wine you share at the dinner party you host.

Here are a few tips on how to save money on alcohol:

Have People Over at Your Place Instead

According to Huffington Post, drinking alcohol is something we all waste money on mindlessly.  The average person spends $75 a week on alcohol, which equates to over $3500 a year.  Huffington Post suggests that there are ways to save, including having people over at your place and sharing a bottle of wine.

Instead of paying $10-12 for a glass of wine or $40-60 for a bottle of wine, grab a nice bottle of wine for $25 and share it at home with your friends.  The fact of the matter is, when you drink alcohol in a restaurant, you are paying at least 2-3.5 times the cost of the wine.  To put it into perspective, a nice bottle of white wine would cost $25, but at a restaurant, you will be paying $50 to $85 for the same bottle of wine.  Globe and Mail states that the mark-up in the wine covers the beautiful linen on the table, the cost to the restaurant to store the wine, and the cost of the server to serve the wine, of course.  Nevertheless, the markup is very very high on something you can enjoy for much less.

Opt for Happy Hour

If you would like to spend some rest and relaxation time with your friends over drinks (and are okay with the high markup for alcohol), there are a whole list of of options available.  Instead of meeting after dinner, why not meet before dinner?  Fabulously Frugal has a great list of happy hour meals before 6pm in Vancouver.  I’m sure if you google “happy hour + your city” you should be able to see a list of happy hour establishments that were recently confirmed.  The list is also great to narrow the eating choices available when you as a group can’t decide where to go.

Pick a More Wallet Friendly Wine

Brokepedia suggests there are certain wine regions where the wine is not as expensive compared to other regions. She found this out from a food blogger who asked the opinion of 14 sommeliers.  These budget friendly regions are the following:

  • Greece
  • Southwest France
  • New Zealand
  • Loire Valley, France
  • Austria
  • Portugal

Personally I am a big fan of Malbec wines and I find wine from Mendoza, Argentina to be very rewarding for my wallet.  However, I’m by no means a wine expert!

Stock Up in the States

According to the Canada Border Services Agency, you are allowed to bring back 1.5L of wine (which is 2 bottles of wine) when you are out of Canada for 48 hours or more (anywhere from 48 hours to 7 days, or more if even!).  Every time I come back from a trip or if I’ve gone to the United States I make it a habit to bring back the maximum allowed alcohol with me.  Wine is much more economical in the United States because of the high taxes in Canada.

Even better, Popsugar recommends that you stock up in Costco (Costco in the States of course) because the wine is decent and it is very decently priced as well.  Trader Joe’s wine is also very reasonable and personally and I like it (yes, the Two Buck Chuck)!

Just a friendly reminder that no matter where you enjoying alcohol, please remember to drink responsibly!

Bargainmoosers, how do you save money on alcohol when hosting or dining out?  

Photo credit: Tim RT

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April 2

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

Posted by on April 2, 2015 at 8:00 PM

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

Red or white? No matter what you choose, you may find yourself left with a few extra corks laying around. No need to throw those corks in the recycling bin, there are many fabulous things you can make out of them. An added bonus, if you craft with the winery label showing you will have also have a record of all of your favourite wine brands. Here are nine amazing projects you can make at home out of wine corks.

Bunny Decoration

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

Adventures in DIY created this super easy bunny rabbit. Throw your own together just in time for Easter with some hot glue and patience. You could also pick any shape and easily do the same concept.

Cork Drawer Knobs

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

Dollar Store Crafts had the bright idea to replace drawer handles with champagne corks. You could also use regular wine corks, though I do like the shape the champagne corks give. If I was making this out of regular wine corks, I would turn them so they were longest left and right instead of drilling into the end.

Cork Board

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

One of the projects most often made of wine corks is a cork board. Check out the version on A Beautiful Mess for a modern, chic and easy to make design. I love the pops of colour she added.

Wine Cork Boat

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

Mama Pappa Bubba turned wine corks into both science and art with these wine cork boats. These would be fun to play with in the bathtub. I bet my daughter’s Fisher Price little people could stand on these boats. Save rubber bands from fresh produce like broccoli and this project is practically free.

Bath Mat

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

This bath mat from Crafty Nest is lovely and so Zen. I picture this in a bathroom with white towels, lots of natural light and an extremely leafy green plant. Maybe I will light a candle, sink into the tub and have a glass of wine in this bathroom.

Garden Markers

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

Shine Your Light will teach you how to make these super simple garden markers. This project is super fast so you can spend more time prepping your plants. I like her curly cursive handwriting.

Unique Bar Table Top

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

You would have to drink a lot of wine for this project, but I think I am up to the challenge. Take a look at Decorating Obsessed and their fab new bar from an upcycled dresser and wine corks. Can you believe this whole project only cost her $20? Liquor prices not included.

Fridge Magnets

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

These cute fridge magnets from Miss Mel and Miss Heather will add some instant character to your fridge. This idea looks really quick to make also. These could make a lovely hostess gift paired with a bottle of wine.

Snake Toy

9 Fun Ways to Repurpose Wine Corks

Here is some cute inspiration from Domestic Candy. This sweet snake could be a toy or decoration. Though this link does not have directions, it looks simple enough to make.

Bargainmoosers, what would you make out of leftover wine corks?

Image Credit: Jeric Santiago

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January 28

Lowes Canada: GE 23 Bottle Wine Chiller Was $300 | Now $150 (EXPIRED)

Posted by on January 28, 2015 at 10:34 AM

Lowes Canada: GE 23 Bottle Wine Chiller Was $300 | Now $150 (EXPIRED)

Lowes has a fantastic one-day only deal today, with the GE 23 bottle capacity wine chiller on for only $149, with a regular price of $299. You’ll also get free shipping on this order.

Checking into the history of this wine chiller, Lowes had this on sale for Boxing Week at $179, so this is a very sweet deal!

Just to give you a comparison on GE wine chillers, this one from Best Buy looks a little larger and sells for $299. I couldn’t find this exact model to give you a price comparison, but looking at the bargain basement prices on Walmart, their 8-bottle wine coolers are about $150.

My husband recently built me a gorgeous wine rack, but being that I love my wine, I think I’d also love a wine cooler to store my whites and even my reds. Contrary to popular belief, red wine is best a little chilled, not at room temperature.

This wine chiller has adjustable temperature control and adjustable chrome plate racks, so you can choose the size of the bottles you’d like to put in. It has a 2.4 cu. foot capacity with a stainless steel exterior. I think stainless steel is the nicest finish as it would go well in any kitchen.

You see through the door to know when your stock is low as well, but the glass is tinted, as not to ruin the wine.

I also like the bottom has a sort of basket, that would be perfect for cans, like beer or pop, so if you are having a party, you only need one appliance to keep it all cool.

There aren’t any reviews available, but what more can you say about this wine chiller? It keeps the wine cool, it holds 23 bottles and it is made by GE, which is a reputable name in appliances.

Because this is such a low price and it is a today only deal, I wouldn’t wait to get your wine on.

Photo credit: Derek Gavey

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January 21

Make Your Own Wine With The Argentia Ridge Peach Chardonnay Wine Kit @ Costco Canada – Just $1.63 Per Bottle

Posted by on January 21, 2015 at 5:00 PM

Make Your Own Wine With The Argentia Ridge Peach Chardonnay Wine Kit @ Costco Canada   Just $1.63 Per Bottle

Want to try your hand at making your own wine? Costco has a fantastic deal on the Argentia Ridge Argentia Breeze peach Chardonnay wine kit. It’s currently on sale for just $48.99 (reg. $59.99) and makes 30 bottles of wine!

An $11 discount on the original price may not seem like much but even at its original price, this kit is a great deal. Depending on the wine you get, a bottle of wine typically retails for $10 or more and if we look at the discounted price in relation to the amount of bottles it makes (30), then each bottle ends up costing just $1.63 — wow!

Needless to say the bottles aren’t included but once you purchase these from elsewhere, then you will be able to reuse them the next time that you make wine. Either that or you could also upcycle the bottles after you have finished the wine.

However, you won’t have to worry about having to buy any corks or shrink caps as the kit comes with these. All in all, the kit includes:

  • grape juice concentrate
  • fruit flavour pack
  • additive pack (1 set)
  • 30 corks
  • 30 shrink caps
  • 30 wine labels

You won’t find reviews once you click on the link above but I did find a couple of reviews on an older page of Costco’s that you can view here. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about this wine kit:

I purchased this kit because I liked the peach chardonnay from another line and this one was a better deal as it includes the labels and corks. Once bottled we opened the last bottle of the other line and one of these ones and did a taste test. This one was preferred by 4 of the 5! I purchased the first kit the middle of May and my second the middle of June! I see many more in the future

… and here’s another review:

The wines from Argentia Ridge are very nice. This peach chardonnay was liked by all who tried it. But where this product really shines is the company behind it. Argentia Ridge offers amazing customer service. If you contact them with any questions or have an issue with your kit, they get back to you and address your questions and/or concerns.

That last review is particularly reassuring, especially if you have never made wine before. In any case, Argentia Ridge also offers wine making instructions on their site.

(Image Credit: dailym)

(Expiry: 1st February 2015)

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November 19

Future Shop Canada: Sonax TV Stand With Wine Rack (For TVs Up To 58″) | Was $270 Now $130

Posted by on November 19, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Future Shop Canada: Sonax TV Stand With Wine Rack (For TVs Up To 58) | Was $270 Now $130

Good morning, my fellow deal hunters! Today, Future Shop has a one-day deal on their Sonax TV Stand With Wine Rack (For TVs Up To 58″), and you could save big! This intriguing TV stand with an integrated wine rack normally sells for $269.99, but you can now buy this cultured piece of furniture for just $129.99! That’s $140 off the regular price! Best of all, you’ll also qualify for free shipping!

This Sonax TV Stand With Wine Rack (For TVs Up To 58″) is one sweet piece of furniture. If I didn’t just buy a TV stand last year, I would have totally picked up this Sonax product. In fact, my girlfriend and I bought a separate wooden upright wine rack last year for $150, and that was from a flea market! It was brand new (it was from one of the furniture outlets that set up shop in this particular flea market), but it was actually selling for a better price than other wooden wine racks that we found at other furniture stores.

The fact that this Sonax TV Stand With Wine Rack (For TVs Up To 58″) combines a TV stand with a wine rack makes this a great conversation piece, especially when you have company over. It’s great to look at, it’s cool, and best of all, it’s a great way to store your wine!

If you wanted to purchase this Sonax TV Stand With Wine Rack (For TVs Up To 58″) from Best Buy today, it would cost you $269.99, and it’s selling for $397.82 at Lowes! If you need a new TV stand for your flat-screen television, or if you’ve been looking for a convenient wine storage solution, then you need to check out today’s deal at Future Shop.

I hope you all have a great day today!

(Expiry: 19th November 2014)

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August 9

Hudson’s Bay Canada: Set Of 8 Riedel Wine Glasses Only $136

Posted by on August 9, 2014 at 1:00 PM

Hudsons Bay Canada: Set Of 8 Riedel Wine Glasses Only $136

Get a set of eight Riedel wine glasses at Hudson’s Bay for only $136, with a regular price of $160.

While $136 may seem steep for wine glasses, I assure you, the cost is worth it. I have a set of Riedel wine glasses and they truly are the most beautiful wine glasses I’ve had. Over the years I’ve become quite the snob when it comes to my drinkware. I’ve definitely graduated from plastic cups, vodka cooler bottles and coloured glasses. I find that having a nice glass to drink my beverage out of – whether it be water, wine or some other wet goodness – really heightens the experience. My husband doesn’t mind drinking wine out of a plastic cup and actually almost prefers it, but there is something I just really love about having a beautiful glass to sip my wine from.

I just said yesterday that I could use a few more wine glasses for guests and this would make a great Christmas gift for me, but I may just pick up this set now at this price.

This set is made in full lead crystal and it says it is dishwasher safe, although I’ve never tried. You’ll get four Cabernet glasses and four Riedel ‘O’ Viognier glasses, which I assume are the white wine glasses.

If you don’t need a full set, I noticed that the individual glasses are also on sale. Many of the sets of two are $68, with a regular price of $80, so you are paying $34 a glass rather than $40. In the set above you are paying only $16 a glass, so it is a really hot deal. Still, some of you may just want just the two glasses, like these Vinum Pinot Noir glasses, which look oh so grande.

The selection from Riedel doesn’t just stop at wine glasses; they have brandy, champagne, whisky, cognac and more.

Shipping is free on orders over $99, so you get this added bonus when you buy the larger set.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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August 7

Villeroy & Boch Promo Code: Get 20% off With Their Wine & Bar Sale!

Posted by on August 7, 2014 at 10:00 AM

Villeroy & Boch Promo Code:  Get 20% off With Their Wine & Bar Sale!

Time to set up your bar is now!  The Wine & Bar sale is on at Villeroy & Boch with this 20% off code.

Click here to shop @ Villeroy & Boch now!

  • Coupon Code:  VBCHEERS20
  • Discount:  20% wine & bar sale
  • Expiry:  18th August 2014

Villeroy & Boch is a trusted brand that is still family owned after almost 260 years in business.  Their tiles line the Holland Tunnel and their dinnerware is used by the Pope.  If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

I am a wine lover of epic proportions, and as such I have learned a great deal about how to best enjoy my favourite beverage.  Did you know that the shape of the wine glass greatly impacts your enjoyment of the wine?  Different shapes allow different amounts of surface area to contact the air to release the bouquet, and the shape actually determines which part of your tongue the liquid will touch first, designed to heighten the whole experience.  For this reason, I like to keep a good selection of barware on hand to ensure that when I’m opening a really great bottle, everyone partaking is going to have the best chance of optimum enjoyment.

Red wine does really well in a decanter, giving it time to breathe and round out any firm tannins.  You can actually improve the perceived quality of a red by decanting it for about 20 minutes ahead of pouring.  This is a sweet deal:  Purismo Wine Red wine decanter 266mm (was $115.00, now only $44.76).  It’s large enough to decant a whole bottle and the cap is handy to keep any pesky fruit flies out between pours.

As far as glassware is concerned, I prefer to purchase individual pieces that can be replaced one-by-one if they break.  Villeroy & Boch offers great glasses in their Entreé collection.  Entreé Red wine goblet 198mm and Entreé White wine goblet 198mm (both were $18 per glass, now $7.16) are affordable, quality crystal pieces that would be a gift to any wine you pour into them.


Villeroy & Boch offers free shipping on orders over $250.  Orders under $250 are charged $20 to $25 depending on the amount of the order.


(Photo credit: Faisal Akram)

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April 11 Vinotemp Wine Cooler Only $299

Posted by on April 11, 2014 at 1:00 PM Vinotemp Wine Cooler Only $299

I found a very sweet deal on a wine cooler for all of you Moosers who appreciate wine as much as I do. The Vinotemp 15 bottle touchscreen wine cooler is only $299.99, with an original price of $399.99, but I found it for sale at for $429.99, so this really is a great deal.

Because it only holds 15 bottles, this is known as small wine cooler. To me, 15 bottles is a good collection as the most we have in our house at one time is about three bottles, and they usually don’t last very long. I do want to get us a wine cooler and have wine ready for guests (and nights that I need it) at all times. This one is the perfect size for my small kitchen and looks beautiful with a black body and tinted glass door.

The touch screen control panel has a digital temperature display, which is a feature any techy-loving husband will love, on top of the wine in the fridge. You can set this wine cooler anywhere, as it has adjustable feet for leveling.

The interior light illuminates your bottles, making it a decorative feature in your kitchen, dining room, office or even your bedroom. The possibilities are endless! If you have young children, or people who won’t stay out of your wine, there is a safety lock that disables access to the cooler when you feel like it.

Even though this would be a fairly heavy item, will ship it to you for free. They are just too kind like that. If you want even $$ of the price, check the forum for coupons, as we have two that just might work on this item.

Photo credit: It’s Holly

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October 22

Book Outlet Canada: 25% Off Food & Wine Books

Posted by on October 22, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Book Outlet Canada: 25% Off Food & Wine Books

Get an extra 25% off the already low, low prices on food and wine books at Book Outlet.

As I’ve blogged before, I love food and wine and I love books and books about food and wine are the ultimate. This sale very much excites me!

Some of the books I am considering:

  • Boucheron Bakery - famed Parisian chefs who detail all of their decadent recipes – list price $50, now $22.49
  • Eating Cuban – I love different cuisines and Cuban is one I’d love to master – list price $37.50, now $18.24
  • Christmas Cookies – because its awesome to have unique cookies at the cookie exchange – list price $5.99, now $1.49
  • The Book of Cocktails – I love learning new drinks to make – list price $12, now $2.24

Shipping is $3.99, plus $0.75 per item.

As always, check the forum for your exclusive coupon codes before you shop.

(Expiry: 27th October 2013)

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