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June 1

Wind Mobile: $39 US/Canada Unlimited Plan

Posted by on June 1, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Wind Mobile: $39 US/Canada Unlimited Plan

Wind Mobile has come out with a plan that has me wanting to murder them for not being on Vancouver Island. They are now offering the sweetest ever unlimited Canada and US cell phone talk, text, and data plan for only $39 a month.

This plan includes a plethora of goodies for anyone who frequently border hops, or goes down to conferences, or visit relatives. You get:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide text
  • Unlimited Canada-wide talk
  • Unlimited data in Canada
  • Unlimited US Roaming including talk, text, and data

To clarify: when you are in Canada, you have pretty much an unlimited Canadian plan. If you want to call the USA, from Canada, you will be charged 20 cents per minute or you can add on a $10 unlimited US long distance/ text package.

When you are in the USA, you essentially have a USA unlimited plan. You can make free long distance and local calls, text, and use data to your heart’s content. You can also still call back up to Canada without any problems.

Now, this entire plan is super awesome because paying for roaming packages sucks. I traveled to Seattle in March and getting my Fido US roaming package applied was insane. It was not applied the first time. Then it was applied twice (one was wrong) and then the third one was finally applied days after I was in the USA so once I finally got my bill I had three roaming packages for a total of $120 extra on my account. The original roaming package was supposed to be paid for with Fido dollars, so it was a huge mess to sort out. I also got an extra charge of $7.50 for roaming without the package because of the screw up of not having the package applied before I left. After fighting to get $120 back, I was too tired to fight for the last $7.50.

It was also super expensive to buy roaming packages. I used Fido dollars, which I earned through having two cell phone packages with Fido, but it was a massive waste of money. That is why I want to murder Wind for not being on Vancouver Island so I could switch over to this package. My phone is unlocked and I am on a month-to-month plan, so I can switch whenever I want. I would do so in a heartbeat.

Note: Voice mail is not included in the cost.

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August 11

Wind Mobile Canada: Unlimited Data & Province-Wide Talk – $33/m

Posted by on August 11, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Wind Mobile Canada: Unlimited Data & Province Wide Talk   $33/m

Wind Mobile has a freaking-awesome plan on right now. Pay only $33 a month for unlimited data, province-wide talk, and global text messaging! The plan also includes World-Saver, which saves you money on international calls.

If you are a new customer, the process is pretty simple: get a new phone on a two year tab and hook up this plan while you are at it. You will need to go in store (try Future Shop or any of the big boys that handle this provider) for this promo.

Now, if you are an existing customer, there are two ways you can get in on this awesome plan:

  1. If you are on a bigger plan and wish to downgrade you must CALL WIND and pay a $25 processing free, and one month of the promotional plan fees, at the time of the switch.
  2. If you are on a smaller plan and want to upgrade you CALL WIND and migrate with ease, without paying any fees.

This deal is totally not compatible with bringing your own cell phone in, or just buying one outright. You have to tab up your phone.

For more details, see the link above or visit your local store.

I think this is awesome, because so many people spend an absolute fortune on their phones! I know my bill is nearly $60 a month, just for a cell phone. If I think in terms of a year, that is over $700 a year, which is more than the initial cost of my iPhone: kind of scary. When deals like these come out I get totally stoked, because $33 is a great price for a monthly plan with this many features. If Wind was available where I lived, this plan would cut my monthly, and thus yearly, cost nearly in half. Money for thought!

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December 28

Wind Mobile: Boxing Week Deals

Posted by on December 28, 2012 at 8:30 PM

Wind Mobile: Boxing Week Deals

Wind Mobile has some pretty impressive deals for Boxing Week. Get some phones for free ($0 on your Wind tab) and some great plans.

You get a choice of the Sony Experia Ion (reg $149 tab), the LG Optimus 4X HD (reg $199 tab) or the Motorola Razr  (reg $99 tab) for $0 on the Wind Tab when you sign up for the $40 a month Unlimited Plan. The Unlimited Plan gives you unlimited data, global text, and Canada/US talk. Pretty impressive!

There are several other deals as well.

  • Get a $50 service credit when you bring your phone to Wind and sign up for any Wish Plan ($25 or $40/m)
  • Get the Unlimited Mobile Internet Plan for only $25 (save $10)
  • Save $10 on the Gowell Pre-paid Value Package – Now $49

Pretty good deals.

Expiry: 31st December 2012

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October 23

Windmobile: Basic Huawei Touchscreen Phone For $35!

Posted by on October 23, 2010 at 6:00 PM

Windmobile: Basic Huawei Touchscreen Phone For $35!

The Huawei U7519 is half price at!! It was $70 and has been reduced to $35, with free shipping too.

The phone has no contract, you won’t be tied into anything. $35 for a no-contract touchscreen phone is sweet!

I will say that you’re paying for what you get though, I googled and found quite a few negative points about the phone, such as unresponsive screen, and more. Have a google yourself if you want a bit more info. For example, this review from PP on comparecellular:

Physically the phone is nice and the screen is big – you can customized the ringtones through the external memory music files. At times, the touch function is unresponsive. The volume is too quiet.

But if you’re just looking for a cheap backup handset, then this might be ideal. The phone isn’t unlocked though, but you can wait 3 months and get an unlock code from Wind, if necessary. Or if you want, you can pay for an unlock code, from the likes of mobileincanada.

I’m now a phone snob… sitting here with my iPhone 4, so I probably can never really go back to a basic model such as this one.

UPDATE: Bargainmooser Saima has purchased this phone and this is what they say:

I bought the mobile from wind before you posted it. I wanted to inform you one more thing about it – it costs you $15 if you take a new connection but the sim costs $20 and it is included with mobile. So $35-$20= $15, good deal!

(Ends 30th October 2010)

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