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November 25

iPhone Black Friday Deals in Canada 2015

Posted by on November 25, 2015 at 4:16 PM

iPhone Black Friday Deals in Canada 2015

Are you searching for a new iPhone this Black Friday? You will find most iPhone deals in store this holiday season, but here is a quick and dirty guide to finding the best deals.

Buying on Contract

Best Buy may be the best choice for a new iPhone, especially if you are in the mood for the new iPhone 6. They have the iPhone 6 marked down to just $79.99 on a two-year agreement with either Telus or Bell. If you trade in another phone worth $50 or more, they will apply that $50 trade-in credit to bring the phone down to just $29.99 on a two-year contract (16 GB model).

iPhone Black Friday Deals in Canada 2015

The 64GB iPhone 6 will run your $179.99 after trade-in. This deal is only available until the 30th of November and is hotter than anything else I have seen. Read the rest of this entry »

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June 9

Wind Mobile: $100 to $150 in Free Service Credits

Posted by on June 9, 2015 at 6:00 PM

Wind Mobile: $100 to $150 in Free Service Credits

If your cell phone contract is coming up for renewal or you got out early because of the three-year cancellation policy, give Wind Mobile a try. They are offering $100 in service credit when you bring your own number to WIND.

Wind is also offering $150 in service credits when you bring your own WIND compatible cell phone to their network. I assume that these offers cannot be combined, but I would check with a Wind representative just to make sure.

$100 Port-in Offer:

Bring your own number to WIND mobile to receive a $10 discount for the next 10 months on your cell plan. Pair your imported number with one of WIND mobile’s unlimited data, talk, and text plans starting from $35/month.

This offer is only valid with the following Pay After account plans: Smartphone 35, Smartphone 40, Smartphone 45, Smartphone 50, or Cross-Canada 49 plan.

The number you are importing must not have been on the WIND network in the last three days. For all the fine print, see the website.

(Expiry: 14th June 2015)

$150 Bring Your Own Phone Offer:

This offer is a bit different. You must bring your own unlocked AWS (1700/2100) compatible phone and activate a new Smartphone 35, Smartphone 40,
Smartphone 45, or Smartphone 50 plan. The $150 worth of credit will be applied to your account in $10 increments for 15 months.

There is a catch.

The monthly credit is applicable only for monthly add-ons and pay per use charges and is not valid toward your monthly plan fees (that is, the $35/month, $40/month, $45/month, or $50/month plan fee), the cost of devices, or accessories.

(Expiry: Unknown)

Given that catch, I think that the $100 credit offer is superior to the $150 credit offer as – it appears – that the $10 per month for 10 months (total $100) can be applied towards the monthly plan fees. There is nothing in the fine print that says it cannot be.

These are just two of the sweet little offers that Wind Mobile has on right now. You can view all their offers through the first link above. Some of them cannot be combined. Thus, it is best to read all the fine print and to talk to a WIND mobile representative if you are unsure.

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April 28

Wind Mobile: $35 Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data

Posted by on April 28, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Wind Mobile: $35 Unlimited Talk, Text, & Data

I see cell phone deals being advertised all the time, so I hunted down the best unlimited cell phone deal for your buck right now. Wind Mobile offers an unlimited talk, text, and data plan with voicemail included for just $35 per month.

This plan includes:

  • Unlimited Data (2 GB full speed allotment) 
  • Unlimited Canada-wide Calling
  • Unlimited Canada-wide Texting
  • Unlimited Canada/US-wide Picture/Video Messaging
  • Up to $150 in Bring/Buy Your Own Phone Credits or WINDtab
  • Voicemail+
  • Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)
  • No Hidden Fees, System Access Fees, or Activation Fees

Now, the unlimited data has a 2 GB full speed allotment, at which point your data speed will slow down. However, everything up to 5 GB is fair game according to the fair usage policy. You can buy more expensive plans for a higher full-speed allotment. However, this $35 plan is the cheapest plan you will find that allows a full 5 GB of data (at any speed) with unlimited Canada-wide talk and texting.

Now, I did some comparing to make sure this was the great deal I figured it for. Telus and Rogers are simply not contenders in cell phone plans these days. Fido unlimited plans start at $60, so they were a non-contender. Koodo has an unlimited talk plan for $45 with 1 GB of data. The plan is simply more expensive and has less data so i do not understand what the big hype is over it. The closest deal was Mobilicity’s $35 per month plan. The plan includes everything Wind mobile’s plan includes – except you only receive ‘light data’ at Mobilicity. Light data is limited to social networking and email.

Wind Mobile does not care what kind of data you use – your data type is also unlimited with this plan. I rarely use more than 1 GB of data per month, so this plan would serve me quite well. I sometimes get near the top of my data allotment so the extra 1 GB of full speed data would be awesome. However, even if I go over that, I know that there are no extra fees until I pass 5 GB. Now that is peace of mind and a great price per month.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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February 8

Wind Mobile: Unlimited USA & Canada Mobile Plan only $39

Posted by on February 8, 2015 at 3:30 PM

Wind Mobile: Unlimited USA & Canada Mobile Plan only $39

Hello snowbirds and fellow border-hopping Canadians! Wind Mobile has an extraordinary offer for anyone who needs both US and Canadian cell data on a regular basis. Sign up for the Unlimited Canada & USA plan for only $39 per month.

I seriously love this deal. To even find a Canadian unlimited cell plan for under $40 these days is rare, as prices have been going up. Add on nearly unlimited use in the USA as well and I am drooling. Here is what your package includes:

  • Unlimited Canada & USA Text
  • Unlimited Canada Data (fair usage policy applies)
  • Unlimited US Roaming: Unlimited Data, Text and 2400 minutes of CA/US-wide Talk
  • Unlimited Canada-wide Talk
  • Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)

This is a impressive package, especially as it includes unlimited US roaming as well. Roaming fees can really add up (I have been hit with them before). All the unlimited US features are from anywhere on Wind’s partner networks in the United States.

The WIND 39 plan may be activated with the WINDtab. You can put up to $150 value on your WINDtab. The WIND 39 plan is also eligible for Better Together Savings, so if your combine select mobile phone and mobile internet plans, then you can save extra money as well. However, the WIND 39 plan cannot be combined with the Bring/Buy Your Own Phone offer. That does not mean you cannot bring your own phone (you still can) you just cannot take advantage of the special offer they have for it.

Now, if you are already with Wind and want to make the switch to this plan, then you need to know a couple things.

If you are upgrading then transition is simple. Phone in or visit your online account control to migrate your account. However, if you are downgrading from a larger plan then you must pay a $25 fee along with one month of the promotional plan’s cost. You can migrate your account on the phone or through your account online. Current WIND customers cannot migrate their account in store.

For all the fine print details, please see Wind Mobile. I hope these give you a sense of how good this plan is and what loops you need to jump through to get the plan. If you sign up for the WIND 39 Unlimited US & Canada plan, let us know!

(Expiry: 31st March 2015)

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January 15

6 Months Free for Mobi Customers @ WIND ($210 Value)

Posted by on January 15, 2015 at 3:30 PM

6 Months Free for Mobi Customers @ WIND ($210 Value)

WIND Mobile is offering Mobilicity customers a special deal. Transport your number over to Wind and receive six-months free with no contract on the WIND 25 or WIND 35 Plan. If you choose the larger plan, then that is $210 worth, not including taxes, of cell usage. The smaller plan still saves you $150 pre-taxes.

To be eligible, the number you are importing cannot have been on the WIND network within 30 days. You must port-in your existing number and bring either your own phone or buy a phone from WIND. If you have an unlocked phone that will work on the Wind network, then you will also receive a free Wind SIM card valued at $25. That is a nice little bonus as well and makes transferring phone companies even easier than before.

The promotion is available for both pay after and pay before customers – whatever your preference is. You will be responsible for all additional pay-per-use services that you might use beyond the package you choose. However, the $35 a month package is generous. For $0 per month (for six months), you will receive:

  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited Province Wide Calling
  • Unlimited Canada Wide Texting
  • Call Control

There are also no hidden fees like activation fees or system access fees.

Now, you might be curious as to why WIND Canada is offering such an incredibly sweet deal to Mobilicity customers. Well, four-days after this promotion ends, Mobilicity comes out of creditor protection. The company currently has a mountain of debt to pay off and there is a good chance that it could go into liquidation. WIND wants Mobilicity to go to liquidation so it can scoop up their assets rather cheap.

One of the ways that WIND is increasing the probability of this situation is through the acquisition of Mobi’s customers with strong incentive programs. It is in their best interest to acquire as many of Mobi’s customers as possible before the company goes into liquidation as it A) accelerates the process and B) keeps WIND from losing potential customers to other companies.

As a customer, there is not much of a reason to stick with Mobilicity through this. The chances are slim that they will dig themselves out of their mountain of debt, so the company could be gone – or merged with WIND, within a short amount of time. In addition, WIND is offering a very good deal with fantastic savings for customers.

(Expiry: 26th January 2015)

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June 1

Wind Mobile: $39 US/Canada Unlimited Plan

Posted by on June 1, 2014 at 2:00 PM

Wind Mobile: $39 US/Canada Unlimited Plan

Wind Mobile has come out with a plan that has me wanting to murder them for not being on Vancouver Island. They are now offering the sweetest ever unlimited Canada and US cell phone talk, text, and data plan for only $39 a month.

This plan includes a plethora of goodies for anyone who frequently border hops, or goes down to conferences, or visit relatives. You get:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide text
  • Unlimited Canada-wide talk
  • Unlimited data in Canada
  • Unlimited US Roaming including talk, text, and data

To clarify: when you are in Canada, you have pretty much an unlimited Canadian plan. If you want to call the USA, from Canada, you will be charged 20 cents per minute or you can add on a $10 unlimited US long distance/ text package.

When you are in the USA, you essentially have a USA unlimited plan. You can make free long distance and local calls, text, and use data to your heart’s content. You can also still call back up to Canada without any problems.

Now, this entire plan is super awesome because paying for roaming packages sucks. I traveled to Seattle in March and getting my Fido US roaming package applied was insane. It was not applied the first time. Then it was applied twice (one was wrong) and then the third one was finally applied days after I was in the USA so once I finally got my bill I had three roaming packages for a total of $120 extra on my account. The original roaming package was supposed to be paid for with Fido dollars, so it was a huge mess to sort out. I also got an extra charge of $7.50 for roaming without the package because of the screw up of not having the package applied before I left. After fighting to get $120 back, I was too tired to fight for the last $7.50.

It was also super expensive to buy roaming packages. I used Fido dollars, which I earned through having two cell phone packages with Fido, but it was a massive waste of money. That is why I want to murder Wind for not being on Vancouver Island so I could switch over to this package. My phone is unlocked and I am on a month-to-month plan, so I can switch whenever I want. I would do so in a heartbeat.

Note: Voice mail is not included in the cost.

(Expiry: Unknown)

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August 11

Wind Mobile Canada: Unlimited Data & Province-Wide Talk – $33/m

Posted by on August 11, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Wind Mobile Canada: Unlimited Data & Province Wide Talk   $33/m

Wind Mobile has a freaking-awesome plan on right now. Pay only $33 a month for unlimited data, province-wide talk, and global text messaging! The plan also includes World-Saver, which saves you money on international calls.

If you are a new customer, the process is pretty simple: get a new phone on a two year tab and hook up this plan while you are at it. You will need to go in store (try Future Shop or any of the big boys that handle this provider) for this promo.

Now, if you are an existing customer, there are two ways you can get in on this awesome plan:

  1. If you are on a bigger plan and wish to downgrade you must CALL WIND and pay a $25 processing free, and one month of the promotional plan fees, at the time of the switch.
  2. If you are on a smaller plan and want to upgrade you CALL WIND and migrate with ease, without paying any fees.

This deal is totally not compatible with bringing your own cell phone in, or just buying one outright. You have to tab up your phone.

For more details, see the link above or visit your local store.

I think this is awesome, because so many people spend an absolute fortune on their phones! I know my bill is nearly $60 a month, just for a cell phone. If I think in terms of a year, that is over $700 a year, which is more than the initial cost of my iPhone: kind of scary. When deals like these come out I get totally stoked, because $33 is a great price for a monthly plan with this many features. If Wind was available where I lived, this plan would cut my monthly, and thus yearly, cost nearly in half. Money for thought!

(Expiry: 30th September 2013)

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December 28

Wind Mobile: Boxing Week Deals

Posted by on December 28, 2012 at 8:30 PM

Wind Mobile: Boxing Week Deals

Wind Mobile has some pretty impressive deals for Boxing Week. Get some phones for free ($0 on your Wind tab) and some great plans.

You get a choice of the Sony Experia Ion (reg $149 tab), the LG Optimus 4X HD (reg $199 tab) or the Motorola Razr  (reg $99 tab) for $0 on the Wind Tab when you sign up for the $40 a month Unlimited Plan. The Unlimited Plan gives you unlimited data, global text, and Canada/US talk. Pretty impressive!

There are several other deals as well.

  • Get a $50 service credit when you bring your phone to Wind and sign up for any Wish Plan ($25 or $40/m)
  • Get the Unlimited Mobile Internet Plan for only $25 (save $10)
  • Save $10 on the Gowell Pre-paid Value Package – Now $49

Pretty good deals.

Expiry: 31st December 2012

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October 23

Windmobile: Basic Huawei Touchscreen Phone For $35!

Posted by on October 23, 2010 at 6:00 PM

Windmobile: Basic Huawei Touchscreen Phone For $35!

The Huawei U7519 is half price at!! It was $70 and has been reduced to $35, with free shipping too.

The phone has no contract, you won’t be tied into anything. $35 for a no-contract touchscreen phone is sweet!

I will say that you’re paying for what you get though, I googled and found quite a few negative points about the phone, such as unresponsive screen, and more. Have a google yourself if you want a bit more info. For example, this review from PP on comparecellular:

Physically the phone is nice and the screen is big – you can customized the ringtones through the external memory music files. At times, the touch function is unresponsive. The volume is too quiet.

But if you’re just looking for a cheap backup handset, then this might be ideal. The phone isn’t unlocked though, but you can wait 3 months and get an unlock code from Wind, if necessary. Or if you want, you can pay for an unlock code, from the likes of mobileincanada.

I’m now a phone snob… sitting here with my iPhone 4, so I probably can never really go back to a basic model such as this one.

UPDATE: Bargainmooser Saima has purchased this phone and this is what they say:

I bought the mobile from wind before you posted it. I wanted to inform you one more thing about it – it costs you $15 if you take a new connection but the sim costs $20 and it is included with mobile. So $35-$20= $15, good deal!

(Ends 30th October 2010)

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